Part Time

Part Time
Background information
Origin San Francisco, U.S.
Genres Psychedelic pop
Soft rock
Synth pop
Years active 1990s–present
Labels Mexican Summer
Members David Loca
Wally Byers
Robert Dozal
Billy Trujillo
Tony Leal

Part Time (stylized as PARTIME) is an American pop band fronted by California-based musician David Loca (also credited as David Speck).

It is named so because it began as a solo sideproject of Loca's, who had been performing with groups from Texas and Oklahoma. He produces and writes all the output, with the exception of some material enlisting bandmates and friends. AllMusic critic Tim Sendra describes the music as "equal parts psychedelic pop, soft rock, and primitive synth pop".

Loca is originally from Florida, later moving to El Paso, and started his first band at the age 17. The first Part Time recordings were made in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and were first issued on a label in 2011. Albums until Spell #6 (2018) were recorded almost entirely by himself at his home.


As of 2013:

  • David Loca
  • Wally Byers
  • Robert Dozal
  • Billy Trujillo
  • Tony Leal


  • What Would You Say? (2011)
  • PDA (2013)
  • Late Night with David Loca (2014)
  • Virgo's Maze (2015)
  • Return to Cherry (2015)
  • Spell #6 (2018)
  • Modern History (2019)

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