Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Incredible Hulk #345
(July 1988)
Created by Peter David (writer)
Todd McFarlane (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Diane Davids
Team affiliations Riot Squad

Superhuman strength and durability

The Ogress (Diane Davids) is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history

The Ogress first appeared in Incredible Hulk #345 (July 1988), and was created by Peter David and Todd McFarlane.

The character subsequently appears in Incredible Hulk #366 (February 1990), #397-398 (September–October 1992), #400 (December 1992), #439-440 (March–April 1996), and Avengers #397 (April 1996).

Fictional character biography

Diane Davids was a criminal defense lawyer and a resident of Middletown, an isolated desert town, which the Hulk's archenemy Leader chooses as the target of an experiment in which he exposes it to gamma radiation. He hopes some of its inhabitants would survive and join him in his new kingdom of Freehold.

Diane was one of only five people to survive a gamma explosion and develop superhuman powers. Diane becomes Ogress and joins the other four people into forming the Riot Squad, which protects Leader's Freehold base at the time when Leader had contacted a terminal illness. They first clash with Bruce Banner/Hulk shortly before the Leader provides him the location of Bruce Banner's wife, Betty Ross in exchange for Hulk killing Leader's brother, Madman.

Ogress is a member of the Riot Squad when they help the U-Foes distract Hulk and the Pantheon at the time when Leader was meets with Agamemnon. Hulk and the Pantheon's fight with the U-Foes and the Riot Squad are broken up when Agamemnon reaches an agreement with Leader.

Ogress was present with the Riot Squad at the time when HYDRA invades Leader's base with the resulting conflict causing the death of Soul Man (who was in the middle of reviving Marlo Chandler).

Ogress and Hotshot fight Hulk at the time when Omnibus plans to cause destruction throughout the world and they end up defeated. Ogress was among those with Hotshot when they storm Omnibus' lair and accuse him of being behind the Alliance before taking him away.

Ogress and the rest of the Riot Squad worked with the Avengers to shut down the remaining bombs. The Riot Squad then judges Omnibus to be guilty of being behind the Alliance and end up sentencing Omnibus to death. Ogress and the rest of the Riot Squad left Omnibus in the Arctic to die.

Powers and abilities

Ogress possesses superhuman strength and durability rivaling that of the Hulk.

In other media

Ogress appears in The Incredible Hulk TV series voiced by Kathy Ireland. She is one of the Leader's minions and leads his army of Gamma Warriors cloned from Hulk's DNA.

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