Juino (जुइनो)
Book Cover, First edition July 2016
Author Binita Baral
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Genre Love Story, Fiction
Publisher FinePrint
Publication date 2016
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 203
ISBN 978-9-93766-513-1

Juino (Nepali: जुइनो), is a book by author and actress Binita Baral, set in Madanpur, Nuwakot an outskirt of Kathmandu, Nepal. Juino was first published in 2016 by Fineprint. This book was among the domestic bestsellers of 2016.


Juino follows a narration of Ashok, the male protagonist character of the novel. After all attempts to go abroad to make more money fail, Ashok goes back to his village and started to teach English in a school. The story revolves around the scenarios where society is heavily blended with unnecessary traditional etiquette.


Katha (Nepali: कथा)

Katha is the main female protagonist character of Novel. She is a bold, beautiful, courageous lady with a mission. Her mission is "Agricultural Revolution" based on teaching students and their parents about how to do modern farming with limited resources. One day, she went out to Madanpur; where she finds Ashok, an English language teacher of a school. Soon after they fall into love each-other.

Ashok (Nepali: अशोक)

Ashok is the male protagonist character of Novel. He is an English teacher in a school, where Katha wants to establish an agricultural lab facility. Ashok's introvert nature makes him shy and full of doubts. He values social norms highly or just too afraid to take personal decisions. yet, he falls in love with Katha from the very first day that he sees her.

Head Master

Surya Prasad Baral, the head master of the school, plays a submissive role to connect Katha and Ashok in everyday life. He is helping Katha on her mission as he is hers uncle too. He allowed Katha to live in his house for that time period and helped her outreach individual students and their parents. From his eyes, he sees one of his employee dating his own daughter-in-law.

Yudda Pandey

Yudda Pandey (Nepali:युद्द पाण्डे), is father of Ashok. He has got his fame because of his daunting personality. He represents older generation who lobbies for very strict regulations within the family.


Harey (Nepali:हरे), Ashok's childhood friend, who later becomes a friend of both Ashok and Katha. But unlike Ashok, he didn't go to school so was unemployed before he meets Katha. He represents an innocent voice of unemployed youth of countryside. He has got a great sense of humor and makes story often humorous.

Saraswoti Didi

Saraswoti Didi (Nepali: सरास्वोती दिदि), is a local vendor. She is single mom with three daughters. She sells liquor for living. Her character represents physical and psychological hardship of a typical single mom.


Reena, Katha's childhood friend. She lives in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. She offers her house for Ashok and Katha when they are travelling to find some love-nest where they takes their relationship into one another level. She helps them (Katha and Ashok) to reunite after a heartbreaking separation.

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