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Seikimatsu no Angel
Author Erika Kurahashi
Illustrator Erika Kurahashi
Country Japan
Genre Romance, Supernatural
Publisher Shueisha
Publication date 1999 - 2001
Media type Manga

Seikimatsu no Angel (世紀末のエンジェル Seikimatsu no Enjeru) is a shōjo manga series created by Erika Kurahashi. The title can be translated in English as End of the Century Angel.


  • Suzuka Enami
  • Naoto Konno
  • Miyabi Futaba
  • Etsu Saijou


Suzuka is a high school student. Between the lessons her best friend Miyabi, who is a big fan of tarot, lays the cards for her. She tells her that she will meet her big love soon. First Suzuka doesn't believe her, but then she runs into Konno, a popular boy from class d. They have a little conversation. Suzuka likes him quite a long time and so she starts to believe in the poetry her best friend made for her.

Later that day she went shopping and as she left the store, two boys troubled her. Konno came running and hit the boys, who ran away. When he wanted to help Suzuka, who was sitting on the ground, she couldn't touch him. He was a ghost, or at least his spirit separated from his body. She couldn't really believe it.

The next day at school her best friend told her that Konno had a traffic accident and is in coma. Konno stayed with Suzuka all the time and listened. They went to hospital and indeed he was lying there. He tried to reunite with his body, but he couldn't manage to. So he decided to stay with Suzuka and be her guardian spirit, as long as he is a ghost.


No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
01 June 2000 4-08-856213-5
02 November 2000 4-08-856238-0
03 April 2001 4-08-856274-7
04 October 2001 4-08-856320-4