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The Only Fools and Horses
DVD Collection
Genre Sitcom
Written by Anna Moore
Rachel Nash
Lucy Hatherall
Liz Holland
Jen Banks
Richard Mead
Sarah Ellis
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Production company(s) GE Fabbri
Original release Sep 2005 - Oct 2006
(30 issues)

The Only Fools and Horses DVD Collection was a fortnightly partwork magazine published by GE Fabbri, authorised by BBC Video. Each serialised issue included a DVD containing between 1 and 4 chronological episodes of Only Fools and Horses, and an accompanying magazine. Each issue was £7.99, apart from issue 1 which was £3.99. In total 29 regular issues were released, as well as a 'bonus disc' which featured the documentary 'The Story of Only Fools and Horses'.


Each DVD came with a magazine, focused primarily on the episodes in the accompanying DVD. Some features recurred across all/most of the issues:

  • Episode Guides: These provided a description of the episodes included on the DVD and a section entitled straight from the horse's mouth where series writer John Sullivan explained the roots of the episode. Each guide would have a Del's lingo, where one of the character's foreign phrases was translated to his intended meaning; and a Rodders rant which saw a description of the episodes' events from the perspective of the youngest Trotter brother.
  • Peckham Profiles: This featured a spotlight on a different character from the show each issue. This included a section called straight from the horse's mouth, where John Sullivan talked about the creation of the character and how the actor who played him/her was chosen. The final section of this feature was called The Secret World of..., which listed several facts about the character in bullet points. A lot of the characters featured in two 'Peckham Profiles' over the course of the collection, with content split between their earlier and later years.
  • Classic Clips: A description of one of the most memorable scenes, with episode stills and a commentary from John Sullivan.
  • Hooky Street: A description of items that Del bought, owned, sold or talked about throughout the course of the show.
  • Behind the Scenes: A insight into things or people associated with the production of Only Fools and Horses, explaining how they became involved in the programme.
  • The World According to: These articles would feature a discussion of a theme or topic that occurred in the series, from the perspective of one of the characters.

DVD Spine

When all the DVD spines were lined up they formed a picture of the regular characters. From left to right:

  • Mickey Pearce
  • Trigger
  • Uncle Albert
  • Grandad
  • Rodney Trotter
  • Derek Trotter
  • Boycie
  • Mike Fisher
  • Denzil Tulser
  • Damien Trotter
  • Raquel Turner
  • Cassandra Trotter


  1. "Big Brother", "Go West Young Man" and "Cash and Curry"
  2. "The Second Time Around", "A Slow Bus To Chingford" and "The Russians Are Coming"
  3. "Christmas Crackers", "The Long Legs of the Law", "Ashes to Ashes" and "A Losing Streak"
  4. "No Greater Love", "The Yellow Peril" and "It Never Rains..."
  5. "A Touch of Glass", "Diamonds Are for Heather" and "Homesick"
  6. "Healthy Competition", "Friday the 14th" and "Yesterday Never Comes"
  7. "May The Force Be With You", "Wanted", "Who's a Pretty Boy?" and "Thicker than Water"
  8. "Happy Returns", "Strained Relations" and "Hole in One"
  9. "It's Only Rock and Roll", "Sleeping Dogs Lie", "Watching the Girls Go By" and "As One Door Closes"
  10. "To Hull and Back"
  11. "From Prussia With Love", "The Miracle of Peckham", "The Longest Night"
  12. "Tea for Three", "Video Nasty" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
  13. "A Royal Flush" and "The Frog's Legacy"
  14. "Dates"
  15. "Yuppy Love" and "Danger UXD"
  16. "Chain Gang" and "The Unlucky Winner Is..."
  17. "Sickness and Wealth" and "Little Problems"
  18. "The Jolly Boys' Outing"
  19. "Rodney Come Home"
  20. "The Sky's the Limit" and "The Chance of a Lunchtime"
  21. "Stage Fright" and "The Class of '62"
  22. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle" and "Three Men, a Woman and a Baby"
  23. "Miami Twice"
  24. "Mother Nature's Son"
  25. "Fatal Extraction"
  26. "Heroes and Villains", "Modern Men" and "Time On Our Hands"
  27. "If They Could See Us Now"
  28. "Strangers on the Shore"
  29. "Sleepless in Peckham"

Bonus disc: "The Story of Only Fools and Horses" (documentary)