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Directed by C. Kumaresan
Produced by Datin Sri Shaila V. (Shaibha Vision)
Ravindran Govindasamy
C. Kumerasan
Starring C. Kumaresan
Datin Sri Shaila V.
Thivya Naidu
Music by Neroshen Thanaseharan
Cinematography A. Ram
Edited by Kumar R. V.
Produced by Shaibha Vision
Touchtronics Entertainment
CK Films
Distributed by Touchtronics Entertainment
Release date 9 June 2016
Running time 147 minutes
Country Malaysia
Language Tamil

Mayangaathey is a Tamil language romantic comedy horror directed by C. Kumaresan.

C. Kumaresan directed and acted in the movie as the main lead alongside Datin Sri Shaila V. and Thivya Naidu in lead roles. K. K. Khanna and Saran Narayanan played supporting roles.

The trailer of the movie was released during A. R. Rahman's concert at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Mayangaathey was released on 9 June 2016 nationwide in Malaysia.


Aravind (C. Kumerasan) is a biker from Sabah who meets Kaaviya (Datin Sri Shaila V.) and falls in love with her at first sight. After getting to know her, Aravind learns that Kavya is a single mother and all this while, her life is decided by her family.

Aravind follows Kavya back to Kuala Lumpur to ask Kavya's family for her hand in marriage. Soon, everyone in the family starts to like Aravind and he too develops a special bond with Aarthi (Nilaxshita), Kavya`s daughter who suffers from a liver condition.

However, what Aravind does not realise is that everything has been planned from the start and he has fallen into Kaaviya's cunning trap.


  • C. Kumaresan (CK) as Aravind
  • Datin Sri Shaila V as Kavya
  • Thivya Naidu as Thivya
  • K. K. Khanna as "Roundabout" Rathna Ravi
  • Nilaxshita Kumar as Aarti
  • Sushmeetha Murogan
  • Shruthi Jayshankar
  • Havoc Brothers (Havoc Mathan & Havoc Naven)
  • Suresh THR as Exorcist's assistant
  • Ahila THR as Ahila
  • Comedy King Sam
  • Suriya Ramaiah as Exorcist
  • Kannan Rajamanikam
  • Saran Narayanan
  • Queen
  • Theven Taiping


The album comprises eight tracks composed by debutant composer Neroshen Thanaseharan, while the lyrics were penned by Prabu Raj, Oviya Ommapathy, Gogularaajan Rajendran, Havoc Brothers and Neroshen himself.

"Yeandi Enna Pakkireh" has been labelled as the pick of the album, while tracks like "Yean Oru Murai", "Unthan Kaiyodhu" and "Vaanam Boomi" reached the top of local chart shows.

According to iTunes, this soundtrack was released on 22 February 2016.

Track Song Singer(s) Duration Lyricist
1 "Yeandi Enna Pakkireh" Neroshen Thanaseharan 4:22 Prabu Raj
2 "Yean Oru Murai" Kumaresh Kamalakannan
Datin Sri Shaila V
Neroshen Thanaseharan
3:52 Prabu Raj
Oviya Ommapathy
3 "Unthan Kaiyodhu" Neroshen Thanaseharan 4:36 Prabu Raj
4 "Vaanam Boomi" Sudhanesh 3:27 Oviya Ommapathy
5 "Uyire" Neroshen Thanaseharan 4:40 Neroshen Thanaseharan
6 "Chinna Aasai" Neroshen Thanaseharan 1:07 Gogularaajan Rajendran
7 "Paarkathey" Neroshen Thanaseharan 3:31 Prabu Raj
8 "Ithu Enge Oor" Havoc Brothers 3:02 Havoc Brothers