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King of the Distant Forest
original cover
studio album by Mithotyn
Released 1998
Recorded November 1997 at Los Angered Recording
Genre Viking metal
Folk metal
Black metal
Length 56:47
Label Invasion
Producer Andy LaRocque
Album chronology
In the Sign of the Ravens
King of the Distant Forest
Gathered Around the Oaken Table

King of the Distant Forest is the second studio album by the Swedish viking metal band, Mithotyn.

Initially released on Invasion Records in 1998 and in the United States through Death Records (part of Metal Blade) featuring 11 songs and a purple cover.

The album was re-issued later that year on the same label with different artwork in a digipak. The cover was based on the original purple cover, only with more details and in color. This also included five bonus tracks. Four of these were featured on the band's earlier demo, Meadow in Silence.

A Japanese release through Soundholic featured three of those bonus tracks (the remaining two were issued on their release of In the Sign of the Ravens).

In 2002, Karmageddon Records released the album again featuring different cover artwork entirely but did not have the bonus tracks.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "King of the Distant Forest" 05:19
2. "Hail Me" 06:37
3. "From the Frozen Plains" 05:49
4. "On Misty Pathways" 05:13
5. "The Legacy" 05:28
6. "Trollvisa" ("The Troll Song") 01:53
7. "Under the Banner" 05:36
8. "We March" 05:44
9. "The Vengeance" 05:54
10. "Masters of Wilderness" 05:41
11. "In a Time of Tales" 03:33
Limited digipack edition bonus tracks
No. Title Length
12. "Ragnarokk" 01:52
13. "Wisdom" 07:52
14. "In the Bower of Shadows" 02:59
15. "Meadow in Silence" 01:09
16. "As Brothers Now Bonded" 05:18
  • The last 4 tracks are taken from the Meadow in Silence demo


  • Stefan Weinerhall - guitars, vocals (choirs)
  • Karl Beckmann - guitars, keyboards, vocals (choirs)
  • Rickard Martinsson - lead vocals, bass
  • Karsten Larsson - drums

Additional personnel and staff

  • Andy LaRocque - producer, mixing, engineering
  • Ola Larsson - logo
  • Fredrik Rydberg - photography
  • M.M. - cover art (first press)