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Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Cybertron
Voiced by Dale Wilson
Reno Wilson
{Japanese) Taketora
Konishi Katsuyuki
Aliases Demolishor
Affiliation Autobot/Decepticon/Neutral
Partner Shockwave
Alternate modes Road-train Crane Truck
Chevrolet Trax, half of an ice cream van, Chevrolet Spark

Mudflap is the name of three fictional characters in the Transformers series.

Transformers: Cybertron

Mudflap transforms into a construction crane. In the Japanese version of the series; Transformers: Galaxy Force, the character is called Demolishor.

In the cartoon, Mudflap was originally one of the Autobot civilian refugees hiding on Earth. Disgruntled with having to exist in secret amongst the lowly human race and stopping at traffic lights, Mudflap was sought out and recruited to join the Decepticons by Starscream, but then he left and wandered Earth. Eventually Mudflap rejoins the Autobots.

His toyline bio, however, tells a different story. In this version of events, Mudflap was an undercover Decepticon operative placed on Earth before the Autobots had even arrived. Having infiltrated the construction industry, he spent his time sabotaging the infrastructure of human society.

Animated series

Mudflap's voice in the Cybertron cartoon is performed with some variation of a French accent.

In episode 15, "Race", the Autobot Mudflap rants about his dislike for the disorderly humans when he is approached by Starscream and Thundercracker. Focusing on his dislike for being forced to live with the humans, Starscream is able to talk him into joining the Decepticons.

In episode 20, "Ice", Starscream and Mudflap confront the Autobot's human allies at the North Pole, but are opposed by Scattorshot. Although Scattorshot gets the better of Mudflap initially, Starscream uses water to freeze up Scattorshot's systems. The humans and Mini-Con Recon Team use Mudflap's dropped gun to signal the other Autobots, who come to their rescue.

  • Ep.23-"Trust": Mudflap battles Snarl and Leobreaker on the Jungle Planet, but loses.
  • Ep.24-"Trap": He got trapped in a stasis field like Megatron.

Landmine discovered that Mudflap had joined the Decepticons in episode 27 "Revelations". They fought in episode 28 "Critical." Mudflap followed Megatron to Starscream's island headquarters in episode 29 "Assault," but Landmine followed him there.

In episode 30, "Starscream", Mudflap aided Megatron in fighting Wing Saber, then fought with Evac.

In episode 31, "United", Scourge, Mudflap, Crumplezone, Ransack and Thundercracker followed Megatron on the Space Bridge to Cybertron. They were joined by Thunderblast, who claimed she'd rather work for Megatron than Starscream.

  • Ep.33-"Balance": When Megatron, Scourge, and Thunderblast head into the debris field surrounding Cybertron, Mudflap, thinking Megatron has betrayed him, heads back to Earth.
  • Ep.37-"Family": As Mudflap is beating up some trees, he wonders to himself why he had joined the Decepticons. Landmine shows up and Mudflap becomes an Autobot again.
  • Ep.49-"End": He helped everyone against Galvatron.

When the Autobots attempted to use a gigantic rocket to move the Jungle Planet back into its orbit, Galvatron attacked and damaged the rocket. The Jungle Planet threatened to crash into Cybertron. The combined strength of Scourge, the Autobots, the former Decepticons (Dark Crumplezone, Ransack, Thunderblast and Thundercracker), and their allies from the various planets (including Mudflap) were able to combine their strength and move the rocket back into place.

When the character of Signal Lancer was animated in the final episode of Cybertron, the animators used a slightly modified transformation sequence from Mudflap.

Transformers (2007 film)

Mudflap is described as a vicious Decepticon who likes to use his saw on Autobots, but secretly wishes he was one. Though marketed in the toy line supporting the 2007 film Transformers, he does not appear in it. In addition, he is not related to the Mudflap seen in the 2009 sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Transformers Cinematic Universe

Mudflap appears in the second Transformers installment as an Autobot. This character is not related to Mudflap who appeared in the toy line for the first film. He, like his twin brother Skids, typically speaks in street slang. Originally forming an old ice cream truck with Skids, Mudflap gains his own vehicle mode following the Shanghai operation.

Mudflap is 11 foot 4 inches tall and weighs 1.2 metric tons. He has an oversized left arm, while his brother Skids has an oversized right arm and had a license plate that reads "MDFLP".

According to the biography and statistics published on the Hasbro web site Mudflap is 8 feet tall and he has a nearly psychic link with his brother allowing them to make coordinated attacks. It also states that Skids and Mudflap used to serve as messengers before becoming warriors. Mudflap is armed with a machine gun and a missile launcher.

Movie plot

Mudflap, who originally transforms into half of an ice cream truck, fails to capture Sideways in Shanghai, China. When he returns to the N.E.S.T. base on Diego Garcia he scans a new vehicle form, that of a concept car. Initially he wanted the "green one" but his brother beat him to it so he took the red-orange one. They then approach and accompany Bumblebee who rescues Sam Witwicky from Megatron and Starscream. The twins then accompany Wheelie, Sam and friends and in their search for the ancient Seeker Jetfire are teleported with them to Egypt. Finding themselves at a dead end, Mudflap's brawl with Skids unintentionally causes them to find the Tomb of the Primes before Bumblebee tosses them out. Later, they encounter Devastator, in which Mudflap is sucked in by Devastator's vortex grinder while attempting in vain to hang on for dear life. Though swallowed, Mudflap breaks out of Devastator as he and Skids battle against the giant before the two are knocked off. The two are briefly seen taking cover under Devastator and are not seen afterwards.

Mudflap and Skids were originally set to appear in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but they were cut from the final film. Despite this, he and Skids do appear in vehicle form at the end of an Autobot convoy at the beginning of the film. In the comic version of the movie they are both killed by Sentinel Prime.