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Moody Margaret
Horrid Henry character
First appearance Horrid Henry (Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret)
Created by Francesca Simon
Portrayed by Scarlet Stitt
Voiced by Sue Elliot-Nichols
Full name Margaret Millicent Mordeates Smythe
Nickname(s) Moody
Bogey Brain
Aliases "The Fangmangler"
Nationality British

Moody Margaret is a main character in the Horrid Henry series created by British author Francesca Simon and British illustrator Tony Ross. As the primary antagonist of the series, she is the most prominent arch-enemy of the series' protagonist, Horrid Henry.


When Francesca Simon was in the process of creating this character, she suggested a boy called Moody Martin. However, her husband did not approve of the idea as it would be too much like Horrid Henry the main character. Thus, Martin became a female called Margaret.


Margaret is depicted as being a self-absorbed, grumpy, spiteful, and cantankerous girl who shares an intense rivalry with Henry, and their opposing neighborhood clubs continuously develop practical jokes or conspiracies against one another. They have resorted to each other's companionship when left with no other options, but nonetheless detest one another and continuously plot against one another, especially in an attempt to soil each other's reputations.

A braggart, Margaret has a tendency to gloat about her various accomplishments in a ridiculously narcissistic fashion, looking down on others and domineering her acquaintances and friends. She is resented by her best friend Sour Susan because of her ill-tempered rudeness, but Susan seems to have no other choice than to reluctantly obey the irritable Margaret's constant commands. Margaret viciously domineers the Secret Club in various plots formulated against Henry's corresponding Purple Hang Gang, and the two opposing sides share a mutual animosity. She is used to having her own way and is capable of releasing violent, piercing screeches when her demands remain unfulfilled.

In other media


Horrid Henry: The Movie

Scarlet Stitt portrays Moody Margaret in the 2011 movie, Horrid Henry: The Movie. At the beginning of the movie, She, Sour Susan and Singing Soroya are in the Secret Club treehouse eating biscuits and arguing. Henry disguises himself as a spy, steals the biscuits and runs away but Margaret has also stolen his mighty magnet yoyo. Later, on his way home from school, Henry dodges a water balloon thrown by Margaret. He ducks behind a lamppost, waits for Margaret to walk past, throws a balloon filled with water that hovers over her head and finally, flicks a yoyo at the balloon which bursts and soaks Margaret. Margaret shrieks and throws another balloon at Henry but he ducks and it hits Perfect Peter instead.

The next day at school, Margaret hangs a pail filled with purple paint over the door, ties one end of a rope to it and the other end to the door's handle. Instead of Henry who gets painted, it is their teacher Miss Battle-Axe who falls for the trick. Battle-Axe blames it on Henry, giving Margaret a lucky escape. The next day, Miss Battle Axe's class is moved to Miss Lovely's class after the head sacks Miss Battle-Axe for not controlling the pupils. Margaret snatches Henry's bag and Henry tries to pull it back, resulting in a pot of "Exploding Gross-Glue" placed by the school inspectors to fly out. The glue bursts and hits Miss Lovely in the face. She too gets sacked and the head, and Miss Oddbod bans Henry from entering the school's talent contest. As the school is going bankrupt, many children transfer to another school. Margaret and Henry both get transferred to a girls' school (Henry's Great-Aunt Greta transferred him there as she thinks he is a girl).

The girls in the school attack Henry for being a boy and try to attack Margaret too for being with Henry. The two of them escape and form an alliance to save their school. They do this by making Henry sneak into the talent contest and win it so he would be so famous but the plan fails. They try another plan which involves Henry going onto a game show to win the big cash prize so he can give it to Miss Oddbod so she can give it to the school inspectors to bribe them away as they were the ones trying to get the school closed down under the order of the head of a boys' school called Vic Van Wrinkle. However, although Henry wins, the Best Boy's Club, Miss Lovely and Miss Oddbod had got Vic and the inspectors arrested so she lets Henry keep the money. At the very end, Margaret is seen in a fairy costume at Henry's party.


Horrid Henry

In 2006's Horrid Henry TV series, Moody Margaret is voiced by Sue Elliot-Nichols and is the series' most recurring villain. Margaret is represented just like she is in the books and seen as Henry's rival. However she is shown to be smarter. It has been hinted in some episodes, especially in series 4, that she may in fact admire Henry and wants to be his friend. She has shown a very keen interest in wanting to join The Purple Hand Gang. She might have a crush on Henry, e.g. in "Perfect Peter's Revenge", she was happy when Peter send her a forged letter that said Henry loves and wants to marry Margaret. On Henry's side he pictures himself marrying Margaret when he imagines himself in the future in the episodes Horrid Henry Gets Married and Horrid Henry's Birthday Bonanza although he does not know why this is. From the Series 3 episode Horrid Henry Rockstar she names herself as Margaret Millicent Maudita Smythe. However she denies this when Rude Ralph asks her if this is true in the first instance.