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Encantadia character
First appearance Pilot (2005)
Created by Suzette Doctolero
Portrayed by Carlo Gonzales (2016–17)
Arthur Solinap (2005–06)
Nickname(s) Mash'na Muros
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier

Muros is a fictional character from the Philippine telefantasyes Encantadia and Etheria. He was second in command to Aquil in Encantadia and took over his role as the head of the Lirean army when the latter was killed during the final battle in the original series. What was meant to be a cameo role got extended as the character became a fan favorite.

Filipino actor Carlo Gonzales is the man behind the character in the 2016 series, while his cousin Arthur Solinap portrayed the character back in 2005.

Character background

Muros is one of the Lirean royal guards who was first seen in Encantadia's pilot episode. He went with Aquil to rescue the young Amihan and her father Raquim from the mortal world upon the orders of Inang Reyna Mine-a. But they arrived too late, Raquim was killed in a face-off with the Hathorian leader Hagorn. Aquil and Muros took the young Amihan to Encantadia where she was reunited with her mother and her sisters.

Over the course of the entire series, Muros was a constant presence (together with Aquil) around the sang'gres. He stood loyal in his duties to protect the Lirean royal family to the end.

When it was revealed that Aquil tried to betray the sisters, Muros was one of those affected as he considered him a good friend. But he turned out to save his former leader's life when he told Amihan about Aquil's plans of confronting Asval. They worked together to defeat the enemies during the final battle- The Battle of Adamya. Muros killed Bandok, one of Asval's henchman, in a grueling spear match amidst the battle.


Aquil's death inadvertently led to Muros's promotion as chief of the Lirean royal guards. His loyalty to the sisters is still there and he now serves a new queen, Danaya. He usually accompanies the sisters in their trips to Sapiro where Ybrahim and his wife Alena now reside. Muros was the first to discover that Cassandra was missing from her room hours before her birthday celebration was to start.