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Peggy Jean
Peanuts character
First appearance July 23rd, 1990
Last appearance July 11th, 1999
Created by Charles M. Schulz
Voiced by Deanna Tello (1992)
Gender Female
Status Charlie Brown's girlfriend in the 1990s

Peggy Jean is a fictional character featured in the comic strip Peanuts. She was the girlfriend of Charlie Brown during the 1990s. Charlie Brown first met her at summer camp in 1990, and she appeared intermittently in the strip until mid-1999, a few months before the strip ended. Because of Charlie Brown's extreme nervousness upon meeting her, he mistakenly gave his name as "Brownie Charles," which she continued to use thereafter.


Peggy Jean and Charlie Brown's relationship hit a brief snag almost immediately after it began. At summer camp, Peggy Jean held the football down for Charlie Brown to kick, who at first declined, naturally worried that she would pull it away just as Lucy did. The fact that he took so long to make up his mind led Peggy to think that he did not trust her and she allegedly went home enraged. She later returned and made up, kissing Charlie Brown in the process. Charlie Brown called Linus on the phone to tell him that Peggy had kissed him; but the phone was answered by Lucy!

Later, Charlie Brown wanted to buy her some gloves for Christmas but didn't have the money for them (Linus suggested he send her a card advising her to keep her hands in her pockets). Charlie Brown sold his entire comic collection in order to buy the gloves, only to meet Peggy Jean in the shop and her telling him that her mother had bought her the same sort of gloves; in the end, Charlie Brown gives the gloves he bought to Snoopy. This storyline was adapted as a portion of the animated special It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, in which, she is voiced by Deanna Tello (who also provided the voices of Violet and Patty). Curiously, Peggy was depicted there as a redhead instead of having brown hair as she did in the strip, which may have led to viewers confusing her with the Little Red-Haired Girl (the original VHS release of the special even mistakenly referred to her as that character).

On July 11, 1999, the final strip featuring Peggy Jean, it was revealed that she had found a new boyfriend, leaving Charlie Brown heartbroken.