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King's Quest I:
Quest for the Crown
Developer(s) AGD Interactive (formerly Tierra Entertainment)
Himalaya Studios
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Series King's Quest (unofficial)
Release 2001/2009 (Enhanced Edition)
Genre(s) Adventure

King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown VGA by AGD Interactive (formerly Tierra) is an unofficial 2001/2009 direct remake of the 1990 King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown. It includes improved Video Graphics Array (VGA) graphics, sound, and full voice over cast. It would later go onto inspire two sequel remakes set in AGDI's version of the King's Quest universe, and other aspiring fan developers.

Plot and gameplay


The land of Daventry is dying, decaying and crumbling. Edward has lost the three magic treasures that once protected the land. With no heir, all he can do is wait the inevitable destruction of his land. His last hope is his loyal knight Sir Graham. Sensing his final breath is soon, he sends for his knight, offering him the kingdom if he is able to find the three treasures and return before his death.

  • Daventry: The kingdom which most of the game takes place. There are few boundaries in the land, and the world appears to 'wrap around', except near certain rivers/islands.
  • Castle Daventry: Home of King Edward. It is surrounded by a moat with moat monsters. Guards watch the gates. The gates lead into the castle's courtyard which then lead into the Castle's throne room.
  • Dark Forest is a dark more remote area within Daventry, and is location of the Gingerbread House, the home of the evil Witch. The evil Sorcerer, Dwarf, Ogre, and Wolf can be found in the forest as well.
  • Cloud Mountain: A major landmark near a lake almost directly 'northwest' of the castle. A path within the mountain leads up to the Cloudland. The name originates from the King's Quest III remake.
  • Cloudland ("Land of the Clouds"): It is a lofty land above Daventry attached to Cloud Mountain. It is the home of giants.
  • Land of the Leprechauns: This is a land located on an island between the rivers. Graham can only reach it if he can fly there.
  • Dragon's Lair: This is a secret subterranean cavern reached via the decaying Old Well in Daventry. It is the home of a vicious dragon.


  • Narrator: John Bell narrates the game. He also narrated the King's Quest II remake and the King's Quest III remake as well as doing the voice of Manannan and the Pirate Captain in the latter game. He has had parts in other games including Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Scratches, 80 Days: Around the World Adventure, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine.
  • Graham: Josh Mandel reprised his role of Graham from King's Quest V and King's Quest VI.
  • Edward the Benevolent: He is the king of Daventry. He sends Graham on the quest to find three treasures, but then dies after Graham returns. He later appears in KQII: Romancing the Stones at the end of the game in spirit to congratulate Graham and Valanice at their wedding in Kolyma's castle. Voiced by Christopher T. Warren.
  • Witch: Also voiced by Christopher T. Warren.
  • Elf: Also voiced by Christopher T. Warren.
  • Castle Guard: Also voiced by Christopher T. Warren.
  • Woodcutter: Also voiced by Josh Mandel (who did the voice of Graham, Inkeeper's Pal, and a harpy in King's Quest V).
  • Fairy Godmother: Played by Hope Kodman. She later went on to do the voice of Angelina in the King's Quest II remake and Rosella and Baba Yaga in Infamous Adventures's King's Quest III remake.
  • Rat: Voiced by Matthew Meaby (he alter went on to do the voice of the Sharkee King in the King's Quest II remake).
  • Doctor: Voiced by Ryan Swindoll.
  • Giant:
  • King of the Leprechauns:
  • Condor:
  • Sorcerer:
  • Ogre:
  • Wolf:
  • Gnome: He later returns in King's Quest III.
  • Dwarf: He is a sneaky little pest. In the original King's Quest I (and in King's Quest II), he was a random monster of some sort. He appeared in certain places and stole stuff from Graham. He later appears in King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones as an even bigger pest than he was before.
  • Troll: The Troll was an extremely ugly, mean, and nasty creature guarding the bridges of Daventry. He was an hairy being with a big nose, large black eyes, and big foot like body. Hair covered most of his body, including his bearded face, except for his chest, and he wore a pair of red overalls. He was a gruff individual, who demanded a toll from anyone who tried to cross the bridges to the island he guarded. Graham was able to overcome him by leading a goat to knock him into the rushing river below. In the game, the troll appears to be largely inspired by the traditional appearance of Scandinavian trolls.