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Background information
Origin Setubal, Portugal
Genres Gothic rock, Post-punk
Years active 1993–2011
Labels Background Records
Floyd Records
Division House
Members Lino Átila
Nuno D`Avila
Fernando N.
Lady Miss K
Past members André Antunes
Paulo Tavares
José Carlos
Vitor Valido
Alexandre Palminha
Paulo Dumonte
David Pereira
Luis Olivença


Noctivagus was a Portuguese Gothic Rock, Post Punk band, originally formed in Setubal in 1993. The name of the band is a Latin word, meaning Night Wanders, Night Walkers.

Certain lyrics and poems are characterized by the romantic idealization of death and the supernatural imagination. Fitting in themes such as paganism, vampirism and nihilism.


Noctivagus was founded by Andre Antunes, Lino Cunha (aka: Lino Átila), José Carlos (aka: Soneca), Paulo Jorge Tavares and Vitor Valido. With this formation they record the EP Almas Ocultas (1995) and the EP Imenso (1998).

After the gig with the Spanish group Gothic Sex in the end of 1998, new member Paulo Dumonte joined on bass guitar. The band stopped for two years, however they released in 1999 the CD Cruzes e Fivelas.

In 2000, the band returned with a Portuguese Tour and new songs and new formation - Alexandre Palminha, David Pereira, Tempestade, Lino Átila and Paulo Dumonte. With this formation in 2003 they recorded the debut CD album After The Curse, with Floyd Records, distribute by Division House. They also play at various festivals with bands like Sanguis et Cinis, London After Midnight and Nosferatu.

In the same year (2003), the video clip "Bad Dreams" was 1st place of the Top of Voting, during three consecutive weeks in July on the Curto Circuito program on the Portuguese cable TV, Sic Radical. Conquest the same feat during a week, in October, of the same channel, in the Top Max Music.

In 2007 they also participated in the Lithuania Festival “When the spirits Awake” at the city of Vilnius.

In 2009 the group is recognized for their work by Mick Mercer, who mentions them in his book Music To Die For.

2010, the single "Pilgrim Dimension" with, Lino, Nuno, Fernando and Lady Miss Kill, reached the Top 20 on Music World Radio. The two versions on this single were included also on the CD album Ecos da Noite in 2011.

The band split in 2011.



Year Title
1995 Almas Ocultas
1998 Imenso
1999 Cruzes e Fivelas


Year Title
2003 After the Curse
2011 Ecos da Noite


Year Title
2005  "Transmission" (tribute to the English band Joy Division)
2010  "Pilgrim Dimension"


Year Title Notes
2003 "Bad Dreams" Made by David Rebordão, Film Connections
2011 "Pilgrim Dimension" This video with the song "Pilgrim Dimension" is about the last known tour of the band Noctivagus between (2010/2011), made by titaniavision