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Background information
Birth name Klopp Serge
Origin Guadeloupe, France
Genres Smooth jazz
Years active 1993–2012 (group)
2012–present (solo)
Labels SM Entertainment
Saatchi Shenzhen Music

SaQi (born Serge Silvere Klopp on June 20, 1970) is a French smooth jazz saxophonist, songwriter, and producer.

Early life

SaQi was born in Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe to French parents: Gerty Klopp, who works in the restoration, and Fred Aucagos, a popular singer and founder of a Guadeloupean band named Les Viking de la Guadeloupe. SaQi played bass a good part of his music career. He studied bass in Paris at CIM and Atla School.

He became interested in the saxophone when he heard a performance of John Coltrane (album Impulse).

He started playing a Yamaha YAS alto saxophone in 2012. He was captivated by the instrument, began practicing assiduously, and met the saxophonist Tommy Alvarado, who gave him the voice to follow and develop his own style.

After one year of sax experience. SaQi became a professional saxophonist.


His father founder and singer of the group Viking of Guadeloupe. The Vikings of Guadeloupe are the first rockstars of Guadeloupe. The founders of the Vikings separated slowly but surely from 1982. They still record some songs, including "Mikolasie", but Camille Sopran escapes into jazz and Pierre-Edouard Decimus create a new collective with Jacob Desvarieux and Freddy Marshall: Kassav. They will pick up the legacy of the Vikings to present it to the world in an explosive style, the zouk, which Miles Davis will consider to be "the future of music" the first time he hears it. His older brother Fabrice Duriso, also a pianist with a passion for music, will become the keyboardist of Peter Gabriel (Secret World Live).

SaQi will lead a career as a bass player for much time of his career. He will meet different artists, Andrea Boccelli (TF1 Rendez-vous des Stars at Walt Disney Studios), Tonton David, etc ... after while he leaves France to sail in the international. Beginning with Algeria, where he will produce Algerian artists (Joe Batoury, Joe Batoury feat with differents artist ..) and will perform several TV broadcast on Algeria tv and also Radio El Bahdja.

He will settle for a moment in South Korea, where he will meet several Korean artists like Boa. He will join a korean band 'Bad Boy Circle' and will sign with SM Entertainment Seoul Korea. Music divergence Saqi will resume these tours as a bass player. He will sign with the French label Justwinner for the single "Around me".

Popularity in China

SaQi has recorded several songs, such as "Cherie", "Deepspace", "Around Me", "Authentique", His music is popular in China. He will collaborate with Chinese artists like; Gong Linna, Wu Qing Jie, Cheng Le Ji, Momo Wu, Changwei Gu, Vivi Jiang, Liao Changyong, XiaoQuan, Huang Yaoming, Zhen Ling Yu, Lia ChangYong, Mario Maurer, and will start his saxophonist carreer. He will collaborate with the English brand ZATO, Muse Club, China Foshan exhibition, China Dalian Concert Hall.



  • 2005 (2005)


  • HiGH (2018)


  • Ou Que Tu Sois (2005)
  • Underground Music (2005)
  • Mc Joe (2005)
  • Conservatoire (2005)
  • Encore une Fois (2005)
  • Suspect (2007)
  • Blue (2016)
  • Chérie (2016)
  • Kebra M'as (Feat Papa London, Chrys H, Wells, Edalam) (2018)