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Nightmare Nurse
Directed by Craig Moss
Produced by Stan Spry
Eric Scott Woods
Fernando Szew
Written by Jake Helgren
Starring Sarah Butler
Steven Good
Lindsay Hartley
Traci Lords
Music by David Findlay
Cinematography Ben Demaree
Edited by Jon Tatum
Distributed by MarVista Entertainment
Release date 5 March 2016
Running time 84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Nightmare Nurse is a 2016 American crime thriller television film directed by Craig Moss. It stars Sarah Butler, Steven Good, Lindsay Hartley, and Traci Lords. The film premiered on March 5, 2016 on Lifetime Television.


A young couple, Brooke (Sarah Butler) and Lance (Steven Good), are injured in a car accident. At the hospital, Brooke is awakened by a nurse named Barb (Traci Lords) who informs her that Lance has been seriously injured and is in surgery.

Not being able to remember everything that happened, Brooke eventually tells them that she remembers a man crossing the road in front of them just before they hit him, which is strange since Brooke and Lance are the only people who were transported to the hospital.

With Lance's upcoming release, it's important that Brooke finds a competent nurse who can look after him while she works. Lance is left to be cared for by an attractive nurse Chloe (Lindsay Hartley). However, his health begins to decline after he is administered several doses of Oxycontin, leading Brooke to wonder if his nurse is harming him.

Her suspicions are confirmed when a phone call from a stranger brings Chloe's troubled past to light. Soon, they discover that one of the hospital nurses is out to exact revenge.


  • Sarah Butler as Brooke
  • Steven Good as Lance
  • Lindsay Hartley as Chloe
  • Traci Lords as Barb
  • René Ashton as Gwen
  • Michael Finn as Paul
  • Jessica Morris as Connie
  • Nate Scholz as James
  • David Starzyk as Detective Thames
  • Julian Stone as Marco