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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Super Friends #7 (August 1977)
In-story information
Alter ego Wenonah Littlebird
Team affiliations Global Guardians

Flight, night-vision, enhanced senses, retractable claws

Owlwoman is a fictional character, a superheroine in the DC Universe.

Fictional character biography

Wenonah Littlebird is a full-blooded Native American from Oklahoma who represents the Kiowa tribe. She became Owlwoman and was first seen helping Hawkman and his wife Hawkwoman dismantle a bomb in the darkness of an Oklahoma field. She also takes part in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. She was offered a chance to become a member of the Global Guardians, a team of international heroes, and she accepted. While on the team, she fell for her teammate Jack O'Lantern, and the two quickly became a couple.

After her boyfriend left the Global Guardians, Owlwoman went to Bialya and was brainwashed into joining the Queen Bee's army. The two ex-Global Guardians helped the Queen Bee take over the world. Jack O'Lantern and Owlwoman were manipulated by the Queen Bee into forcing the other Global Guardians under her control. In a battle with the Justice League, Owlwoman betrayed her teammates and killed an imposter Jack O'Lantern. She later found the real Jack O'Lantern alive in a dungeon, as well as Doctor Mist.


The three heroes later reunited the Global Guardians. Unfortunately, Fain Y'onia now targeted the group. Godiva and Impala lost their powers. Bushmaster was shot dead during a confrontation with Fain. In the final battle in the Arizona desert, Tuatara was knocked into a coma and Thunderlord was killed.

New team

Working out of the Dome (now located on an unrevealed Pacific island), Owlwoman and the surviving Guardians erected a statue memorial to their dead friends. It is eventually revealed that the Martian Manhunter helped the team recruit members including Cascade of Indonesia, Centrix of Canada, Tundra of Russia and Chrysalis of France. The new recruits were met with approval by the others, and together they continue the legacy of the Global Guardians.

Owlwoman and Olympian are two of the dozens of heroes featured in Infinite Crisis #6, successfully protecting the city of Metropolis from Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Powers and abilities

Owlwoman has magical abilities that allow her to fly by riding air-currents and see in total darkness. She also has heightened senses of smell and hearing, and has excellent tracking and navigation skills. After she was brainwashed by Queen Bee, Owlwoman gained retractable claws that could slice through steel.

Other versions

A future version of Owlwoman based on Nite-Owl from Watchmen appeared as a member of the Justice Legion Alpha in DC One Million.