Perfect Peter

Perfect Peter
Horrid Henry character
First appearance Horrid Henry
(Horrid Henry's Perfect Day)
Created by Francesca Simon
Portrayed by Ross Marron
Voiced by Emma Tate
Nickname(s) Perfect
Worm (as Henry and his friends call him)
Family Brother: Horrid Henry
Mother: Mum
Father: Dad ('Silly Simon')
Relatives Cousins:
Stuck-up Steve
Prissy Polly
Vomiting Vera
Pimply Paul
Aunt: Rich Aunt Ruby
Great aunt: Great Aunt Greta
Grandmother: Grandma
Uncle: Fussy Francis
Nationality British

Perfect Peter is a main character in the Horrid Henry series created by American author Francesca Simon and British illustrator Tony Ross. He is the younger brother of the series' protagonist, Horrid Henry.

Character profile

Perfect Peter is named according to his overachieving, polite, and perfectionist personality and mannerisms, especially in opposition to those demonstrated by his older brother Henry. Obedient, innocent, and sweet-natured, Peter takes pride in proper organization of his personal possessions and bedroom, and often is the main target of Henry's torment and vicious harassment. They share a strong sibling rivalry due to their conflicting personalities, to the extent where Peter appears to be favoured by his parents over his bratty brother on certain occasions.

He seldom rebels or complains, though it is hinted that his usually kind and immaculately-organized personality is tinged with hints of conceit; he has defied adults or rules in revenge against Henry or while attempting to frame him, and seems to derive pleasure from Henry's suffering and punishments for poor behavior, thus implying that he may actually not be much better than his brother. He sometimes acts cocky to his older brother. Peter is also very naive and will easily believe absurd "stories" Henry sometimes tells to get him to do something. He despises Henry's mistreatment of him and the strong verbal abuse to which Peter is subjected when he is domineered or trying to play with his brother, and a number of stories have ended with suffering for Peter in some way. Despite all this, Henry will still help Peter out on occasion, such as rescuing him from a falling shelf in the cellar in Horrid Henry Trapped.

In other media


Horrid Henry: The Movie

  • In 2011's Horrid Henry: The Movie, Perfect Peter is shown as a pure goody-goody and never shows his bad side. He is one of the very few people who help save the school from Vic Van Wrinkle.


Horrid Henry

  • In 2006's Horrid Henry TV series, Perfect Peter is the most recurring character apart from Henry.

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