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Lola Jonze
Britannia High character
First appearance 26 October 2008
Created by Arlene Phillips
Portrayed by Rana Roy
Occupation Student
Significant other Stefan

Lola Jonze is a fictional character in the popular TV series, Britannia High and is played by English actor Rana Roy.

Lola is Britannia High's star dance pupil and is a feminine, silly and naïve character.

Series one

Episode 4 - Fame

In Episode 4, Fame, Lola is photographed by a newspaper journalist when she kisses Matt Willis, and gives an exclusive interview to a magazine, telling lies about her relationship with Matt Willis to get an audition to dance in a Boyzone video. Delighted by her newfound fame, Lola begins skipping school to go to auditions and celebrity parties, which upsets her friends.

When she has an argument with music mentor, Anna, Lola is sent to go see the school's principal, Mr Nugent. He tells her that it is against school rules to take on other auditions and that she has to choose between staying at Britannia High and becoming famous. Lola leaves the school, but soon finds out that being famous isn't quite what she thought it would be.

She goes back to Britannia High, after throwing away her phone, and asks to rejoin. Mr Nugent tells her that first she will have to do an audition for him, Anna and Stefan the next morning. She accepts, and heads to the dance studio to practice, first talking to her friends, Lauren Waters and Claudine Cameron. They refuse to speak to her and laugh at a picture of her in a magazine.

Lola goes to practice for her audition in the dance studio and is spotted by the gang's friend Ronnie, who works in the canteen. Ronnie sees Lola is struggling and goes to talk to Lauren and Claudine to ask them to help Lola. They forgive Lola and head to the dance studio to help her rehearse where the three of them sing "Picking Up The Pieces". In the end, Lola's audition is fabulous and she gains back her place at Britannia High.

Episode 7 - Don't Stand So Close To Me

Another Lola-centered episode is Episode 7, Don't Stand So Close To Me, in which Lola's fantasy love affair with her dance teacher, Stefan is revealed. Lola's delighted when Stefan asks her to represent Britannia High in a dance competition and take extra one-to-one lessons with him after school. She accepts his offer.

Meanwhile, BB notices that Lola keeps a diary and suggests to Jez that they take the diary, "and tell the whole school what really goes on in her mind" on the radio show that they both present. Jez is unsure, but has to follow BB when he sneaks into the girls’ bathrooms, where Lola has left her bag while she has her dance lesson with Stefan. They take the diary but are shocked when they read about Lola's relationship with Stefan. They take the diary back to the house where they share what they have found with Lauren, Danny and Claudine. Shocked, a few days later they follow the two of them to a coffee shop to prove themselves right. They hide behind a wall and watch, getting completely the wrong idea. They think they see Stefan caress her face, but he's actually feeling a lump on her nose to prove to Lola she doesn't need plastic surgery.

The next day in the canteen Claudine and Danny go to ask Lola and Stefan on a double date, but of course, Stefan doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. He walks out of the canteen, and Lola follows. They have a heart-to-heart in the dance studio where Lola admits her feelings for Stefan and that she's been writing about him in her diary. When Lola asks Stefan if he feels the same way about her, he tells her he likes her but if anything happened between them, he could lose his job. She asks if he'd go out with her if she wasn't his student, and Stefan replies, "Maybe".

The next day after dance class, Lola tells Stefan she's going to leave Britannia High so they can be together, properly. Speechless, all he can do is return her hug. The next day Lola's telling her friends about her plan to leave Britannia High when Mr Nugent walks into the classroom and tells the class that Stefan's called him and said he had to leave the school and move back to Australia. Despite Lauren's concerns, Lola runs to the airport and just catches Stefan as he's about to go through the Departures gate. He tells her that he was up all night thinking about her, and that he knows he can't turn her life upside down and make her leave school. They share a tearful goodbye and dance together in the airport, before he leaves.

However, in Episode 9, during the end of year showcase Stefan returns from Australia. Lola at first tries to dodge talking to Stefan, perhaps because she hasn't really forgiven him for leaving her, but in the end, he asks Lola to come away with him. She agrees, and during the final song, we see Stefan waiting with a pink suitcase of Lola's stuff.


During the first few episodes of Britannia High, it is made clear that Claudine and Lola are almost best friends, but in the middle of the series, especially when Claudine begins dating Danny and after she tells Lola she's stupid in Episode 6, Miss Independent, they aren't as close anymore. Instead, Lola's best friends within the group seem to be Jez and Lauren.

Songs from Britannia High including Lola

  • "Start Of Something" (with Claudine, Danny, Lauren, Jez and BB)
  • "Wake Up" (with Jez)
  • "Overnight Sensation"
  • "Picking Up The Pieces" (with Lauren and Claudine)
  • "Wake The Dead" (with Claudine, Danny, Lauren, Jez and BB)
  • "Body To Body" (with Jez)
  • "Obsession" (with Stefan)
  • "So High" (with Claudine, Danny, Lauren, Jez and BB)
  • "Without You" (with Claudine, Danny, Lauren, Jez and BB)