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Nang Sib Song
Genre Soap opera
Opening theme "Nang Sib Song"
Country of origin Thailand
Original language(s) Thai
No. of episodes 14
Running time 40-45 minutes
Original network BBTV Channel 7
Original release 2002 - 2003
Followed by:   Prasuton Manorah (2003)

Nang Sib song is a Thai soap opera (known as lakorn in Thai language) that aired on Channel 7 in 2002. This show was a remake of a 1987 lakorn also named Nang Sib Song based on the Thai folklore story of The Twelve Sisters. It starred Bee Matika as Maree and Boy Supon as Rodasan. It aired on Channel 7 for over three months and was followed by a sequel that was based on the same story, Prasuton Manorah.


Twelve sisters were born to a rich family and lived very happily. Suddenly they turned poor because of a robbery. They went to live in the woods and hunted animals for food. This didn't help improve their livelihood. They were far too many girls, and their father had always wanted sons. So he abandoned them in the deep forest.

They returned home safely through the initiative of Pao (the youngest sister), who had assumed the role of their leader. She had left sugar canes as road marks to find their way back home. Their father abandoned them again and, this time, they had no way to return to their home. Pao had left rice as markers, but they were eaten by animals. As they were lost, they walked far away from the forest until they arrived at the kingdom of the giants. They were taken in by the kindhearted queen of the giants, Suntamala, who adored the girls at first sight. Having no husband and children of her own, she adopted them as her daughters, so they wouldn't fear her. She transformed into a human and forced her servants and people to keep their giant appearance from the girls.

Ten years later, the twelve girls grew into beautiful young women. The sisters discovered the giant's secret: There were mountains of bones in an area that Suntamala had forbidden them from going to. So they decided to leave. Suntamala begged them not to leave her as she loved them; they refused. They ran away and refused to return to her, disgusted and frightened by her giant nature.

They arrived at a kingdom of a sick king. They meet a hunchbacked old woman who told them that whoever could cure the king would be rewarded. Pao knew of a plant that could cure him. When she gave him the plant, her three older sisters took the credit for curing him. They asked the king to marry them. They kept the seven younger sisters away from the castle, wanting the king's attention to themselves alone.

When the king finally saw the rest of the sisters, he fell in love with them, but more so with Pao. The king recalled seeing Pao's face when he first woke up. He knew from the old hunchbacked woman that she was the one who cured him and fell in love with her. He pretended to be ill once again. Not knowing what to do, the three sisters went to Pao and asked for her help. Pao arrived with the plant, but one of the remaining six younger sisters took it from her and went to the king. The king was disappointed that she was not Pao, but a marriage was arranged between them. The three older sisters arrived in the king's room to scold their sister. Only two of the sisters attended the wedding ceremony, one of them being Pao. The king looked longingly at her. The bride, knowing how Pao felt about the king, gave Pao to the king as his bride instead of themself. She confessed that it was Poao who found the plant that saved him. The king was surprised by her actions but pleased that he could marry Pao. On their wedding night Pao asked him to accept all of her sisters and marry them as well. He did. Sometime after, all the sisters became pregnant at the same time.

Suntamala was broken-hearted after the sisters left. She was angry at them for rejecting her and swore revenge. She looked into a magical mirror and saw that the sisters were all well and pregnant. Before she left to go after them, one of her servants presented to her an infant named Mareem. The servant revealed that she had requested Mareem from another giant kingdom for her to adopt. She begged her queen to forget about her revenge and raise Mareem. Mareem would not reject her as the human sisters did, since she too was a giant infant. Suntamala accepted Mareem. She left her in the kingdom of the giants but still and continued her plans to take revenge on the sisters. Taking along with her two giant soldiers, she turned herself into a young woman and used her powers to seduce the king, the twelve sisters' husband, and control him. When the sisters found out that the king was getting married to a new wife, they confronted him.

Angry, the king ordered them out of the castle. Then Suntamala revealed herself to them. The sisters were frightened and begged for her forgiveness. She stripped them of their titles as queens and imprisoned them in a cave. Then Suntamala pretended she was ill and her only cure was the eyes of the 12 sisters. While the sisters' eyes were being plucked out, the king regained a part of himself that still loved the sisters and ordered the soldiers to stop. The message arrived too late as all of the sisters' were blinded except Pao, who was the last. She only had one eye plucked out. The punishment they had received was karma. It was revealed that, when they were children, the sisters caught some fishes and plucked their eyes out to prevent them from swimming away. Pao, feeling bad for her fish, only plucked out one eye. Being the only one who could still see, Pao must care for her sisters and find them food. When the king saw the jar of eyes, he was disgusted and regretted hurting his wives, but the hold Suntamala had over him was too strong. He dismissed the incident and moved on.

All of Pao's sisters gave birth to still-born babies. To survive, they ate the babies because there was no food. Pao saved her share of her sisters' babies for when her child will be born. She believed it was alive since she could feel its movement within her, but she was afraid her sisters would eat it anyway. Pao gave birth to a baby boy who was alive. She kept him in a secret place away from her sisters.

Five years later, young Rodasan (Pao's son), traveled to his father's palace to find food for his mother and meet Suntamala. Feeling sorry for her actions, Suntamala loved Rodasan and adopted him as her son and promised him that she will never do something wrong again.

A few years later, Rodasan was a handsome, knowledgeable, and powerful man; yet he still took food to his mother and aunts. Suntamala went to visit Maree. Maree told her that she hated her, since she had neglected her all her life. Suntamala felt bad for hurting Maree and asked for her forgiveness. Maree refused to forgive her. But after Suntamala became sick, Maree changed her mind and they were reconciled. While there, the old servant told Suntamala that the stars had revealed that Rodasan would be the cause of death of Maree. Suntamala didn't know what to do, she didn't know how to choose one child over the other. She however chose Maree over Rodasan after finding out that Pao was his mother. After Suntalama returned, she gave sent Rodasan to the giant's kingdom with a letter instructing her giants to kill him. While Rodasan was on his way, he met a hermit who changed the wording of the letter from "killing" to "wedding" for Rodasan.

Rodasan went to the giant's kingdom riding a flying horse. When he arrived, he gave the letter to Maree and the wedding began. Maree and Rodasan were madly in love, until Rodasan found out that his mother's and aunts' eyes were kept in a room and only Maree had the key. He drugged Maree and took the key and opened the room. He took the eyes and gave them back to his mother and aunts. Maree woke up and saw Rodasan leaving. She demanded he returned to her, but he refused. She pursued him, but he threw a magic potion behind him that created a sea of water that prevented her from following him further. He however promised to come back after he giving his mother and aunts their eyes.

At her kingdom, Suntamala got angry as she thought that Rodasan had killed Maree. She tried to kill him, but Rodasan's honest heart prevented her from doing so. Suffering from a broken heart, she died. Rodasan gave the eyes to his mother and aunts. He left to go back to Maree who was waiting for him, but she had died while he was gone. Before she died, she had promised that since in this life Rodasan had followed her, she would do the same in the next life. Rodasan then hugged her body for a long time until he died as well. The show ended with their spirits turning into many lights and flying to their next life.