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The Morlocks
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Storm #3 (April 1996)
Created by Warren Ellis
Terry Dodson
In-story information
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Gene Nation

razor-like shards on her entire body

Loss is a fictional mutant character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She has been a member of both the Morlocks and later on of Gene Nation. She first appeared in Storm #3.

Fictional character biography

Born into the Morlock tribe she was whisked away to "The Hill" where she and her fellow young Morlocks aged at an accelerated rate until they came of age and were known as gene nationals. To attest to her fighting prowess she was made a member of Mikhail’s personal guard. Her team helped Mikhail in his attack against Storm but she quickly turned the tables and after liberating them from the Darwinist world set them up in an African village so they could live above ground and atone for past sins.

She has remained a mainstay with her team until D'Gard was made leader and they faced hate mongers. She remains with them until now, and it is unknown if she lost or retained her powers after M-Day.

Powers and abilities

Loss had blue hued skin and blond hair her mutation consisted of metallic spikes which protruded from her skin. She even had retractable spikes in her arms much like Wolverine's claws.