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Six Gun Savior
Directed by Kirk W. Murray
Produced by Martin Kove
John Rogers
Tamara Wentworth
Frank Zanca
Lorraine Ziff
Matthew Ziff
Written by Kirk W. Murray
Frank Zanca
Lorraine Ziff
Starring Eric Roberts
Luciana Carro
Martin Kove
Kaleo Griffith
Matthew Ziff
Manu Intiraymi
Lorraine Ziff
Tim Russ
Jason Matthew Smith
Paul Borghese
Adam LeClair
Maya Trembley
Blaine Gray
Music by Charles-Henri Avelange
Cinematography Oktay Ortabasi
Brian C. Weed
Edited by Kirk W. Murray
Release date July 5, 2016
Country United States
Language English

Six Gun Savior is an American supernatural Western film.

Directed by Kirk Murray, the film stars Eric Roberts, Lucianna Carro, Martin Kove, Tim Russ, Matthew Ziff, Manu Intiraymi, Kaleo Griffith, Blaine Gray, Adam LeClair, Maya Trembley, Jason Matthew Smith, Paul Borghese and Lorraine Ziff.


When Lane McCrae (Kaleo Griffith) comes upon the outlaw who slaughtered his kin (Blaine Gray), the ensuing showdown renders him mortally injured. Subsequently he is paid a visit by the Devil (Eric Roberts), who proposes a bargain that would spare the lives of both he and his brother Cody (Adam LeClair). But then instead deploys him as a bounty hunter for the everlasting place of fire, and in this role replacing his predecessor.

Meanwhile Zathera (Lorraine Ziff), the embodiment of death, roams the planet, so it's up to Lane and Hawk (Matthew Ziff) with whom he teams up and their posse, to shut her down so that she does not vanquish human kind. However they are not the only party pursuing Zathera - out in the field are several others who wish to find Zathera and do away with her!


  • Eric Roberts as the Devil
  • Luciana Carro as Josie Parks
  • Martin Kove as the Mentor
  • Matthew Ziff as Kyle "Hawk" Hawkins
  • Kaleo Griffith as Lane McRae
  • Lorraine Ziff as Zathera
  • Tim Russ as Ezekiel Roake
  • Jason Matthew Smith as Burt Becks
  • Paul Borghese as Angel Mendez
  • Manu Intiraymi as Gambler #1
  • Adam LeClair as Cody McRae
  • Michelle Rose as Elizabeth Russell
  • Blaine Gray as Grant Dillon
  • Maya Tremblay as Muna
  • Tom "snake dancer" Troutman as Town and Village Patron