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Sarpa Manav: Nagmoni Rohosyo
সর্প মানবঃ নাগমণি রহস্য
Author Suman Sen
Cover artist Amit Kumar Sarkar
Country India
Language Bengali
Genre Science fiction, Mystery
Publisher Diganto Publication
Publication date 29 December 2017
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 128 pp
ISBN 978-81-935311-7-4

Sarpa Manav: Nagmoni Rohosyo (সর্প মানবঃ নাগমণি রহস্য) is a Bengali Science fiction-fantasy mystery novel written by Suman Sen and published by Diganto Publication. It is the first installment of Sarpa Manav series. The book was published at Star Theatre, Kolkata on 29 December 2017.


According to the author's statement, Sridevi’s film Nagina was the main inspiration to write this novel.


In 1999, four young men invade in Vincorp Tower (America) and stole a precious gem named Xylopole from their museum. The stone has a glittering ray, which kept lighted the dark room.

In 2016, a herpetologist Raghuveer Rathore found another Xylopole, which he had looking for nine years. He collects the stone from the head of a dead snake skeleton in Thar Desert. After getting the stone Raghuveer returned home and decides to put the stone into his body to keep it secret, as the assignment was given to him by his company Eureka Corporation. He took a knife and cut his thigh and putted the stone there, then stitched the wound. Few days later, Raghuveer got high fever. He admitted to a hospital. Doctors have found venom into his blood. He guessed the cause, and ran away from the hospital. He became a fugitive and started living a secret life. Day by day he discovers his body is transforming into a giant like creature.

Meanwhile, Raghuveer met with a Chinese man named San Yuan Tong and befriends with him. San brought Raghuveer to Kolkata and fixed a job for him in a circus named ‘Dreamland Circus’, where San also works as a Ninja showman. Sometime later, Raghuveer found his long lost girlfriend Ruchika in that circus. Who is now widow of the circus owner Lokesh Tiwari’s son Akhilesh. One day, a group of terrorist attacked Dreamland Circus. The group is led by Vivek Malhotra, who is now owner of Raghuveer’s Ex-company Eureka Corporation. They kidnapped Raghuveer by throwing sleeping dart, and shot bullet to Ruchika. Vivek, who already have a Xylopole stolen from Vincorp Tower, many years ago. Now wants another Xylopole from Raghuveer, which have somewhere into Raghuveer’s body. Raghuveer tied to a chair and listing to Vivek, who is telling his intentions to sell a huge atomic energy source to terrorists, created with the combination of two Xylopoles. Raghuveer denied to hand it over to Vivek. After a long conversation Vivek throws his Xylopole towards Raghuveer. Resulting an atomic field around Raghuveer’s body. The Xylopole in Raghuveer’s body spurt out of his body, and started dancing the two objects in a rhythm in mid-air. At that time, Red Ninja came and rescued Raghuveer. Vivek succeeded to escape with two Xylopoles.

San reveals his secret identity as Red Ninja to Raghuveer, and tells him to join their secret agency ‘Rakshak’. After joining Rakshak, Raghuveer started training to defeat Vivek, who has now taken a nickname – Kaaldangsha. The final encounter with Vivek takes place in Rajasthan, where Raghuveer and San go to hunt him down and bring the Xylopoles back to Rakshak Agency. Where a terrible fight occurs in the hidden basement of Eureka Corporation. Vivek fights with his Kaaldangsa avatar, a more dangerous giant like creature than Raghuveer. His source of energy is coming from the ring, placed with a Xylopole in his right hand. Meanwhile, Vivek bites Raghuveer into his shoulder. Raguveer cried out loud with the pain. Then, it looks like snakes resides far away, who are doing their usual works, heard his voice. They started to emerge to the Eureka Corporation. All the snakes gathered around Vivek and started covering him, expect for his hand with the ring. San throws his sword towards Raghuveer. He catches that and swipe it on Vivek’s right hand with the ring. In a few minutes Vivek became normal from his Kaaldangsha avatar. San, Raghuveer and a backup-force seized the two Xylopoles from Vivek.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, where in Tihar Jail Vivek bites some cellmates and they died immediately.

Fictional characters

  • Raghuveer Rathore / Sarpa Manav - The main protagonist of the story. He got snake like characteristics after placing the Xylopole into his body.
  • San Yuan Tong / Red Ninja - A Chinese born Information technology specialist and martial artist, who is also a member of Dreamland circus.
  • Vivek Malhotra / Kaaldangsha - The main antagonist of the story. He is the co-owner of Eureka Corporation, a company Raghuveer was working for.
  • Ruchika Tiwari - Raghuveer's love interest. She got married many years ago with the son of the owner of Dreamland circus.
  • Lokesh Tiwari - The owner of Dreamland circus and father-in-law of Ruchika.
  • Pratibha Devi - A lady Raghuveer helped by providing the cost of her kidney operation.
  • Priya - Daughter of Pratibha devi.
  • Sunil Dev / Jaltaranga - The leader of Rakshak team.
  • Dhruva / Droshta - A three eyed man and member of Rakshak team. He can see the nearest future for almost five minutes by his third eye.
  • Rohini Gupta - A lady who took care when Raghuveer was wounded at Rajasthan.