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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Adventure Comics #352
(January 1967)
Created by Jim Shooter (script)
Curt Swan (art)
In-story information
Species Angtuan
Place of origin Angtu
Team affiliations Fatal Five
Legion of Super-Villains

"Anti-Matter Touch"

Mano is a fictional character that is a DC Comics supervillain living in the 30th century and, as a member of the Fatal Five, a foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Created by Jim Shooter, the character first appeared in Adventure Comics #352 (January 1967).

Fictional character biography

Mano is a mutant born with the power to disintegrate anything that he touches with his right hand, with his "anti-matter touch". A native of the polluted world Angtu, Mano must wear an environment suit because he can not breathe the atmosphere of most other planets. The suit's helmet obscures his face so that it can only be seen as a silhouette. Hating his people for mistreating him, Mano decided to destroy them all by touching the ground, and, "straining his power to the utmost", he obliterated his planet, causing it to explode.

Considered one of the worst murderers in the galaxy, Mano was recruited by the Legion themselves to help defeat the Sun-Eater, after which he continued his criminal career, mainly as a member of the Fatal Five.

Following the Zero Hour reboot of the Legion, Mano was reintroduced, with his origin slightly altered; while he still destroyed his planet, the inhabitants were already dead, as a result of chemical weaponry. He then sought revenge on the industrialist Leland McCauley, who had sold the weapons. While Mano later became a more conventional supervillain, his priority remained revenge on McCauley, and he continued to disapprove of the destruction of innocents, something that sometimes set him against the other members of the Five.

Mano was not seen in Mark Waid's incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes, though the limited series Brave and the Bold depicts Mano along with the rest of the Five as having been incarcerated by the Legion.

During the 2008 Final Crisis storyline, Mano (alongside the other Fatal Five members) was among the supervillains in Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains.

Powers and abilities

Mano has an "Anti-Matter Touch" that disintegrates any form of matter and is powerful enough to destroy an entire planet.

In other media

  • Mano appears in Justice League Unlimited episode "Far From Home." He appears as a member of the Fatal Five. In his fight with Green Arrow, Mano fell down a hole he made in the floor and was obliterated.
  • Mano has appeared in the episodes "Man of Tomorrow", "Champions" and "Sundown" (parts one and two), and "The Man From the Edge of Tomorrow" (part two) in the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series. He appears as a member of the Fatal Five. In this series, Mano's face seems to have/channel the disintegration power.
  • Mano appears in Justice League vs. the Fatal Five, voiced by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez. In this film, Mano is the leader of the Fatal Five and the lover of the Emerald Empress. He is defeated by Batman, who targeted his pressure points to disable his right arm.