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Josh Zuckerman
Background information
Born August 18, 1970
Origin St Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Genres Rock - Alternative - Pop
Years active 1996-present
Labels Indie Label PLH Records
Associated acts Josh Zuckerman Band
China White
Up With People
Past members Paul Galiszewski, drummer
Jacque Jobes, bass
Tom Briant, lead guitar
Steve Devito, lead guitar
Ricardo Rodriguez, bass

Josh Zuckerman (born August 18, 1970) is an American performer, musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. He is an Independent Recording Artist.

In 2018, Josh Zuckerman recorded and released, Gone With The Music, a 10 track album | CD with longtime childhood dream-come-true drummer, Thommy Price and bassist, Gary Ryan of "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts". (Thommy Price was the drummer on the hit "I Hate Myself For Loving You" and has remained a drummer with the band for over 30 years. He was also a member of Billy Idol's band, "Scandal" and "Flame". Gary Ryan, a recent Hall Of Fame inductee, was an original member of "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" and played on various hits from I Love Rock and Roll to Bad Reputation and many more).

During 2014 Josh Zuckerman's single, "When We Dance" was featured in the movie Out To Kill (Guest House Films) and he has a cameo acting part in the Independent film Touch: A Love Story starring Patrick Boyd. During 2010 the song, "Forgiveness" was featured on the album Embraceable You -We're All Part of the Music (by Up River Productions, Inc. / Various Artists). During 2010 the song, "My Inspiration" was featured on the album I Hear on the Streets by GABLES/New Alternatives. During 2005 the song, '"Circle of Friends" was featured on the album Bears Tracks 3 by Woobie Bear Music. During 2004 the song, "A Totally New Sensation" was featured on the album Hot and Sweet by Outmusic.

The Josh Zuckerman discography includes 6 Albums | CDs with Gone With The Music, Background Static of Perpetual Discontent, Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas -From A to Mr. Z, Got Love?, Out From Under, A Totally New Sensation and the single "All I Want For Christmas" with the former band China White, with friend and drummer, Paul Galiszewski.

Zuckerman's albums contain original music compositions and original lyrics, while some of his early work shows his talent musically where he fiddles with the violin; fusing the country music and rock/pop sound.

Early career

In 2003, due to his first original album, he was nominated for the OMA's 'Outstanding Songwriter of the Year' and for 'Outstanding Debut Male'. He took third place in the International Songwriting Competition for his song "When Love Comes Back Again". Clips of his songs "Karma", "Spiritual" and "Circle of Friends" appeared on the Kathy Griffin's reality TV Cable show My Life on the D-List on Bravo. Josh Zuckerman's song, "Be Real" was played on Be Real, a reality TV series on MTV/Logo TV.

As a seasoned guitarist and violinist, Josh has worked the live show stage with rock influences such as Joan Jett, Bon Jovi and Kiss along with the singer/performer Pink.


A Totally New Sensation 2002

Josh Zuckerman's first album, A Totally New Sensation, was released on the indie label PLH Records in 2002.

This album was recorded and produced by longtime friend and bass player, from the defunct band China White, Edward Dalley.

A Totally New Sensation - 2002 Tracks

  1. Totally New Sensation,
  2. Been Thinking,
  3. Spiritual,
  4. Forgiveness,
  5. Karma,
  6. When Love Comes Back Again,
  7. Missing You,
  8. Just As Well,
  9. A Place That I Call Home,
  10. The Only Way To You Is Through Me,
  11. Circle Of Friends,
  12. The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Cover -

Out From Under 2006

Josh Zuckerman's second album, Out From Under, was released in 2006. It is a 13-track CD of original material. The album features Steve DeVito of The Secret Syde.

After the album's release, the first single "Out From Under", soared to number one for four weeks on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006. The tracks "Be Real" and "Something Inside" would do the same several weeks later. The music video for Out From Under was ranked #1 for 8 consecutive weeks for 2006 on MTV Logo's The Click List and ranked #4 for 4 consecutive weeks for 2006 on Sirius XM OutQ. Josh Zuckerman's music videos, Something Inside and Be Real, found heavy rotation on the MTV / Logo Channel.

During this time, bass player Ricardo Rodriguez joined the band.

Out From Under - 2006 Tracks

  1. Out From Under,
  2. Authenticity,
  3. Piece of Me,
  4. Something Inside,
  5. Guilt And Shame,
  6. Be Real,
  7. How Long Am I Suppose To Be Alone,
  8. If You'd Be With Me,
  9. Soul Driver,
  10. Another Reason,
  11. Roses,
  12. Say What You Want,
  13. Taking Care Of Me

Got Love? 2009

Josh Zuckerman's third album, Got Love? was released in 2009. It is a 12-track CD of original material.

Got Love? - 2009 Tracks

  1. To Be Today,
  2. Got Love,
  3. I Thought You Loved Me,
  4. Let Love In,
  5. Mother I,
  6. If Prayer,
  7. Fall In Love Again,
  8. When We Dance,
  9. My Inspiration,
  10. Take,
  11. Our Wedding Song,
  12. Small Percentile

Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashka 2012

Josh Zuckerman's fourth album, Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas From A to Mr. Z was released in 2012. It is a CD of original music geared to children of early elementary school age.

Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas- From A To Mr. Z - 2012 Tracks

  1. Up To Town,
  2. There's 26 Letters,
  3. The Calendar Song,
  4. I Want A Little Money This Time,
  5. How We Write The Teens,
  6. Rhyme Time, 7. I'm A Dinosaur,
  7. It Starts With You,
  8. Play The Song,
  9. The Sounds That The Alphabet Makes,
  10. Mr. Z'zzz Lullaby
  11. The ABC Blues (A-F),
  12. The ABC Blues (G-L),
  13. The ABC Blues (M-S)

Background Static of Perpetual Discontent 2014

Josh Zuckerman's fifth album, Background Static of Perpetual Discontent was released in 2014.

Background Static Of Perpetual Discontent - 2014 Tracks

  1. Face The Music,
  2. The Turn Around,
  3. Cause I'm Gone,
  4. I Just Want To Be Me,
  5. Guilty Pleasure,
  6. Go,
  7. Human Connection,
  8. Evaporate,
  9. Bandage,
  10. I Fall Down,
  11. Apart
  12. What About Me?,
  13. Who's That Cat?

Gone with The Music 2018

Josh Zuckerman's sixth album, Gone With The Music was released in 2018.

Gone With The Music - 2018 Tracks

  1. Gone With The Music,
  2. Wait till I See You,
  3. My Hallelujah,
  4. Up,
  5. Who I Am Is...,
  6. Monogamy,
  7. Saying Yes To Yourself,
  8. Do You Love Yourself Enough?,
  9. The Dark Side Of Me,
  10. I Wonder,

Music videos

  • A Totally New Sensation 2002,
  • Out From Under 2006 - #1 for 6 weeks on Logo & 4 weeks on Sirius XM Satellite
  • Something Inside 2006,
  • Be Real 2007 - #1 for 4 weeks on MTV/Logo 2007,
  • Another Reason 2008,
  • Got Love? 2009,
  • I Thought You Loved Me 2010
  • Fall In Love Again 2010,
  • Starts With You 2012,
  • The Turn Around 2013,
  • Cause I'm Gone 2014,
  • Evaporate 2015,
  • Guilty Pleasure 2016,
  • Who's That Cat 2016,
  • Apart 2017