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Manga Latina: Killer on the Loose
Directed by Henrique Vera Villanueva
Produced by Antony Blakey
Jose Luis Gil
Matthew Joynes
Louie Porco
Henrique Vera Villanueva
Written by Daniel Brandt Hernandez
Kathryn Klassen
Henrique Vera Villanueva
Starring Kerry Shale
Luis Soto
Laurence Bouvard
Music by Roberto C. López
Maxime Lepage
Cinematography Eric Heroux
Edited by Christian Roy
Produced by Manga Latina Productions
Distributed by H2V Distribution
Release date April 28, 2006 (Providence Latino Film Festival)
Running time 75 minutes
Country Canada
United Kingdom
Language English

Manga Latina: Killer on the Loose is a 2006 dark comedy animation independent film by Manga Latina Productions, distributed by H2V Distribution, and directed by Henrique Vera Villanueva. It premiered at midnight on April 28, on the Providence Latino Film Festival, and tells the story of Víctor La Cruz and his friends from El Barrio, in a satirical quest to stop a bloody serial killer.


In Manga Latina, Víctor La Cruz, a bold latino young man and El Chucho, an outspoken repairman, live with their friends in the peaceful El Barrio, located in Manga Latina - "the 53rd state in the USA". However, a series of disturbing, gory homicides begin to terrorize Víctor's community, and the news of a "killer on the loose" are quickly spread. The media warns about the killer's habit of dismembering victims to the point of leaving them unrecognizable, and that the killer is a master of disguise with more than 300 victims.

The authorities, on the other hand, don't really seem to care much about the wellbeing of El Barrio's inhabitants. But the rebellious Víctor, far from dismayed by this lack of government interest, decides he will investigate the matter personally, as according to him, these are not just dead people anymore - they're dead Latinos. After consulting El Padrino, a santería-practising wise man, Víctor teams up with his delusional and odd friends in order to stop the killer, "Manga Latina" style.

Víctor's group, besides of Chucho, consists of Bello (beautiful), thin and paranoid, who is sure that the killer is after him for no particular reason; Ricky, a pothead and green-haired man, who is worried that the killer will get him because of his lightheadness; and the Sisters C.C., Claudia and Camila, who just join in to protect El Barrio. Nevertheless, all they seem to be able to do is hang around Rafa's cafeteria, where coffee is always free no matter what, waiting for the latest news on the killer's attacks, and driving around Chucho's car with a megaphone telling people to stay home.

Eventually, the media starts to give out vague hints to recognize the killer, so vague that the killer could be anybody. Regardless, Víctor starts to suspect an unnamed piñata maker, or a British musician, both of whom make life impossible for the other inhabitants from El Barrio (one with his deformed piñatas, and the other with his loud annoying music).


  • Víctor La Cruz - Kerry Shale
  • El Chucho - Luis Soto
  • Bello / Ricky - Julian Littman
  • Claudia / Camila - Laurel Lefkow
  • Rafa - Carlos Riera
  • Anchorman - Vincent Marcelo
  • Pepita Channing - Laurence Bouvard
  • Felipa - Lorelei King
  • Manconeti - Paul Hicky
  • The President - Bob Sherman