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Transformers character
First appearance Transformers: Generation 1
Affiliation Decepticon
Team Snaptrap

The Seacons are a group of fictional characters from the Transformers series in the Transformers franchise.

Transformers: Generation 1

The Seacons are a team of Decepticons named for their sea-animal alternate modes. The team is able to merge their bodies and minds to form the gigantic Piranacon.

The team members are:

  • Snaptrap (spelled Snap Trap in comics, and known as Turtler in Japan) is the team leader. He rules the other Seacons through fear of force rather than any sort of inspirational leadership qualities. He is, however, very good at what he does - brutally and efficiently taking apart Autobots. He transforms into a Common snapping turtle.
  • Nautilator (Lobclaw in Japan) is possessed of a rather unfortunate weakness - for supposedly an underwater specialist, he's no good at underwater operations whatsoever. Because of this when formed as Piranacon, the other Seacons let him form Piranacon's weapon rather than threatening them in combined mode. He transforms into a lobster.
  • Overbite (same name in Japan) (called Jawbreaker in the comics by Marvel UK for reasons unknown, as the toy was sold in Europe as "Overbite" nonetheless) is interested in only one thing - hunting prey, be it Autobot or luckless human ships that happen to get in his way. He transforms into a shark with extra limbs to help function on land.
  • Seawing (Kraken in Japan) Is the team's stealth specialist, gliding silently through the water and attacking without warning. He also has designs on being the leader of the group. He transforms into a manta ray with legs.
  • Skalor (Gulf in Japan) is disgusting even by Seacon standards, always leaking oil, lubricants and various other fluids is so disgusting that even the other Seacons try to avoid him. Constantly seeping lubricant and other fluids, Skalor doesn't seem that bothered about getting it fixed - even when it causes him to seize up in battle. He transforms into a Coelacanth with arms and legs.
  • Tentakil (same name in Japan) is the cruelest of all the Seacons. He'll lure opponents to their doom by complimenting them on their battle prowess, letting them think he is an honorable foe - then he'll strike and take them apart. He enjoys tricking them more than actually destroying them. He transforms into a squid-like monster with two lower leg-like tentacles. Tentakil was named the 28th top unfortunately named Transformer by Topless Robot.

Although the Seacons' personalities are wildly disparate, their combined mode of Piranacon is a successful combination of their minds. But as all the Seacons love hunting their prey Piranacon (known in Japan as King Poseidon) is likewise solely dedicated to it without the personality conflicts that paralyse other combiners, and will hunt his prey unceasingly if need be.

The group is notable for possessing an extra ability not present in the other combiners – each "limb" can also transform into a weapons emplacement, which can be wielded as a gun by Piranacon (hence the need for a sixth member in the team).

Animated series

Although the Seacons were released too late in the toyline to make an appearance in the US Transformers animated series, their Japanese counterparts made it to the small screen in 1988's Japanese-exclusive series, Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. Here, the Seacons were notably different from their American selves – rather than each one of them being unique, entire legions of drones of the five smaller team members existed, lacking the power of speech or any true intelligent thought. Never transforming into robot mode (possibly not even possessing the ability), they operated under the command of various other Decepticons, acting as ground troops and cannon fodder during their numerous attacks on the Pretenders. In contrast, the Seacon leader, Turtler was indeed intelligent and capable of speech, but he too never transformed to robot mode. By combining with one of each of the Seacon drones, Turtler became King Poseidon, who was first dispatched to battle Ginrai. He almost killed Ginrai during their first battle, but Ginrai became Super Ginrai and defeated him easily. King Poseidon later participated in many pivotal battles. Of particular note was the assault upon the Autobots' base, during which they abandoned the Decepticon double agent Clouder to die in the conflagration, encouraging him to switch sides when the Autobots saved him.

Although intended to be a complete direct-to-video series, 1990's Japanese-exclusive Transformers: Zone series was cancelled after only one episode, but that was still enough time for Piranacon/King Poseidon to put in a return appearance. Under the service of the mysterious insectoid being known as Violenjiger, he was one of the nine great Decepticon Generals the villain had recruited, alongside Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Predaking, Abominus, Trypticon, Overlord and Black Zarak. Sadly for the Seacons, they were unceremoniously killed alongside Trypticon by the new Cybertron (Autobot) commander Dai Atlas with a single shot.

Beast Wars Second

The Seacon toys received their first repaint when they were revived as new characters for 1997's Japanese-exclusive animated series, Beast Wars Second. The toys, sans Nautilator once again, were redecoed in a unified green, white and gold color scheme, and characterised as a team of space pirates who combined into God Neptune. They include:

  • Halfshell (Snaptrap redeco), the Seacon Captain, is a shrewd mercenary who sees everything in terms of money. Although merciless with his foes, he is remarkably tender and big-hearted with his friends. His voice was supplied by Kazuhiko Nishimatsu.
  • Coelagon (Skalor redeco) is the seasoned elder of the Seacons, but although he professes to be knowledgeable, his facts often prove wrong. He assumes the role of God Neptune's left arm. He was voiced by Tadashi Miyazawa.
  • Scylla (Tentakil redeco) is the group's strategist, and the only female in their ranks. A proud woman, she falls in love with the Maximal, Scuba, at first sight, although his teammate, Bighorn, is the one who's interested. She forms God Neptune's left leg. She was performed by Miwa Matsumoto.
  • Sea Phantom (Overbite redeco) cuts through the water like a bullet. He delights in making sneak attacks using his teleport ability, and will sink his fangs into just about anything. He forms God Neptune's right arm. He was voiced by Hiroaki Ichinowatari.
  • Terrormandar (Seawing redeco) is the youngest of the Seacon Pirates. He may be lazy, but when a fight starts, his destructive power is incredible. He becomes God Neptune's right leg. He was performed by Hitoshi Bifu.

The team combines into God Neptune, who smashes anything that gets in his way. Arguments between the team members often ensue about who gets to perform the less-than-enjoyable task of forming the legs, but when combined, God Neptune's power is enough to rival Galvatron himself, and he is especially deadly in the ocean. Assuming the series is set within the same continuity as Masterforce, it is never explained why they resemble the original Seacons.

Transformers: Universe

A group of Seacons was featured in the Transformers: Universe toyline and comic series, with the ability to combine into Piranacon. Minions of Unicron, they appeared briefly in the comic series to menace the Maximal Depth Charge; due to the comic's cancellation, the outcome of their confrontation is unknown.

Transformers: Timelines (Shattered Glass)

A mirror-universe version of the Seacons appeared in the Transformers: Timelines fiction. They combine to form Piranacon.

Transformers: Prime

Piranacon appears in the Titan Magazines comic book storyline based on Transformers: Prime. After the leader of the Seacons Snaptrap was killed when his ship crashed into Devil's Cove, the Seacons were left permanently combined as a mindless gestalt in the form of Piranacon. His presence on Earth led to humans developing folklore believing him to be a Loch Ness Monster-type creature causing Bumblebee to go investigate the situation. In the end, Piranacon is defeated by the children using land mines.