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Omega Supreme
Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Generation 1
Voiced by Jack Angel
Scott McNeil
Kevin Michael Richardson
Phil LaMarr
Fred Tatasciore (video game)
(Japanese) Tesshou Genda
Kenta Miyake
Aliases Omega Convoy, Omega Doom
Affiliation Autobot
Partner Optimus Prime
Alternate modes Rocket base with rocket and tank in G1 Crane and locomotive in energon space ship in animated
Cybertronian Train, Warship, Supertrain and Cannon
Cybertronian driller
Cybertronian ship

Omega Supreme is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers franchise. He is always an Autobot and is often depicted as a gigantic Transformer with vast strength and/or overwhelming firepower.

Transformers: Generation 1

Known for his great strength and greater courage, Omega Supreme is the Autobots' last line of defense against the Decepticons. He will stand unwaveringly against overwhelming odds, and although outwardly grim, he is known by those with enough insight to actually relish the importance of his task – Omega knows that if he falls, it is unlikely there will be any remaining Autobots to take his place, but he would not have it any other way.

In robot mode, Omega Supreme has incredible strength, able to shatter a mountainside with a single blow and lift 300,000 tons with his clawed arm. In place of his left hand, he is armed with a plasma blaster that can pulverize steel, supplemented with an additional laser cannon mounted on the rear of his head with a range of fifty miles. Intensely durable, his armored hide is resistant to all energy beam and non-nuclear explosive attacks. When he transforms, Omega splits his body into three components – his body becomes a laser cannon tank, which acts as perimeter patrol for the rocket base formed by his legs and backpack, which is in turn capable of launching his third component, a rocket formed from his arms, into planetary orbit. Although immensely powerful, Omega is physically slow and his rocket mode is grossly fuel inefficient.

Animated series

In The Transformers animated series, Omega Supreme's story begins 11 million years ago, when the multi-faced aliens called the Quintessons controlled Cybertron, using it as a factory to produce robotic slaves. When this robotic race turned on their masters, the Quintessons created the Dark Guardians, huge robotic sentinels designed to crush the rebellion (rendered in a blue/grey and red color scheme reminiscent of the original ToyBox Mechabot 1 figure). The tide of battle turned, however, when – with the aid of several Transformers displaced in time from 2006 – the rebellion's leader, A-3, deactivated the Dark Guardians with the "coda remote" device hidden in his slave brand. Subsequently, without their protectors, the Quintessons were overthrown and forced to flee Cybertron.

The Quintessons' robotic slaves renamed themselves the Autobots and Decepticons, and soon went to war. The Autobots were eventually able to claim victory through the invention of transformation, and the resultant era of peace, known as the Golden Age of Cybertron, was policed by the reprogrammed Dark Guardians, now simply called Guardian Robots and redecorated with a blue and white color scheme.

One of these Guardian Robots, through an unexplained means, attained true sentience like that of other Cybertronians and was the only one of his kind to display the ability to transform. Bearing a unique grey, yellow and red color scheme, this robot, named Omega Supreme, was the guardian of the beautiful Crystal City, and was friends with the six robots who had created it. Unfortunately for Omega, these six robots soon became the evil Constructicons when they were reprogrammed by Decepticon leader Megatron and his creation, the Robo-Smasher. Turning against Omega, they lured him away from the city and destroyed it in his absence, leading him to hunt them down and try to forcibly restore them to their original selves. Omega soon discovered, however, that not only could Megatron's reprogramming not be reversed, but also that the Constructicons possessed the new ability to combine their bodies and minds into the gigantic Devastator. As Omega and Devastator grappled, the Robo-Smasher attempted to reprogram Omega himself, and although he was able to wrench the device free and destroy it before the completion, it affected his mind, taking away all feelings save for the hate he now felt for the Constructicons, and the revenge he desired against them. Abandoning conventional speech, Omega adopted a clipped, emotionless, analytical manner of talking, always taking the form of suffixed words and short phrases. When the Constructicons fled Omega's wrath by leaving Cybertron in a starship, Omega pursued them across the galaxy.

In 1985, Omega Supreme discovered that the Constructicons had joined up with Megatron's forces on Earth, and made for the planet, joining with Optimus Prime's Autobots. Biding his time until he could face the Constructicons again, Omega played the role of soldier, his first mission as part of Prime's troops taking him to the moon to battle Astrotrain. Later, when attacked by Decepticons coated in the invulnerable alloy Electrum, Omega was badly damaged, but when the Autobots responded in kind, Omega was also coated in the alloy and defeated their foes.

Later still, Omega transported Jazz and Perceptor to Saturn's moon, Titan, and crash-landed, teetering on the edge of a precipice. Having expended too much energy in the journey to transform and save himself, Omega had to rely on his companions to obtain electrical crystals to restore his power, enabling him to assume robot mode and aid in saving the moon's natives from the Decepticons.

It was on Omega's next mission that he was afforded his opportunity for vengeance. Discovering that the Constructicons were mining an asteroid, Optimus Prime requested Omega investigate, only to learn of his secret history with the Decepticon team. It was on this occasion that Omega chose to speak in complete sentences for the only time since being altered by the Robo-Smasher, in relaying what happened between him and the Constructicons to Prime. Sending Omega on the mission anyway, Prime's trust proved misplaced, as Omega disconnected his communicator and attacked the Constructicons directly, shattering the asteroid during the battle and revealing that it contained an alien creature which promptly attacked San Francisco. Rather than defend the city, however, Omega pursued the Constructicons and only halted when Prime entered the conflict, forcing the Decepticons to retreat and convincing Omega to save San Francisco, claiming that there had to be more to life than revenge.

After an adventure transporting the Autobots to Japan to pursue the energy imp Kremzeek and having his systems overloaded by the electrical critter, Omega Supreme was called upon to transport a team of Autobots to Cybertron in an attempt to prevent Megatron from using the mega-computer Vector Sigma to bring his new Stunticons to life. Although they did not succeed, they instead opted to create a new team, the Aerialbots, to counter the Stunticons. Having been injured in battle, Omega exploded upon his return to Earth and almost perished; Ratchet and Sparkplug Witwicky were able to rebuild his body in time for him to aid Superion in battle with Menasor.

In 1985, Omega Supreme was once again used to transport an Autobot team to Cybertron to investigate chronal disturbances. His energy sapped by the trip, Omega shut himself down to recharge, and was consequently unable to aid the Autobots in their battle against a reactivated, Decepticon-controlled Guardian Robot. Omega's activities over the next twenty years are unrecorded, and he was unfortunately not present at the Autobot City battle in The Transformers: The Movie, but in 2006 in his last appearance in the series, he flew an Autobot team to the Planet of Junk to stop a Quintesson plan to control minds via the Junkions' television broadcasts. He was also mentioned in "Grimlock's New Brain", when Grimlock told the other Dinobots that Omega was away on a mission, forcing him to build a shuttle to investigate Unicron's head.

Like many multi-component characters, Omega Supreme typically demonstrates impossible transformations. Most often this involves the Autobots traveling to a location in the rocket, made only of Omega Supreme's arms, the rocket will then split in two and the rest of Omega Supreme's body seems to magically materialize out of the ground. Other times, Omega Supreme's rocket would blast off, leaving the rest of him behind. And when his rocket reaches its destination, his rocket would land. The rocket's landing would of course cause a lot of smoke to appear. And once the smoke clears, the rest of him would mysteriously be there.

Transformers: Energon

Animated series

A legendary figure from Cybertron's past who once defeated Unicron, Omega Supreme was sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron ages ago. Awakened in 2020 by Doctor Brian Jones and Primus, Omega immediately raced across space to join Optimus Prime's team in battle against Megatron's forces, combining with Optimus to form Optimus Supreme (Omega Convoy in the Japanese version). When Unicron was then reactivated, a power boost from Primus caused Optimus Supreme to grow to a massive height and grapple with Unicron directly, successfully destroying him.

Subsequently, Omega was reunited with several old faces from the ancient past of Cybertron when Superion Maximus, Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus were reactivated. Omega and Optimus were unable to combine for a brief period due to Primus's own depletion of energy, but once their ability was restored they merged and grew once again to halt the Decepticon-induced movement of Cybertron. When Kicker attempted to stop Galvatron on his own, Omega went to his aid, and then merged one last time with Optimus, who had already combined his Spark of Combination with all the other Autobots, forming Shining Optimus Supreme, who battled with a Unicron-possessed Galvatron until the villain sacrificed himself by plunging into an Energon sun, rather than see Unicron win.

Notably, in one of Prime's later battles with Galvatron, when he used the power of Unicron to energize him, he duplicated the form of Optimus Supreme without actually combining with Omega. In this form, his Prime Force drones combined with him, as they are capable of doing with his toy figure, never doing so with Omega himself.

Transformers Animated

Omega Supreme was originally a giant transformer who sacrificed his life to end the war between the Autobots and Deceptions. His body in stasis and converted into the very spaceship Optimus Prime and his Autobot group traveled in until their battle with Megatron crashed the ship into Lake Erie, only to later resurface and crash onto a mountain. When Omega Supreme is offline, an autopilot called Teletran 1 takes over.

Animated series

In the Great War, the Autobots created Omega as a WMD, their last hope of defeating the Decepticons. Intelligence officer Arcee was carrying the activation codes for Omega Supreme, but had to wipe her memory to prevent them from falling into the Decepticons' hands. Ratchet received the codes from her fail-safe protocols and activated Omega. From then on, he was Omega's teacher and friend, due to Omega's very simple processor. During the last battle, Omega sacrificed himself to win the war and was very damaged, questioning his own actions. Ratchet managed to put him into a modified stasis, but not before having Omega transform into his spaceship mode. Omega's body was secretly put into service, with the official line being that he had perished in the final battle. Eventually, Optimus Prime was assigned to command Omega's body, using it as a vessel for his Space Bridge repair crew.

In the pilot of the series Optimus Prime attempted to activate the Omega defense system on his ship when they were attacked by Decepticons, but it was shut off as an energy saving measure by his superiors. After Megatron damaged the Ark, the Ark crash-landed on Earth, in Lake Erie, near the city of Detroit, where the series is heavily set. The Autobots on board voluntarily go into stasis for their own safety during the crash after ridding themselves of their guest, only to wake up half a century later. Then, the Autobots uses Omega Supreme's Sky Spy satellite to scan local vehicles as templates for their vehicle modes on Earth.

In the season 2 finale "A Bridge Too Close", Omega was revived by his old friend Ratchet when he had Sari Sumdac use her Allspark key and the Allspark fragments to revive him while Ratchet did the repairs to complete Omega's full recovery. After cutting a swathe through the Decepticon forces without trouble, Omega sacrificed himself again by absorbing the transwarp energies of the Decepticon Space Bridge, getting sucked in.

In "Transwarped", he ended up floating in the same region of space as Megatron and Starscream's head, who managed to enter him and force their way through the security system. Megatron used Starscream's head (with its AllSpark fragment) to take control of Omega, discovering as he did that absorbing the transwarp energies had given him the power to teleport anywhere in the universe. Megatron took Omega to Earth, and attacked the Autobots, until Starscream took control of the giant, planning to use him to conquer Cybertron. Before Omega took off, Optimus Prime managed to place a plasma dynamic thruster on him, causing him to uncontrollably and endlessly transwarp across the universe.

Omega's endless transwarp jumps eventually ended when his inactive vehicle mode came across Lugnut, who removed the space bridge component, before they appeared over Cybertron, causing a massive electrical storm. Though acting Magnus Sentinel Prime opted to take out Omega before the Decepticons could threaten Cybertron, Ratchet stated that all the transwarp energies he had soaked up would destroy Cybertron if fired on. Meanwhile, the Decepticon double agent Shockwave planned on obtaining the access codes to Omega so that he could wipe out all the morality in his personality. However, he could not get to Ratchet, as he would simply corrupt the codes with a virus, so he kidnapped the inert body of Arcee. He escaped with Arcee just as Omega transwarped to Earth's moon, where Megatron had Lugnut and Shockwave build three clones of Omega from the remains of the Decepticon Warship. The three clones were given the activation codes Lugnut had downloaded from Arcee, bearing his face as a result. The clones were powered by the Allspark fragments from Omega's spark chamber, rendering him offline once more. However, a crucial security program was missing from the activation codes, requiring Lugnut to be plugged into Omega's bridge in order to control the clones.

In the season 3 finale and series finale "Endgame, Part II", Ratchet, Arcee, and Sari manage to bring him back online after defeating Shockwave and Lugnut. The group returned to Earth, and Omega battled his clones, dispatching one, and later returned to Cybertron with the Autobots and captured Decepticons. Omega transformed into robot mode, and was received warmly by the bulk of Cybertron.

Transformers: Timelines

In the "Shattered Glass" storyline Omega Doom is the ultimate weapon of the Autobot tyrant Optimus Prime. He is the mirror-universe version of Omega Supreme.

Transformers Aligned Universe

Omega Supereme is described as "the true Omega Key to the Core of Cybertron" in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.