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Lauren Waters
Britannia High character
First appearance 26 October 2008
Created by Arlene Phillips
Portrayed by Georgina Hagen
Occupation Student
Significant other Danny Miller

Lauren Waters is a fictional character in British teen drama Britannia High, as is portrayed by Georgina Hagen.

Series 1

In episode 1, Lauren's central episode, it is revealed almost immediately that, unlike the rest of the students at Britannia High, Lauren didn't have to audition, and was invited by the school's head, which Lauren's enemy Claudine Cameron reveals to the whole group, with them all learning to forget about it, but Claudine refuses to drop it.

Lauren has a hard time learning the dance routines, and when it is revealed they have a week to learn a routine for a performance, that the group will also be assessed on, Lauren panics, and struggles even more. After failing every single attempt to do a lift, Danny steps in, and does his best to help, but with no success. On performance night, Lauren decides to quit, but to do the performance first, but refusing to the lift, which Danny understands, and doesn't mind. However, after Claudine's constant digs, Lauren changes her mind, and does the lift, but passes out shortly after. Lauren soon catches the eye of Britannia High's school heartthrob, Danny Miller, who eventually gets up the courage to ask Lauren out after the pair kiss, which only fuels Claudine's hatred of Lauren more, as she also has a thing for Danny.

When Lola gets into the papers, and has a dramatic change of attitude, Claudine and Lauren become closer, with the pair doing each other's make up, showing text, and sharing magazines. This, however, is short lived. When Claudine successfully breaks up Danny's and Lauren's three-month relationship by taking the card and rose Danny had left on Lauren's bed, causing her to think he forgot, Danny starts going out with Claudine. Lauren does her best to try to move on by trying to be friends with Claudine, and when she finds out she may have multiple sclerosis, Danny starts battling with his feelings for both Lauren \nd Claudine.

When her test results come back negative, Danny asks her back out shortly afterwards, but, with her new-found zest for life and she declines. Leaving Danny upset and rejected, he then goes back to Claudine and asks her out, using exactly the same lines as he used on Lauren. Claudine knows, however, that Danny had chosen Lauren over her, and also declines.

The series ended with the 3 remaining as friends.