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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Sandman vol. 2 #26
(May 1991)
Created by Neil Gaiman (writer)
Kelley Jones (artist)
In-story information
Species Fae
Place of origin Faerie
Supporting character of Morpheus

Glamour, Immortality, lesser personification of a Fury

Nuala is a character in the comic book series The Sandman. She first appears in Sandman vol. 2 #26 (May 1991), and was created by Neil Gaiman and Kelley Jones.

Fictional character biography

Nuala was a faerie gift to the Lord Morpheus. She was beautiful initially, but Morpheus, being simplistic, took her faerie glamour away, leaving a thin, brown haired pixie instead of a beautiful blonde faerie woman.

From then on she took on the housekeeping duties of The Dreaming, only stopping when her brother Cluracan brought her back to Faerie in The Kindly Ones. Before she left, Morpheus granted her a boon, which was that she could call on him if she needed to, in exchange for her years of servitude. Nuala had been nursing a crush on Morpheus for some time and eventually called on him. Her brother Cluracan hints that she is, or at least once behaved like the faerie in La Belle Dame sans Merci.

Returned to Faerie, Nuala renounces the glamor that goes with her title, choosing to present her true elfen form. This infuriates the queen of the faeries, but Nuala is steadfast in her decision, and ultimately leaves Faerie over the conflict.

She is later found by Lucien the librarian working in The Green Dragon bar in New York City, where she has come to terms with her former employer's death and her minor role in it. Lucien offers to let her return to The Dreaming, but she declines, saying that she is happy with her new life and that returning would feel like a step backwards. Later she retakes Lucien up on his offer and reclaims her Glamour. Eventually romance sparks between Nuala and Lucien.