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Love in Winterland
Directed by Pat Williams
Produced by Charles Cooper
Written by Neal H. Dobrofsky
Tippi Dobrofsky
Starring Italia Ricci
Chad Michael Murray
Music by Chris Ainscough
Cinematography Dan Dumouchel
Edited by Braden Oberson
Release date January 11, 2020
Running time 83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Love in Winterland is a 2020 American made-for-television romance film directed by Pat Williams, starring Italia Ricci and Chad Michael Murray.

The film is a Hallmark Channel original movie, and second in Hallmark's 2020 Winterfest film series, succeeding Winter in Vail, and preceding Love on Iceland, Amazing Winter Romance, and Hearts of Winter. It premiered on January 11, 2020.


30-year-old Ally Wilson is an overly ambitious marketing executive working for a fancy hotel in Los Angeles, who signed up as a contestant for a dating show called Happily Ever After in an attempt to promote the hotel and make a good impression on her boss Trish Turner. To the shock of her co-worker friends, she reaches the finale of the show, beating many women in a quest to romance Tanner Dillon, a charming bachelor who identifies himself as an entrepreneur, musician, chef, and pilot. When the cameras are not rolling, Ally is constantly working, which prompts Tanner to take Ally away from Los Angeles for the final episode. She soon finds out that the finale will be shot in her hometown, Winterland, Vermont.

Her parents are thrilled that Ally will visit Winterland, and welcome the filming crew with open arms. Her mother Molly arranged a deal with the production team to film the episode in the Winterlight Inn, which is run by Ally’s ex-boyfriend, Brett Hollister. Ally and Brett were high school sweethearts who ended their relationship on bad terms, as Ally planned to move to California together with Brett, only to be stood up on the final moment. Brett, a typical small-town guy, still lives happily in Winterland, even though business is not good because the hotel bookings rely on the snowy winter, of which there have been less and less in recent years.

Throughout the week, Ally and Tanner engage in all kinds of winter activities as part of the show, and in the meantime, she reconnects with her family and old friends. She finds out that climate change has not only impacted Brett’s hotel, and that in reality many shops and businesses in town in danger, even her father’s ski shop. Nevertheless, her parents do all in their power to show her the perks of the small town, and try to teach her that there is more to life than career. Ally realizes how happy she used to be in Winterland, and becomes determined to save the town from financial ruin. Meanwhile, she grows closer to Brett, who opposes to her dating Tanner, feeling that he is ‘a little too perfect’ and must be hiding something.

The climax of the dating show is shot at the annual festival of lights, where the film crew hope for an on-screen kiss between Ally and Tanner. They are not a romantic match, however, and decide to stay friends instead. Afterwards, she rejects an offer from Trish which required her to move to Phoenix and make longer hours. Instead, she opts to stay in Winterland and help with the family business. When she announces the news to Brett, they kiss.


  • Italia Ricci as Alice 'Ally' Wilson
  • Chad Michael Murray as Brett Hollister
  • Jack Turner as Tanner Dillon
  • Aliyah O'Brien as Lauren Burns
  • Wanda Cannon as Molly Wilson
  • Michael Kopsa as Tom Wilson
  • Brittney Wilson as Rosie
  • Serge Houde as Walter Sprodling
  • Edwin Perez as Sam
  • Trish Allen as Darla
  • Teagan Vincze as Helene
  • Kirsten Robek as Trish Turner


Filming took place between November 12 and November 30, 2019, in Vancouver and Kelowna.