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Directed by Sachin Gupta
Produced by Sushma Gupta
Rashmi Bansal
Ruchika Gupta
Based on Don't Miss My Party
(theatre production)
Starring Sumeet Kant Kaul
Dau Dayal Bansal
Sanaya Irani
Music by Shivang Mathur
Running time 11 minutes 56 seconds

Pihu, is a 2018 short film directed by playwright and director Sachin Gupta produced under Chilsag Entertainment Network in association with London Players. It is produced by Sushma Gupta, Rashmi Bansal and Ruchika Gupta.

It is based on the theatre production Don't Miss My Party which premiered in 2005. It stars Sumeet Kant Kaul, Dau Dayal Bansal and Sanaya Irani. It has a running time of 11:56 minutes.


Pihu is a short film that revolves around the love story between Danish and Pihu who are childhood swethearts. Danish had to move to Indore for work for six months.

The film begins with Pihu and her dad making a cake for Danish who is supposed to arrive the next day from Indore after six long months. The next morning Danish's train seems to be late and there is no sign of Danish. On calling the travel agent a worried Pihu learns that there has been an accident, where three of coaches of the train from Indore was destroyed.

Pihu starts crying in disbelief, telling her dad that Danish had promised to be back in six months. But now he may be dead.


  • Dau Dayal Bansal as father
  • Sanaya Irani as Pihu
  • Sumeet Kant Kaul as Danish
  • Ravi Khanna as a friend


The music was composed by Shivang Mathur and Vishal Shelke was responsible for sound design.

Pihu's title track is "Soch Lo" sung by Shivang Mathur and Prateeksha Srivastava. The lyrics were written by Shayra Apoorva and backing vocals were done by Aman Agarwal, Shivang Mathur, Parinda and Prateeksha Srivatsava. The background score composer was Aman Agarwal.