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Transformers character
First appearance Transformers Generation 1
Voiced by S. Marc Jordan
(television series)
Terry McGovern
("Five Faces of Darkness, Pt 1")
Steve Bulen
("The Rebirth")
Brad Davidorf (WFC)
Travis Willingham
(FOC and RotDS)
(Japanese) Yū Shimaka
(Television series)
Jin Horikawa
("The Rebirth")
Aliases Barricade
Occupation Combaticon Leader, Tactician
Affiliation Decepticon
Partner Brawl
Blast Off
Nitro Zeus
Alternate modes Cybertronian Missile Truck, Flatbed Missile Truck, BTR-80 APC, S.W.A.T. vehicle, Astros II MLRS
Western Star 4900SF Tow truck, Astros II MLRS

Onslaught is the name of a fictional character in the various Transformers continuities in the Transformers robot superhero franchise. He is usually portrayed as the leader of the Combaticons who turn into missile launching vehicles and combine with his comrades into Bruticus.

Transformers: Generation 1

Onslaught is a leader who prefers to formulate strategies and tactics to defeat his opponents rather than sheer brute force. However, when his plans fail, he can become a devastating force in battle, as his fury that his carefully laid out plans have been thwarted can inspire him to acts to violence. Joins with fellow Combaticons to form robot Bruticus, of which he forms the torso.

Animated series

Onslaught debuted in the second-season episode, "Starscream's Brigade". In the episode, Starscream is banished from Decepticon Headquarters after his latest attempt to overthrow Megatron's rule of the Decepticons. He is banished to the island of Guadalcanal where he discovers old and wrecked World War II vehicles. Starscream decides to use these to build his own army. He raids a Decepticon detention center on Cybertron and steals the personality components of five renegade Decepticons. When returning, he installs them into the vehicles, which transform into robot mode. Onslaught is placed in an old WWII troop transport truck and the body is reformatted into a modern missile truck.

After a short time, the Combaticons, led by Starscream, capture Autobots Jazz and Cliffjumper, who were interviewed at the ceremony. Later, while attempting to refuel at a train station, the renegade Starscream and his recruits get encountered by Megatron and his forces, and the Combaticons capture Dirge and Ramjet, who were taken out by Brawl during the encounter. After that, Starscream, Onslaught, and the rest of the Combaticons go to the Amalgamated Water and Power Plant to recharge.

The moment the Combaticons and Starscream finish recharging, Megatron and all his Decepticon forces (except the Stunticons) arrive, launching an attack. When Megatron orders the Constructicons to merge into Devastator, Onslaught and the Combaticons demonstrate their power to also merge into one giant robot: Bruticus. Bruticus then proves to be more powerful than Devastator, who is knocked out. Bruticus then grabs Megatron with his right hand, forcing him to acknowledge Starscream as the new leader of the Decepticons. Just then, the Stunticons arrive, witnessing the trouble. They combine into Menasor and defeat Bruticus.

Onslaught's abilities as commander would not be seen until the next episode, "The Revenge of Bruticus". After Bruticus was defeated by Menasor, Megatron banished Starscream and the Combaticons from Earth and sent to a distant asteroid. Starscream abandons the Combaticons on the asteroid and flies off into space. Onslaught devises a plan to exact revenge on Megatron by causing Earth to crash into the Sun. Using his backpack, he alters the Space Bridge to change the orbit on Earth. However, disengaging his backpack left Bruticus' weak spot vulnerable, which Optimus Prime used to disable him. Bruticus was later reprogrammed to obey Megatron.

In the later episode "Aerial Assault", Onslaught and the Combaticons were involved in a Decepticon plot to capture the Middle East oil fields. The Aerialbots arrived on the scene and the Decepticons use their new jet drones to attack them. These drones however proved to be no match for the Aerialbots, forcing the Combaticons to engage them as Bruticus. They were defeated again by Superion (the combined form of the Aerialbots).

Onslaught made various appearances as a member of the Combaticons, throughout the remainder of the series, as well as in the Japanese series Transformers: The Headmasters.

Transformers: Energon

Onslaught was the Japanese name for Energon Barricade, who transformed into a missile truck.

Transformers Cinematic Universe

In his appearance in the live-action film series, Onslaught is a tactician and battlefield lieutenant. This Decepticon is recognizable for his green hue and alternate form as a heavy duty tow truck. He is prone to violence when provoked, and rumored to be developing a new weapon called The Decapitator.

His robot model shares designs from his twin-brother, Long Haul. Besides Onslaught, Long Haul's model serves as the basis for Canopy in The Last Knight.

Sometimes, he is the leader of the Combaticons, with whom he combines to form the mighty Bruticus Maximus.


Onslaught appeared in Transformers: The Last Knight, when Megatron was selecting a "crew" to hunt down Cade Yeager and the Autobots from the TRF's Decepticon prisoners, he choose Onslaught after the TRF refused to grant him Berserker. As he is being released, Onslaught moans about the size of his cell door. He was among the Decepticons who got caught by the rigged explosives in an abandoned town, and tried to pursue Yeager and Izzy with the other Decepticons. However, Onslaught was quickly cornered by Drift and Crosshairs, losing his right leg to Drift and being shot by Crosshairs, and then finally beheaded by Drift, who commented on his "fat head".