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Living Diamond
Variant cover of X-Men Legacy #275
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Men #39 (Dec 1967)
Created by Roy Thomas
Werner Roth
In-story information
Alter ego Jack Winters

Perspicuity (resistance to psychic attack)
Diamond Form (in normal form it only extended to the hands)
Teleportation (perhaps lost)

Living Diamond is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history

The Living Diamond first appeared in X-Men #39 (December 1967), and was created by Roy Thomas and Werner Roth.

The character subsequently appears in X-Men #40-42 (January-March 1968), in which he is killed. The character appears posthumously in Sensational She-Hulk #34-35 (December 1991-January 1992).

Fictional character biography

The Living Diamond was a criminal whose latent mutations were activated by exposure to atomic radiation, which gave him flexible living diamond-like hands and telepathic and teleportational powers. After further exposure to radiation, his entire body took on the same diamond-like properties.

He encountered a young Scott Summers. He tried to convince Scott to join him in a life of crime, but Professor X intervened. The Professor used an ultrasonic vibration inducer to subdue the Living Diamond, but when the Living Diamond resisted he exploded and was killed.

Years later, when Black Talon was battling She-Hulk he formed the X-Humed from the four dead mutants Changeling, Scaleface, Living Diamond and Harry Leland. Black Talon was unable to control all of them at once and Changeling was able to break his hold long enough for She-Hulk to triumph. After filling their mouths with salt and stitching their lips, She-Hulk later laid the bodies to rest.

Powers and abilities

Jack Winters could telepathically make contact with others and was resistant to psychic attacks. He could teleport himself and others miles away. Jack's hands are made of a flexible diamond-like substance that was virtually indestructible.

As the Living Diamond, his entire body was composed of the same diamond-like substance which increased his strength yet slowed him down.