Ramjet (Transformers)

Transformers character
First appearance Transformers Generation 1
Voiced by Jack Angel
Taylor Kitsch (Legendary Wars and Darkness Rising)
Tom Kenny
William Knapp (Albuquerque, NM)
(Japanese) Toshiro Ishii
Jin Yamanoi
Affiliation Decepticon
Partners Thrust
Tidal Wave
Alternate modes Cybertronian jet, Modified F-15
F-16 Falcon
Cybertronian Jet Fighter
VentureStar concept shuttle
F-22 Raptor, Cybertronian jet
Futuristic jet similar to a Harrier Jump Jet

Ramjet is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers toy-based robot superhero media franchise. All have been Decepticon-aligned characters who turn into jets, usually white in color.

Transformers: Generation 1

Ramjet is a Decepticon from the Transformers series and has appeared in the related comics, cartoons and The Transformers: The Movie. In the original Transformers, Ramjet was one of the Seekers.

Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge are part of a team dubbed by Transformers fans as the "Coneheads" for the way their animation models were drawn to make them visually distinct from the original Decepticon jets Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker despite their toys being modifications of the same mold used to create that original trio. The toys themselves use the nosecone of the jet to become the head of the robot, but on the original jets the nosecone points back, forming a seemingly normal head. To make the three newer jets distinctive, the show animators illustrated them with the nosecones pointing up in robot mode - despite the fact that this is not how their toy instructions or box art depict them.

The original Ramjet was described as an impulsive but brave warrior who enjoyed crashing into objects and enemies. He carried two cluster bombs and two automatic machine guns, but also used his nosecone head to smash things when fighting. Not given much to thinking before acting, Ramjet often crashed into neutral objects just for fun, thus collecting new enemies. These crashes often took their toll on Ramjet's body by causing internal damage.

Animated series

In the original Transformers series, Ramjet appeared in Season 2. He made his first appearance in episode #30, "Dinobot Island Part 1". How Ramjet came to Earth was not shown.

Ramjet made regular appearances during the second season. In episode #33,"Auto Berserk" he took part in the air raid on the Autobots' column escorting the Negavator. Megatron ordered to his jet 'Cons to divert the 'Bots from their device so that he could seize it. But Smokescreen used his smoke so as to dazzle the Seekers, and then downed them all, including Ramjet, with his disruptors. Meanwhile, Megatron was sitting already in the Negavator's cab. But he had no time to destroy the Autobots because Ramjet fell just on the cab and knocked Megatron out of it. So the Decepticons had to get nothing for their pains again. When Ramjet asks Megatron about Starscream, Megatron tells him to abandon Starscream, while the other Decepticons flee. Ramjet's most notable appearance, however, was in episode #40, "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court" where several Transformers characters (his teammates Starscream, Rumble, and Ravage, as well as Hoist, Warpath, Spike Witwicky and Ramjet himself) were transported back in time to England of the Middle Ages. During this episode, Ramjet made good use of his name by head-butting a knight. He also participated in a jousting contest, with Rumble atop his nosecone wielding a lance against Spike mounted atop Warpath's turret. After this tournament he together with Rumble helped Starscream to gather all the necessary ingredients for making the gunpowder which the latter wanted to use against the 'Bots and their human allies. At the end of the episode Merlin helped both the Autobots and Decepticons to return to their own time. Ramjet made many appearances in season 2, almost always alongside his fellow Conehead seekers Dirge and Thrust.

Ramjet made brief appearances in The Transformers: The Movie – when he and other Decepticons were shot down by Optimus Prime during the battle of Autobot City and standing with Thrust and Astrotrain (who crowned Starscream at his leader ceremony) at Starscream's coronation. At the ceremony, the two Coneheads and the Triple Changer were seen aiding Starscream, when suddenly Galvatron arrived. As Galvatron blasted Starscream in cannon mode, Starscream's aids can be seen jumping away. Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge were crushed during Unicron's attempted destruction of Cybertron.

Despite their apparent deaths, they still appeared in season 3. Including an episode where Ramjet was thrown against a building and seemingly destroyed by Ultra Magnus, but returned to make small appearances throughout the third season. He last appeared in "Thief in the Night".

Transformers: Armada

The name Ramjet appeared again in 2003, as part of the Tidal Wave package in the Transformers: Armada series.

Transformers: Universe

In 2004, another Ramjet appeared as part of the Transformers: Universe series and this time was a large toy. It was a recolor of Armada Skywarp. The toy featured a white, blue and red color scheme and was sold along with four Mini-Cons: Gunbarrel, Terradive, Thunderclash and Thunderwing.

Transformers: Cybertron

A new Mini-Con named Ramjet was sold in the Cybertron line.


Although Ramjet does not appear in the live-action Transformers film (or its sequels for that matter), he is featured in the expanded toy line.

According to the biography printed in the collected Reign of Starscream books he is untrustworthy and would gladly shoot a comrad in the back to get ahead.

Transformers Animated

In Transformers Animated, Ramjet is one of several clones of Starscream. As each clone inherits one personality trait from Starscream, his is deceit. Ramjet is a pathological liar, to the point of sometimes even telling lies that obviously contradict previous lies.

Animated series

Ramjet defects to Megatron's side when it looks like Starscream has been defeated. He then joins in the counterattack against Omega Supreme, but is quickly overpowered by the giant Autobot.

He shows up again at the end of "Three's a Crowd" when he is flying alongside Lugnut after freeing him of the stasis cuffs. He then "promises" Lugnut not to tell Megatron about what happened (though it's unlikely he'll tell Megatron the truth anyway).

He returns two episodes later in "Five Servos of Doom." Here, Sentinel Prime is going to exchange various materials for Ramjet to Lockdown, only that the clone manages to bribe Lockdown into betraying Sentinel, taking him as his hostage. After the combined efforts of Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Safeguard (the combined form of Jetfire and Jetstorm) ground him, Optimus and Jazz toss a billboard onto him, seemingly crushing him, Prowl and Lockdown. However, Prowl uses an advanced technique called "Processor over Matter", and saves the three of them, only for Lockdown to escape and for the clone to end up in the Elite Guard's custody.

However, during the Elite Guard ship's return to Cybertron, an electrical storm reactivates an immobilized Swindle. The Decepticon arms dealer frees Ramjet as they and the other Decepticons take the ship. After receiving a helmet from Swindle so that he could tell him and his clone brother Sunstorm apart (and increases his resemblance to Generation 1 Ramjet), Ramjet is eventually recaptured and brought to Cybertron.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Ramjet is a playable character exclusive in the Nintendo DS version of the 2017 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

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