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Genre Children's
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (104 segments)
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Cartoon Network (UK)
France 3 (France)
Original release Nov 1, 2005 - Sep 27, 2008

Robotboy is a British-French animated children's television series which is produced by French production company Alphanim for France 3 and Cartoon Network Europe.

Main characters


The robot title character of the series is best friends with Tommy Turnbull. Robotboy has three modes: deactivated, activated, and superactivated. In his superactivated mode, Robotboy has a wide array of weapons at his disposal, but his main weapons are gatling lasers. Robotboy is childlike, innocent, and doesn't know much about the world or humanity. He has feelings and emotions like a human boy. He can be nice, friendly, playful, childish, and energetic. Despite being a super fighting robot, Robotboy also a soft side to him; caring, kind, compassionate, gentle, and emotional. In the episode "Crying Time", Robotboy cries out oil after watching a play, and this shows that he can feel the emotional pain of others. Robotboy can become aggressive, dangerous, and violent when provoked or protecting his friends from danger. Robotboy is very protective, loyal, and deeply cares about his friends and creators. His friends teach him what it is like to be a human child. Robotboy always protects Tommy and his friends and family when they are endangered. In desperate times Robotboy can super activate. This enhances his strength, speed and fight capabilities. It can also give Robotboy access to multiple weapons.

Tommy Turnbull

Thomas "Tommy" Turnbull (born January 30, 1995) is a blond, square-headed, 10-year-old human boy who is the best friend and caretaker of Robotboy. He is depicted as a smart, independent, responsible, sensitive, kind, helpful, and friendly boy with a strong sense of justice, although his parents disapprove some of his lazy tendencies. Tommy's best human friends are Gus and Lola, and he always helps his friends and sometimes those in need. He seems to care about animals; in one episode "Dog Ra" he rescues a puppy in the middle of a street. As a caretaker of Robotboy, Tommy teaches Robotboy about humanity and how to be like a human boy.

Gus Turner

Augustus "Gus" Turner (born May 13, 1995) is a chubby, red-headed, freckled boy who is Tommy's best friend. He often refers to himself as "The G-Man". He is voiced by Rupert Degas. Unlike Tommy, he is very arrogant, selfish, stubborn, materialistic, and rude, and at times takes advantage of his friends for his personal gain and enjoyment, which leads to trouble for them. He often enjoys eating junk food, and playing video games. Despite his selfish and obnoxious tendencies, he does indeed love and care about his friends and is usually helpful to them when he wants (or tries) to be. Gus also describes himself as an "action hero", boasting about numerous skills which he obviously does not actually possess. Even though his family is Amish, they seem to tolerate his "progressive" habits despite being the Bad Seed.

Lola Mbola

Lola Mbola (born August 6, 1995) is 10-years-old and is friends with Tommy, Gus, and Robotboy. She is very smart, confident, bold, kind, sweet, and affectionate. She is the daughter of a rich African ambassador. Despite her age, she can fly jet planes and control speed boats. She likes doing girly things, and helping her friends, but she can also be a bit stubborn sometimes. She is secretly in love with Tommy (but would be devastated if he ever finds out)."

Supporting allies


Robotgirl is a female version of Robotboy. She looks similar to Robotboy, except she's depicted as pink and wears a bow on her head. She is very sweet, playful, naive, and sensitive. Unlike Robotboy, she has an emotion chip that gives her the ability to think with her emotions and have sensitivity to feelings. She doesn't know as much as Robotboy does. She is a curious and often gets herself and Robotboy into trouble. In the series, Robotgirl was created to keep Robotboy company while he was at Prof. Moshimo's brand new house for 2 weeks, while Tommy was on a family camping trip in the woods. In the episode Robot Girl, Prof. Moshimo asked Robotboy to spend the day with her and teach her what he has learned about being a real human, but when Moshimo was kidnapped by Protoboy, she was deactivated (during the fight in the episode The Return of Robotgirl). Like Robotboy, in her superactivated form, she looks taller, her head is a little more flatter, and is mostly dark pink. But she has super fighting abilities.

Professor Moshimo

Professor Moshimo is the creator of Robotboy, Robotgirl and Robotbird (also Protoboy and Robotman). He received a letter from Tommy Turnbull about him looking forward to his latest invention. As a result, Professor Moshimo sent him Robotboy to take care of. The Professor has a Japanese fiancée named Miumiu, who also acts as his assistant. He also created Protoboy, Robotman and Robotgirl. His former rivals are Dr. Kamikazi and Bjorn Bjornson.

Dwight Turnbull

He is Tommy and Donnie's brown-haired, small-eyed dimwitted and selfish father. Tommy's bumbling father works as a salesman of a shop that sells fitness equipment. He is an assertive person, always trying to get Tommy to play sports, so as not to be a girl. He never think things through and never thinks about the consequences from his actions. He's not a smart man. He once even got as far as quitting his job to become Tommy's full-time coach, when he noticed Tommy's cheating in tetherball (which is actually due to Robotboy helping him behind the scenes). Due to Tommy not liking sports, he tends to favor Donnie more.

Deborah "Debbie" Turnbull

Debbie is Tommy and Donnie's square-headed and red-headed mother with a curvaceous body. She is an average woman (beauty wise) and housewife, and is generally very kind to Tommy and not as assertive as Dwight. However, she is still willing to punish Tommy if he is seen to have done something terribly wrong; For example, failing to tidy his room, or when Tommy was framed for stealing a toy even though it was Robotboy and for sneaking out to prove that he was innocent and didn't steal a toy.


Professor Moshimo's fiancée and lab assistant. She is typically depicted as silent, however she speaks for the first time in the episode "Grow No-Mo". While she rarely talks, she does seem to be annoyed with Moshimo's many hobbies.

Human Fist

The Human Fist is a superhero that exists on both his own TV-show and serves to save the people of Bay Area in real life as well. He is one of the biggest idols of Tommy, Robotboy, Lola, Gus and the people on The Bay Area. He can be seen in many various episodes including cameos of himself or as merchandises.

Ambassador Mbolắ

Lola's father is a wealthy African ambassador. While he loves his daughter, he can be a bit uncaring, such as not caring that her beloved cat was missing instead just watching the news.

Jebedaiah and Hester Anuish

Gus's stepparents are Amish in origin, they do not own a car, only a horse and cart. They tend to "freak out" many characters of the series e.g. Robotboy.

Margaret (teacher)

Tommy, Donnie, Gus, and Lola's teacher.

Guest allies

Santa Claus

He hates Gus and fights Kamikazi's army with Robotboy. Unlike the traditional Santa Claus, he is depicted as very muscular and powerful. He also isn't as forgiving and kind as the traditional Santa, and he has a deep disliking for Gus. He takes pleasure in giving bad gifts to naughty children, namely Gus.


Seen in Sweet Revenge, The Donnienator (cameo), Tummy Trouble and Donnie Turnbull's Day Off.


Booker is the orphan boy from the Homely Home for Homeless Kids.

Grandma Turnbull

Dwight's mother and Tommy and Donnie's Grandma. She has a very laid-back, fun loving personality. She likes to challenge Donnie to wrestling which she always wins despite her age. Dwight is usually embarrassed with her as she still treats him like a child.

Main villains

Dr. Kamikazi

Dr. Kamikazi – A short and hunchbacked old man with thick glasses and a suit/bathrobe combo who is a self-proclaimed evil genius and the main antagonist of the show. He wishes to capture Robotboy to create a template for an army of super robots, with which he will be able to achieve his dastardly goal of world domination. Most of his henchmen have a large letter K on their uniforms, to show that they are on Dr. Kamikazi's side. He has had many pets, ranging from snakes to cats, but they usually hurt him.


Constantine is a fat hunchbacked henchman of Dr. Kamikazi who also is a master of sumo wrestling. He is a sensitive and none too threatening sidekick to Dr. Kamikazi who mainly acts as his muscle power as well as his assistant. Constantine is also a refined chef, being able to create dishes ranging from Sashimi to tapas. It was seen in one episode that Constantine used to be an orphan before working for Kamikazi. He is also shown to be very strong holding his own against some clone dragons and even Robotboy for a while.

Despite being Japanese version of a henchman, Constantine can speak Spanish. And despite being treated very poorly by Kamikazi, he always returns for one reason or another. Mostly because he feels he owes Kamikazi his life.

Major villains

Donald "Donnie" Turnbull

Tommy's older brother and archenemy, he is a constant bully to every child in the neighborhood, including Gus and Tommy himself. He frequently calls people names, threatens them etc., and yet despite this, Tommy still treats him as family. Some people exploit his attitude for their benefit, usually Dr. Kamikazi. His bullying backfires in the third season after Robotboy tortures him when he decides to play hooky from school in order to humiliate Robotboy.


Kurt is the sadistic bully at Tommy's school, he has long blonde hair and is usually seen wearing a hat. He constantly bullies Gus and Tommy, as well as almost any other kid he finds. His father is a secret agent who occasionally uses Kurt to try and capture Robotboy. He even went so far to bring his father's mecha weapon at school to murder Tommy and the students and later he and his father got arrested. His mother is never seen or mentioned.


One of Kurt's friends/henchmen. He is the smallest bully. In the absence of Kurt, he is the leader of the group. He Trains Kung Fu Skills He wears a dark red beanie which happens to have a bowling ball hidden inside.


One of Kurt's friends/henchmen. He is the largest and least intelligent of the group. He wears a blue hooded top with a red cap.

Recurring Villains


Protoboy was created by Professor Moshimo in his earlier years. He had many of the same qualities as Robotboy, especially advanced fighting skills, but he lacked Robotboy's humanity. He was kidnapped by a young criminalist (Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine). Kamikazi reprogrammed Protoboy's circuits and turned him evil, however, Kamikazi made Protoboy too evil and couldn't control him. Protoboy was disconnected by Constantine and placed in a reject closet. In the episode Brother, after hearing about Protoboy, Robotboy, being sad that he had no family of his own, traveled to Kamikazi's lair and re-activated Protoboy, who then began attacking the city. When Robotboy used Super-Activation, Protoboy did as well. Robotboy and Protoboy nearly died until he used the new weapon Professor Moshimo gave him, which is essentially a limpet mine. As a result, Protoboy died and was seen again until "The Revenge of Protoboy" when he nearly disabled Robotboy as he was trying to save a cruise ship that Tommy's parents were on, when Robotboy played possum and Protoboy didn't fight back Robotboy. He then returned in "The Old Switcharobot", one of the episodes in which Robotboy receives his unbreakable armour, when he switched bodies with Robotboy (only ending up with Robotboy's circuits by accident).

Kurt's father

Kurt's father who dresses like a secret agent and sounds like Christopher Walken. His plan is to capture Robotboy and clone more Robotboys; At the end of the episode, he orders his subordinates to find out about Tommy and Robotboy. He can be seen in the episode as a cameo in A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses, dressing like a clown in Party Out of Bounds, Fighting Robotboy and Gus in Wrestling With Gus, and working together with Tommy and Robotboy in The Manchurian Robot. He's shown to abuse his authority as he got two criminals to play for his son's soccer team in exchange for "putting in a good word for your parole officers.

Bjorn Bjornson

Bjorn Bjornson is a Scandinavian child who attended Professor Moshimo's classes at the "School For the Wealthy and Smart", and is a jealous rival of Moshimo's works and Kamikazi's plans including Robotboy. He has also designed a robot equal in power to that of Robotboy called "Bjornbot". It can be seen in the episode Runaway Robot that he dislikes herrings.


Bjornbot is a robotic lookalike of his creator Bjorn Bjornson. He has weapon capabilities and strength equal to that of Robotboy, and can Superactivate too. It seems that Bjorn himself has created several Bjornbots. Bjornbot has his own form of Superactivation. Unlike Robotboy, he lacks emotion and has a rather flat vocabulary (which consist mostly of the word "Ja!") and Robotboy thinks of strategies in battles and Robotboy is able to overcome Bjornbot. In the episode Party Out of Bounds he dressed like a girl and Bjorn called him Sister Bjorn. In more recent episodes, he seems to have become more hyperactive, being very jumpy and excited.

Klaus Von Afoncügel

A weak-bodied short German man who wants Robotboy's parts to make himself stronger so that he can take revenge on everyone who has ever bullied or ridiculed him as a child because of his weakness (possibly extreme Myopathy). he similar to Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. Always accompanied by his nanny mutated orangutan, Ludwig. First appeared in "Six Million Euro Man".


Klaus's pet and henchman. He first meet Afoncügel when he was a child after escaping from the zoo 30 years prior, being the only living being in his life who truly cared about him. He tends to carry Afoncügel in a baby holder on his chest. Being an orangutan, he is very strong.

Felonious Hexx

Gus's archenemy with magical powers. He started off as a simple magician until Gus kept embarrassing him during his show. After sending him to another world with his powers, he was defeated by Robotboy and Gus was freed. Since then, his career fell apart and he was forced to take medical classes for 6 weeks. After this he had jobs such as a school nurse and a dentist. He heavily blames Gus for his life of misery as it was Gus's fault that Felonious Hexx's career plummeted.

Minor villains


Moshimo's nemesis. He was originally named Brian and was born from Moshimo's prized milk yak. Unfortunately, he wasn't very smart, which to a lot of ridicule from other yaks and a young Dr. Kamikazi. Moshimo hated the poor treatment Brian got so he performed Brain surgery on Brian which he learned from comics. Unfortunately, this made Brian too smart for the yaks. He ran away the next night, leaving a note telling Moshimo it's his fault he became a freak and that he hates him. Eventually he changed his name to Brain-Yak and was forced to sell test answers to school children as adults don't like a smarty-pants. He joined forces with Kamikazi who promised that Brian could destroy Moshimo for ruining his life. He lost his temper when he realized he was used by Kamikazi to get Robotboy. He was saved on Moshimo's orders. He told Brian he never saw Brian as an enemy. Brian was close to forgiving him until he was taken back to the farm he grew up in. He returned to save Moshimo from Protoboy disguised as Robotboy as he didn't want anyone to destroy Moshimo but himself. He made a cameo in "A Tale of Two Geniuses.

General Yakitori

General Yakitori is a villainous general with mechanical body parts. He appeared in episode A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses. In the episode, Yakitori gets the award as evil genius, is the rival of Kamikazi's anger. Constantine tells everyone that Kamikazi has to battle Yakitori, which makes Kamikazi even angrier (evidenced when he tied up Constantine above a tank filled with sharks). Just then, the host of the contest decided to have a challenge for the two villains to capture and defeat Robotboy. Yakitori was able to defeat Robotboy in combat with a battle mech, but failed when Kamikazi starts attacking him. His name, Yakitori, is actually a popular Japanese delicacy. He later appears through out the 2nd series as a recurring villain.

Vance Cosgrove

A tabloid reporter who believes Robotboy to be a robot of alien origin as part of an alien takeover of the world. He is never taken seriously by the public and is regarded as a joke. It can be seen in the episode Feline Frenzy under arrest by the police forever. But then he returns in the episode "I, Hero" but he lost his jobs and he gets arrested.

Principal Dr. Friedman-Culpepper

Tommy's Principal and nemesis. She is a liar and is obsessed with toys due to never being allowed to play with them as a child, instead having to make her own dolls out of tin foil and chicken bones. She abuses her position as principal to confiscate toys and play with them herself. She later returns for revenge to ruin Robotboy's cliffhanger and play with him forever.

One-time villains


A Robot dog that Tommy and Gus found disguised as a Puppy. He tended to dislike Gus as he urinated on him and bit him. Robotboy was suspicious of him, but Tommy said it was jealousy. When Tommy went to school Dog-Ra showed his true form and nearly destroyed the house and Robotboy refused to hit him as he promised Tommy he wouldn't. He was eventually defeated by Robotboy. Despite being robotic, a dog whistle seems to affect him as Gus proved when trying to call him.

Evil 17

Evil 17 is one of Kamikazi's ex-henchmen, Kamikazi makes him look exactly like Tommy Turnbull using surgery and then replaces the real Tommy with his fake. All is going well until Evil 17 decides he likes being Tommy and betrays Kamikazi. He is confronted by the real Tommy and Robotboy attacks him because of his facial hair. He seems to have taken an interest in Tommy's mom due to her curvy figure despite being married.


Created by Professor Moshimo, he was, as the name implies, an adult version of Robotboy who sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger (a nod to the Terminator). His technology, AI, and almost everything else is superior to Robotboy, making Robotboy seemingly obsolete. Despite this, Robotman has all of the annoying qualities adults possess, which makes Robotboy superior to him after all. He was destroyed in a battle against Robotboy.

Agent Kalaschnikov

A lady who only appeared in episode '`The Babysitter'´. She is a secret agent who was hired by Dr. Kamikazi to steal Robotboy while posing as a babysitter for the Turnbulls. She is very flirtatious, especially around Kamikazi. Tommy and Donnie took a liking to her due to her good looks. She eventually tried to capture Robotboy and failed. She makes a cameo in "A Tale of Two Geniuses".

Mona Lethal

A slim battle robot used in the Robocon competition. She was a beautiful but deadly robot who Robotboy had fallen in love with. She is the final opponent in the contest and Robotboy was forced to choose Tommy and Gus over her when she attacked them. She was very dangerous and cruel and could use electric cables that extend from her hand. She was very powerful as she overpowered Robotboy in their fight (this was due to Robotboy refusing to hit her back as he was in love with her.) She was destroyed, but she made a cameo in "A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses.

Wandel Shicel

The Fake Guy who working for enemy Most hunting By Kurt's Father. He can be seen again making a cameo in The Legend of Brainy-Yak

Lennie and his gang

Three bullies who lived in an orphanage, They regularly tormented Booker. Lennie was later given a "swirly" by Donnie.

Waitress Lady

The waitress at the restaurant Tommy and his family were eating at. Because her hairdo is similar in shape to Robotboy's head, he assumes she is his mother, which she uses in her advantage, making Robotboy work for her own needs. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that she is actually a man in disguise. His name is never revealed, although the chef at the diner called him Jackie in disguise. H.

Other characters

Walter the Tapeworm

Walter the Tapeworm is a mind-controlling tapeworm made by Dr. Kamikazi. He was placed inside Gus in the episode "Tummy Trouble."


Stevie is a boar created by Dr. Kamikazi in season 2 after when Stevie was finished he hugs him thinking he was his dad but Kamikazi hurt his feelings and Stevie cries and Kamikazi orders Constantine to throw him in the trash can with toxic waste and turns into a monster and gets revenge in the city. Kamikazi makes a promise to Tommy that he will never try to catch robotboy again but Stevie was able to grab him but they both hug and Kamikazi decides to keep him.


A tin heap robot created by Constantine himself. He is programmed to say "Kamikazi rules", but an equipment malfunction caused him to say "Kamikazi drools". The robot is of poor handiwork, and parts tend to fall off. Robotboy was about to fight him, but he soon felt pity for him and became his friend, defending him whenever someone called him a "Scrap heap". He was later salvaged by Robotboy and presented to Gus as a sorry gift for a misunderstood statement by Robotboy.

Ogbot and Nagbot

Ogbot is a red robot who was supposed to be sent to space and examine the moon. Unfortunately Ogbot wasn't activated as, at the time, the project was scrapped. Tommy decided to rebuild him, but upon activating him, Ogbot thought he was on the moon. Tommy suggested shutting him down, but Robotboy refused to let him thinking Ogbot could be taught. Then Robotboy sent him to the moon and while he is up there, he meets another robot called Nagbot. Being a Robot, Ogbot is very strong easily tossing cars behind him. He also has plenty of weapons for a robot who was built for exploring the moon. Nagbot is the robot who was sent when the astronauts had built a moon base. She is very bossy and despite this, Ogbot seemed to have been in love with her. This was proven when Robotboy if he enjoys the moon, he responds "Robotboy crazy?! Ogbot in love". He tends to refer to himself in third person.


Robotbird is like Robotboy, but he is a bird, and he only appears to deliver a message to Robotboy. Like Robotboy, he wants to be a real bird.