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Sounds Of My Life
studio album by William Wei
Released 2020
Genre Mandopop
Length 63:11
Label Awesome Music
Producer William Wei
Album chronology
It All Started from an Intro
Sounds Of My Life

Sounds Of My Life is the fifth studio album by Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter William Wei. It was released on April 29, 2020, by Awesome Music. The album consists of 17 tracks.

In August 2017, Wei went to England to learn how sample music with Ableton Live. He was inspired to record different sounds and noises of his daily life and include in his upcoming album. Wei shared that the album is like a documentary of sounds and all the self-written songs represent pieces of his memories in different stage of his life.

The album is specially dedicated in memory of Wei's grandmother.

Track listing

All tracks are written by William Wei.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Sounds of My Life" William Wei 3:10
2. "See You on Monday" William Wei 4:05
3. "Interlude (XYGX)" William Wei 1:22
4. "Toothbrush (房客)" William Wei 4:12
5. "Cat Republic (貓咪共和國)" William Wei 3:36
6. "Don't Tell (不用告訴我)" William Wei 4:28
7. "Interlude (I Wrote A Song For You)" William Wei 0:46
8. "Best Meal in the World (一口一口)" William Wei 3:41
9. "World Without You (沒有你的世界)" William Wei 3:59
10. "At Thirty (而立)" William Wei 5:33
11. "How About This (這樣好嗎)" William Wei • 江尚謙 3:48
12. "Listen to Me (聽我的)" William Wei • 钟承洋 • 江尚謙 • 黃耀圻 3:54
13. "Interlude (You Wrote A Song For Me)" William Wei 0:49
14. "Brand New" William Wei 3:10
15. "I'll Be Here (記得回來)" William Wei 4:28
16. "I Wrote A Song For You" William Wei 4:20
17. "Credits" William Wei 7:50

Music videos

# Title Year Director(s)
1st   At Thirty (而立)   January 2020   阿瑟鄒
2nd   Cat Republic(貓咪共和國)   March 2020   蘇文聖
3rd   Best Meal in the World(一口一口)   April 2020   蘇文聖
4th   Don't Tell (不用告訴我)   April 2020   黃婕妤