Lawrence Alamain
Days of Our Lives character
First appearance September 11, 1990
Last appearance August 3, 2011
Created by Richard J. Allen
Anne Schoettle
Portrayed by Michael Sabatino
Evan Miller (1990; flashbacks)
Jeremy Kutner (1991; flashbacks)
Full name Lawrence James Alamain
Occupation Businessman
Family Leopold Alamain (father)
Philomena Alamain (mother)
Spouse(s) Jennifer Horton (1990–91)
Carly Manning (1993–2009)
Children Nicholas Alamain
Relatives John Black (adoptive brother)
Romances Kimberly Brady
Lisanne Gardner

Lawrence Alamain is a fictional character on NBC's daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, and was portrayed by Michael Sabatino from September 11, 1990 to October 18, 1993, and several guest appearances from October 2, 2009 to February 26, 2010, November 4, 2010, and May 13, 2011 to August 3, 2011.


Not much is known about Lawrence's parents Leopold and Philomena, aside from the fact that they were part of an old and powerful European dynasty, part of the nobility of a fictional European country never really named onscreen but alternately referred to in the soap opera media as "Alamania" (which is incidentally very similar to an old Latin word for "Germany") and "Ubilam" ("Malibu", where outdoor scenes were filmed, spelled backwards). The few times the country was shown onscreen, it bore a striking resemblance to southern California.

The Alamains were also very active in business circles, and when Lawrence first appeared on the show, he was the head of a powerful international oil conglomerate. He later demonstrated an uncanny ability to retrieve highly secretive and classified information, such as the cure to biological warfare being used against Allied intelligence agents throughout the world, and the existence of business magnate Victor Kiriakis's "John Black file" which also contained information about the government's (and supervillain Stefano DiMera's) search for some stolen ancient Mayan codices of purportedly high cultural, scientific, and technological value.

Lawrence's mother Philomena was later retconned to be the sister of Stefano's common-law wife, Daphne.

By the time the family was brought onto the show, Philomena had already died, and Leopold (portrayed by longtime character actor Avery Schreiber) was presented as a likeable, fun-loving eccentric, a far cry from his diabolical son Lawrence, before he was killed in an earthquake generated by one of Lawrence's more outlandish plots. It was later revealed that Lawrence was once as kind-hearted as his father, but when his younger adopted brother Forrest was removed from the family canvas via a staged "drowning" event, his family medicated him to the point where he was unable to feel any guilt or remorse about any of his actions.


Lawrence was born to Leopold and Philomena Alamain, and is the adoptive brother of John Black. Lawrence, the scion of the powerful European family, the Alamains, was introduced as the man Katerina von Leuschner (known to Salemites as Carly Manning) was supposed to be wed in an arranged marriage. Carly's best friend, Jennifer Horton, masqueraded as Carly to invalidate the marriage in 1990 – believing Lawrence had no idea who Carly was. Though Lawrence went through with the wedding, it was revealed he knew all along Jennifer wasn't Katerina, as he (masquerading as a man named James) had an affair with Katerina (masquerading as Carly) when they were teenagers, conceiving a child, Nicholas Alamain, who was raised by Lawrence's aunt Vivian Alamain.

Most of Lawrence's time on the show was marked by his triangle with Carly and her boyfriend, the heroic Bo Brady. Though Bo was a far better man than the often dastardly Lawrence, Carly eventually couldn't deny her love for him and the two were married and left town in 1993 with their son, Nicholas. They were not seen again until 2009, when Carly killed Lawrence in self-defense, for threatening the life of Melanie Jonas, a child she'd conceived in an affair with a colleague, Daniel Jonas. Though he died in 2009, Lawrence has appeared numerous times since then as a ghost to both Carly and his aunt Vivian.

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