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Mark McCormick
Santa Barbara character
First appearance Episode 331
November 14, 1985
Last appearance Episode 509
July 30, 1986
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Portrayed by Jon Lindstrom
Occupation Doctor
Spouse(s) Janice Harrison
(divorced, 1980s)
Mary Duvall
(dissolved by her death, 1986)

Dr. Marcus "Mark" Aurelius McCormick is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara, portrayed by American actor Jon Lindstrom from November 14, 1985 to July 30, 1986. Even though he didn't reappear later, his character's death was an instrumental storyline during 1988.

Character background

While working in a private clinic, Mary Duvall is surprised to meet her childhood friend Mark McCormick, who decides to win her heart and fight any attraction that Mary might have with Mason Capwell. During one of the fights Mary and Mason had, Mark used the opportunity to approach Mary with a marriage proposal, but was stopped in his tracks by Kirk Cranston, who put explosives in the cabin at the Los Padres mountains, exactly the same place where Mary and Mark were. Mark ended up getting seriously hurt and was taken to the hospital, where he proposed to Mary believing that he won't make it long.

Realizing that Mark might not have much time to live and since Mason just cheated on her with Gina DeMott, Mary accepts Mark's proposal and the two get married in his hospital room. Surprisingly enough, Mark recovers from most of his injuries, but has to live with humiliation when the accident leaves him impotent. Mark realizes day by day that Mary doesn't love him and that her heart belongs to Mason, but he makes it his assignment to Mary's life as worse as possible. When Mary and Mason finally reunited, Mark went crazy, beat up Mary and raped her.

Mary asked Mark for a divorce to finally end their troubling marriage, but Mark had no intention of stepping down. He convinced Mary that the child she was carrying was actually his. Meanwhile, Mason found Janice Harrison, a woman who shared her past with Mark and who was able to testify about Mark's dark past. Mason used these news to ruin Mark's reputation as well as his marriage, and they went as far as court, where Mark was defended by Julia Wainwright, who ended up wishing he'd get in prison.

One day, Mark finds Mary on the rooftop of the Capwell hotel where he tries to plead his case to his wife, but she dies when the letter "C" falls on her. He ends up having to convince a depressed Mason to let him go from the roof and in exchange, Mark admits to having abused Mary sexually. Mark disappears from the canvas and it turns out to be for a good reason when Mark's bones are found in the Capwell boathouse in 1988. Mason was initially suspected for his murder, but it was later proved that Mark was killed by Sister Agatha.