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Sabrina Online
Author Eric W. Schwartz
Genre Slice of life
Romantic comedy
Publication date Sep 1996 - Sep 2016
Media type Webcomic

Sabrina Online is an independent webcomic strip written and illustrated by Eric W. Schwartz.

The first comic strip was published on the Internet in September 1996, and in September 2016, the series ended after 20 years and 835 strips. The publication was monthly, with 2 to 5 comic strips and an additional drawing for Christmas. The comic strip was revived in a new format in 2017, and keeps updated for the new comics via Patreon.


Sabrina Online is mainly about Sabrina, a young anthropomorphic skunk, and her environment. Similar to a daily soap, the plot is more of a slice of life and comedic story with no specific themes.


Leading roles

Here are all characters listed that often appear in comics.

  • Sabrina Skunk is a skunk woman and the main character. She has been with us since the first strip and finds herself at a computer fair in order to be able to receive internet with her Amiga. She wears glasses, looks a little prudish, and collects Transformers figures. After graduating from art school, she got a job as a website designer, which she lost again after a short time. Looking for a new job, she is employed as a web designer at Double Z Studios, a pornographic film studio, where she has been employed ever since.
  • Amy T. Squirrel is a young, confident squirrel woman and Sabrina's best friend. She appears for the first time in the third comic strip. She is probably unemployed and will later become the mother of a squirrel-wolf mix. Her husband Thomas is almost always there.
  • Thomas Woolfe is Amy Squirrel's partner and father of Timothy until the wedding on comic strip 128. He and Amy met during school and that's how they got together.
  • Tabitha Skunk is Sabrina's younger sister and appears in comic strip 27 for the first time when Sabrina is once again persuaded by her parents to babysit. She often plays a role when Sabrina picks her up to babysit. She is estimated to be 20 years younger than her sister.
  • Timothy Jacbob Woolfe-Squirrel , just called Timothy, is the son of Thomas Woolfe and Amy Squirrel. He can be seen for the first time in comic strip 121. Since his birth can already be seen in the comic strip 111, i.e. in October 1999, and he was only born in January 2000, his birthday cannot really be determined. Because of his parents, he is outwardly a gray wolf, but also has small squirrel traits . When he learned to crawl, he chased cockroaches or gnawed Sabrina's Transformers figures.
  • Zig Zag, real name Ms. Zumbrowski (see Strip 88), is Sabrina's boss and owner of Double Z Studios , a producer of porn films . She is bisexual and also starred in the films. She feels a lot of affection for Sabrina and tries to get close to her physically until Sabrina makes her understand that she never has a chance. Nevertheless, she builds up a friendly relationship with Sabrina and undertakes leisure activities with her. Her first appearance is on Strip 81.
  • Richard "RC" Conrad is a male raccoon, an admirer and husband of Sabrina (later in the sequels). He also wears glasses and is a Microsoft certified program engineer. Tabitha it is only "Raccoon Man" (raccoon man) called. He appears for the first time in Strip 62, but only as a "shadow figure"; in Strip 74 he appears as the chatter "RC_Tech", who later contacted Sabrina via email. On Strip 107, Sabrina and Richard meet at a convention. The meeting is short-lived as Thomas is dragging her away from the convention due to Amy's birth. Later they meet again, fall in love and become lovers. In Strip 175 they both have their "first time", which is noticed the next morning by Sabrina's roommates Amy and Thomas.

Supporting roles

The characters that are less visible in the comic strips are listed as supporting roles.

  • Carli is a chinchilla and chat partner of Sabrina. They've been chatting together since comic strip 26, and in strip 105 they meet face to face at an event.
  • Spike is a big, gray wolf and Carli's fiancé. He is briefly seen in Strip 39 for the first time. You can only see him in full form from Strip 107 onwards. He's less common in comics than Carli.
  • Max Blackrabbit , called "Bunnyman" (rabbit man) by Tabitha, is a black- skinned rabbit and Sabrina's secret admirer. He made his first appearance in comic strip 75 and a little later he sneaked into Thomas and Amy as a supposed babysitter for Tabitha and Timothy. He later reappears with his girlfriend to tell Sabrina about his feelings for her. This is also his last appearance. This is a guest appearance by the original Zig Zag draftsman.
  • Eric Squirrel is the furry character from Eric W. Schwartz. In Strip 49 he meets Sabrina during her graduation, in the one hundredth strip, which was designed in color for the anniversary, Eric sits on the couch with Zig Zag.
  • Amy's father , whose name is unknown, appears in comic strip 70 when Amy and Thomas visit him.
  • Carrie Squirrel is Amy's mother and can only be seen in comic strip 71.
  • Conrad and Rainflower "Rainy" are Richard's parents and can be seen on Strips 462-470 . They are old hippies and have a typical “flower power” attitude.
  • Endora and Warren Skunk are the parents of Sabrina and Tabitha. They can be seen for the first time in strips 257 and 258. While Endora is more conservative and caring to strict towards her daughters, Warren is more liberal, especially when he and Richard go on a tour with Sabrina at Double Z Studios.
  • Thomas' parents can only be seen briefly on Strip 66. While you can see that Thomas 'mother is a vixen, you can hardly see Thomas' father because of his monstrous size. It can only be seen from the chest to the lumbar area.