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Private India: City on Fire
Author Ashwin Sanghi
James Patterson
Language English
Genre Fiction
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Publication date 2014
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 448 pp (first edition, paperback)
ISBN 978-1-4555-6081-3

Private India (2014) is a novel written by Indian author Ashwin Sanghi and American author James Patterson. This book is another addition to the Private Series written by James Patterson. The book was launched in India July 2014, in UK August in 2014 and USA in November 2014.

Plot summary

The story starts with murder of a Thai cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kanya Jaiyen. Her body is found in the washroom of her hotel room. The hotel's private security partner Private India led by Santosh Waugh, steps in for the investigation. Santosh and his team start the investigation, but things take a turn when a series of murders ensues in the city, with every corpse being decorated resembling some ritual. One thins turns out in common that each murder was committed by strangling a yellow scarf, a standard method used by Thuggee, a community declared as criminal by the British government. And they find out that Private India's own official Hari, belonged to one of those community after yellow scarf and pictures of the victims are found in Hari's workstation. But even after arresting Hari the murder spree doesn't come to an end, proving Hari's innocence.

Meanwhile, Ripesh suspects Jack Morgan, head of 'Private' of these murders as he is seen with a pop singer Priyanka Talati some hours prior her murder. In midst of all these events a terrorist group try to contact the local don, Munna, to help them import explosives into Mumbai. Munna refuses to do so initially, but later agrees when he is told about the target. As the murder series continues Santosh identifies the pattern in the murders and it is revealed to be conducted by someone either a staunch devotee or a hateful person for Goddess Durga, as he decorates each corpse in the form of incarnations of Durga. Meanwhile Nisha, tries to gather information about the killer and identifies that the killer is not a man but a woman (Aakash/Aditi) subjected to an unsuccessful sex-change operation. The truth is revealed to her as she identifies that the culprit is but a woman whom she had once arrested for the charges of immoral trafficking fro the red light streets of Mumbai. And each murder was but her revenge to everyone whom he/she considered to be the reason for her miseries.

Meanwhile it is revealed to Santosh and Jack that the corpses were not only a revenge but a diversion to get the explosives into Private India's office. It was a carefully plotted crime committed by Nimboo Baba, a fake Godman, Manna and terrorist organizatiosn whose plans have been foiled by Private India on a number of occasions.