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Out of the Fire
Author David Sherman
Country United States
Language English
Genre War
Publisher Ballantine Books
Publication date 1987
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 241
ISBN 0-8041-0104-3
OCLC 17682785
Night Fighter Series
Preceded by Main Force Assault
Followed by A Rock and a Hard Place

Out of the Fire is a Vietnam War novel by David Sherman published in 1987 by the Ivy Book imprint of Ballantine Books. It is the third novel in Sherman's Night Fighter Series.

Plot summary

The US Marine Corps Combined Action Program unit assigned to the Vietnamese village of Bun Hou, Tango Niner, has been very successful in suppressing Viet-Cong operations in the area, and now starts putting a crimp in the get-rich-off-overtaxing-the-villager schemes of the local ARVN District Chief, Captain Nghu.

Nghu, in return, manages to arrange the planting of drugs within the Marines' compound, and the subsequent "discovery" of the drugs by the Marines' chain of command. The steps taken by command to deal with the supposed breach of discipline means that Nghu will now have a freer rein with the peasants, as well as degrading Tango-Niner's effectiveness in suppressing VC activity.