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Starship Troopers
First appearance Starship Troopers 1959
Last appearance Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles 2000
Created by Robert A. Heinlein
Genre Military science fiction

Characters in the 1959 novel Starship Troopers. Some of the characters may also be found in the 1997 film Starship Troopers and Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles in altered form.

Major characters

Juan Rico

Actor: Yasunori Matsumoto (OVA, voice), Casper Van Dien (1997 film, Marauder and voice for Traitor of Mars), Rino Romano (Roughnecks, voice), David Matranga (Invasion, voice)
Son of a wealthy Filipino family who volunteers for "Federal Service". He ends up in the Mobile Infantry. He does his basic training at Camp Arthur Currie in Western Canada, and then he is assigned as a Private to "Willie's Wildcats". His first combat experience is the Battle of Klendathu. He is then transferred to the platoon called "Rasczak's Roughnecks" aboard the corvette transport Rodger Young, where he earns the rank of corporal and survives multiple combat drops. He later is promoted to Sergeant and enters Officer Candidate School upon the encouragement of his friend "Ace". Rico eventually became a lieutenant after commanding a platoon (as a temporary third lieutenant) during the successful "Operation Royalty". At the end of the novel, he is in command of Rico's Roughnecks, back aboard the Rodger Young, with his father as his platoon sergeant.
In the film series and Roughnecks, his name is changed into John "Johnny" Rico.

Sergeant "Jelly" Jelal

A Finno-Turk career "Ship's Sergeant", he is Juan Rico's platoon sergeant aboard the spaceship Rodger Young, and the "de facto" platoon leader after Lt. Rasczak's death. He was eventually promoted lieutenant, a battlefield commission and continued in command of the Roughnecks. He lost his legs in an unspecified battle while Second Lieutenant Johnny Rico is "having the polish put on him" and received a medical retirement, an honorary promotion to captain, and bionic legs.
He was nicknamed "Jelly" and anyone who has made a "combat drop" with the Roughnecks could call him this to his face. After the Lieutenant's death, the platoon voted unanimously to rename themselves "Jelly's Jaguars", after their new lieutenant; but Jelal vetoed the notion and the platoon remained the Roughnecks.

Charles "Charlie" Zim

Actor: Akira Kamiya (OVA, voice), Clancy Brown (1997 film, Roughnecks)
John Rico's boot-camp training instructor and a company commander at Camp Currie. Originally a career "Ship's Sergeant", he holds the rank of Fleet Sergeant (approximately equivalent to a Marine Corps Sergeant Major) and is reassigned by Captain Blackstone as the platoon sergeant of Third Lieutenant Rico's platoon during "Operation Royalty". Zim takes the initiative to raid an Arachnid "bughole", and he captures the first "brain bug" taken by the MI. He was given a field commission, and he rises to the rank of brevet captain, with the permanent rank of first lieutenant, by the end of the book.
In the OVA, Zim is depicted as black, while in the 1997 film and Roughnecks, he is depicted as Caucasian.
In Roughnecks, he joins the Roughnecks during the final stages of the Homefront campaign. Revealed to Rico that due machinations between him and Raczak guided him to his potential as they recognized something great in him.
It was intended for Zim to appear in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, but Clancy Brown was unavailable due to Carnivàle, so the character Captain Dax was created.

Fleet Sergeant Ho

Actor: Robert David Hall
Federal Service recruiting officer who had lost his legs and right arm while serving. He swears-in Juan Rico and Carl. He appears without his prosthetics to administer the oath to new recruits, as a demonstration of the possible consequences of service.
In the film, he is simply credited as Recruiting Sergeant and serves as a minor role.


Actor: Yūji Mitsuya (OVA, voice), Neil Patrick Harris (1997 film), Rider Strong (Roughnecks, voice), Justin Doran (Invasion and voice in Traitor of Mars)
Juan Rico's best friend in high school. His example is one of the influences that prompt Juan Rico to enlist. The two of them enlist on the same day, and Carl is assigned to the "Starside Research and Development" installation on Pluto. Later in the novel, Carl is killed when the Pluto research facilities are destroyed by the Arachnids.
In the 1997 film and Roughnecks, his name is Carl Jenkins. His last name apparently comes from Al Jenkins, another character and close friend to Johnnie Rico in the novel.
In the film, He is Rico's best friend in high school. He, Carmen, and Rico are vowed to be best friends forever. He has psychic abilities and joins military intelligence as opposed to research and development. (There were unnamed people with some psychic ability in the novel, and so, that was merged in with this character). He promotes Rico later and is indicated to have telepathically assisted Rico in his rescue of Carmen. In Invasion, now a general, Carl is the Minister of Paranormal Warfare and the lead scientist of a top secret research.
In Roughnecks, he is a Special Operations Tactician. He is a psychic friend of Rico's and Dizzy's from high school, the other Roughnecks avoid Jenkins because his telepathic powers worry them. He destroys the Hydoran Brain Bug with a Mind-Bomb but suffers mental trauma in the process. Jenkins grows weaker and his powers become less stable during the Tophet Campaign, when T'Phai's Control Bug breaks loose and it attempts to attach to Jenkins. He destroys it with a telekinetic blast, but falls into a coma and is spirited away by Military intelligence. Jenkins returns later on in the series, the mental experimentation performed on him by Military intelligence neurosurgeons has increased his powers but made him cold and harsh. What was left of his old self was rekindled when Rico saved him during the Klendathu Campaign.

Carmen "Carmencita" Ibañez

Actor: Rei Sakuma (OVA, voice), Denise Richards (1997 film), Tish Hicks (Roughnecks, voice), Luci Christian (Invasion and Traitor of Mars, voice)
One of Juan Rico's high school classmates. Rico had a crush on her, and she is a major influence on his decision to enlist, joining on the same day that she does. Since she excels in mathematics and gymnastics, she becomes a (Space) Navy spaceship pilot. While combat troops are universally male, the Navy can and often does recruit women as ship crewmen, both because women make better pilots, and for reasons of morale.
In Invasion, she has become the captain of John A. Warden.
In Roughnecks, her rank is Lieutenant/Ensign. She is a pilot in the SICON fleet. Rico joined the military just because Carmen said that she wanted to be a pilot, and Rico blindly attempts to follow her. Carmen is smart, calm, and rarely lets her emotions get in the way of her tasks. Whenever a drop ship she's piloting is crash-landed due to whatever circumstances, she often helps the Roughnecks carry out their missions. While reminiscing about the past, Carmen admits that she had a big crush on Rico during the sixth grade, but didn't tell him. It is not clear if she feels the same way about Rico after Dizzy tells Carmen that she's the reason Rico enlisted. She is apparently demoted to Ensign either for crashing the ship in the Zephyr Campaign or for insubordination in the first episode of the Klendathu Campaign.

Private "Dizzy" Flores

Actor: Dina Meyer (1997 film & voice for Traitor of Mars), Elizabeth Daily (Roughnecks, voice)
A member of "squad six" in Rasczak's Roughnecks. Wounded in the first action of the Roughnecks under the command of Jelal: the raid against the "Skinnies" described in the first chapter of the book. Dizzy is recovered by his squad leader "Ace" and the assistant section leader Juan Rico, but dies due to wounds during transport to the Roughnecks' spaceship, the Rodger Young.
In the 1997 film and Roughnecks, Dizzy is changed into a female soldier and Rico's high school friend, who receives the basic training with him in the same unit. Later, she has a romantic relationship with Rico.
In Roughnecks, her full name is Isabelle "Dizzy" Flores. She is an old friend of Rico's from high school, Dizzy has a crush on him which is unrequited for most of the series; she figures they will sort out their relationship problems after their tour of duty. She had a relationship with Goss in an attempt to make Rico jealous which ended in the Tesca Campaign, but started having an affair with Zander Barcalow for the rest of the Tesca Campaign and the entire Zephyr Campaign, which was shattered as Barcalow became a Bug/Human hybrid during the Klendathu Campaign. She eventually redeems Barcalow in the Klendathu Campaign. In the Homefront campaign, Rico eventually admits being in love with her, but Dizzy rejects him by threatening to file sexual harassment charges. She calls herself a "jinx" as an excuse for not accepting the relationship. Despite being defensive, Dizzy still harbors feelings for Rico. Dizzy is claustrophobic, but lied about it to be accepted into the Mobile Infantry; her phobia was later remedied by Jenkins, who used his psychic powers to give her something akin to a very strong post-hypnotic suggestion.

Captain Yvette Deladrier

Actor: Mika Doi (OVA, voice), Brenda Strong (1997 film)
Captain of the Corvette Transport Rodger Young. She is a masterful pilot who manages to retrieve the Roughnecks from orbit even when they are late for rendezvous (described as "impossible" in the book) thus; saving all their lives. At the end of the book, it is presumed she is still captain of the Rodger Young.
In the OVA, her name is Yvette Teladrier. In the 1997 film, her name is changed into Deladier; she is killed while trying to escape the ship after it was hit by a bug plasma, she was fatally injured when she fell beneath the closing emergency fire door, pinning her down.

Captain "Blacky" Blackstone

A Captain in the Mobile Infantry, Blackstone is Rico's evaluating officer, who oversees his field training once Rico becomes a Third Lieutenant. Blacky is the battalion commander of Blacky's Blackguards, a "rump battalion" of Mobile Infantry made up of two companies, one of which is led by him; and participates in the raid on Planet P. During that battle, he is temporarily incapacitated due to a power failure in his suit, but soon recovers. He gives Johnny the benefit of the doubt concerning his decision to lead his platoon underground to rescue Sergeant Zim and recommends Johnny for commission, thus allowing Sergeant Rico to become Second Lieutenant Rico.

Lieutenant Colonel Jean V. Dubois

Rico's high school instructor in the History and Moral Philosophy course. He was retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Mobile Infantry after he lost a hand. A letter to Rico during Basic Training boosts Rico's spirits and helps to keep him from resigning (and thus losing the opportunity to become a full Citizen) Dubois follows Rico's career with great interest, and writes to the Commandant of the officers training school, requesting that Rico be issued the same third lieutenant's pips he had worn on his apprentice cruise. (Colonel Nielsen was unable to comply with the request, as Dubois's pips had been issued to a third lieutenant who was killed in action, whose body was not recovered). Many readers have felt that Dubois serves as a stand-in for Heinlein throughout the novel.
In the film, Dubois is combined with Lieutenant Rasczak into Jean Rasczak.

Minor characters

Emilio Rico

Actor: Shinji Ogawa (OVA, voice), Christopher Curry (1997 film)
Juan Rico's father, a wealthy Filipino businessman. He opposes Johnnie's plans to join the Mobile Infantry, but after the Bug War begins and his wife is killed, he finds that his position as a "producing-consuming economic animal" (his own words) has become untenable. He is then enlists for Federal Service, and requests assignment to the Mobile Infantry as a cap trooper. Eventually he becomes a platoon sergeant in the Mobile Infantry, serving as the platoon sergeant of Rico's Roughnecks under his son.
In the OVA, he isn't so against Johnnie's plan to join the Mobile Infantry.
In the 1997 film, he is renamed Bill Rico. He is assumed killed along with his wife when Buenos Aires is destroyed by an asteroid launched by the Bugs.

Mrs. Rico

Actor: Kazuko Yanaga (OVA, voice), Lenore Kasdorf (1997 film)
Juan Rico's mother. She is killed in Buenos Aires incidents.
In the OVA, her name is Maria Rico.

General Diennes

Actor: Bruce Gray (1997 film)
General Diennes commanded all ground forces in the failed Operation Bughouse. During the evacuation, he personally led a diversionary attack to allow the Troopers to escape the planet before he was killed in action.
In the film, he is renamed as Dienes and is the Sky Marshall who later resigned due to the total failure of Battle of Klendathu.

Private First Class "Dutch" Bamburger

Actor: Chris Gibson (Traitor of Mars, voice)
Senior squadmate who Rico is assigned to for his first drop, and is initially displeased to be working with a soldier fresh out of boot camp. However, they make an effective team. He is killed while showing Johnny the ropes in Operation Bughouse, moments before the "sauve qui peut" evacuation order is issued. In the 1976 boardwar game, he is called Wilhem E. Bamburger.
In the 2017 film Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, he is renamed Dutch Cantor and is one of the trainees in Lost Patrol under Colonel Rico instead of a senior trooper.


Lieutenant Rasczak

Actor: Michael Ironside (1997 film), Jamie Hanes (Roughnecks, voice)
Juan Rico's platoon leader in the Rodger Young. His platoon always calls him "The Lieutenant", in tones of considerable respect. He seems omniscient, knowing everything about all of the soldiers under his command. He dies in battle after recovering two wounded troopers.
The film and Roughnecks version of Rasczak is a hybrid of the book's Dubois and Rasczak.
In the film, his name is Jean Rasczak, originally a teacher in Rico's school.
In Roughnecks, his name is Jean Razak. He is the leader of the Roughnecks. He is a seasoned veteran who has been decorated ten times for meritorious service. He is described as having "broken the mold" of trooper officer behavior. Razak's left arm is a mechanical prosthetic, the legacy of his first command where the entire squad was ambushed and only he survived. He later dies a heroic death to save Rico in the Homefront Campaign.

Career Corporal "Ace"

Squad commander, Jelal's Platoon, Rasczak's Roughnecks. He assists Juan Rico in the recovery of Dizzy Flores, a wounded Trooper. When Rico first becomes Corporal and the assistant section leader, being promoted past Ace, they fight in the showers over Ace's lack of respect. Although Ace wins, he acknowledges Rico's seniority, and helps him earn the respect of the entire platoon. Later, Ace persuades Rico to pursue a career in the military and to enroll in Officer Candidate School. Ace is very much against the idea of becoming an officer, referring to himself as "a perfect noncom".
In the film, he is combined with Pat Leivy into Ace Levy.

"Red" Greene

The non-com leader of the first Roughnecks squad that Rico serves in. After Rico talks back to him, Red straightens Rico out by beating him up. Afterwards, Rico becomes a better soldier and they make amends. Red is so impressed by Rico's soldiering skills that he recommends Rico for his first promotion.

"Padre" Migliaccio

The Roughnecks' chaplain. Compassionate and caring for the soldiers of the company, Migliaccio is also a squad leader. The commanding lieutenant always gives soldiers five minutes to pray with Migliaccio before a drop. Later, Migliaccio is killed when he is incapacitated in combat and Jenkins tries to save him, getting killed in the process. To fill in the gap, Rico is promoted to sergeant.

Camp Arthur Currie

Captain Ian Frankel

Actor: Tomomichi Nishimura (OVA, voice), Dean Norris (1997 film)
Camp Currie Battalion Commander, involved in the trial of Recruit Ted Hendrick. Has Hendrick lashed and dishonorably discharged, despite Hendrick's wish to leave himself. Later recommended Rico to be lashed as well for screwing up. He tells the Regimental Commander that he believes Recruit Private Rico can be salvaged and turned into a good trooper. In the later stages of recruit training, he teaches his men the martial arts form la savate.
In the film, he is simply credited as Commanding Officer.

"Kitten" Smith

Actor: Kazuhiko Inoue (OVA, voice), Matt Levin (1997 film)
A Mobile Infantry Trooper that did his basic training in Juan Rico's unit. He acquired his nickname when, during hand-to-hand combat training, a drill instructor he punched looked at him disgustedly and declared, "A kitten would have hit me harder than that!" Later during the Invasion of Klendathu, he is killed whilst still in the Federation troop transport Valley Forge's launch tube waiting to be dropped when the Valley Forge collided with another Federation ship, the Ypres. In the 1976 boardwar game, he is called Carl J. Smith.
In the 1988 OVA, his full name is Smith "Kitten" Alphard. Whether he survives the battle on Arachnid's home planet is mentioned.
In the 1997 film, he is an aspiring writer. He is killed during the Klendathu Invasion.

Pat Leivy

Actor: Shō Hayami (OVA, voice)
A member of Rico's squad who receives Mobile Infantry basic training with Rico.
In the film, he is combined with Corporal Ace into Ace Levy.


Actor: Anthony Ruivivar (1997 film)
Member of Rico's basic training unit. He is Japanese and the son of a Colonel Shujumi, the officer who trained Sergeant Zim in unarmed combat. Zim makes him an assistant instructor at Camp Currie because of his martial arts prowess, and at least once he knocks Zim out during training.
In the 1997 film, Shujumi is little more than an extra. No mention is made of his family legacy or fighting skill. He had been accepted into Harvard University, and he joined the Federal Service so that he would not need to pay tuition. Shujumi is killed during the Klendathu invasion when he runs up to a group of bugs, firing wildly before being ripped apart.

Al Jenkins

A boot camp buddy of Rico's, Jenkins survives the assault on Klendathu and joins the Roughnecks along with Rico. He is an effective soldier and survives many battles, but is left out of a raid on the Skinnies because of a minor fever. Later, he is killed while trying to save Sergeant Migliaccio. In the 1976 boardwar game, he is called Alan J. Jenkins.


Actor: Eric Bruskotter
Member of Rico's training unit. Breckinridge was the first recruit to try his abilities as a fighter against Sergeant Zim, and is taken down with a broken arm in seconds. Not having seen any of the others attempt to take Zim down as he had to be taken to the infirmary, Breckinridge later said in the mess tent (showing off his cast) that he was going to take Zim some day – something Rico doubted was possible for Breckinridge, whom he considered a "big ape". Later, Breckinridge was killed in training along with two other trainees during intensive survival training in the Canadian Rockies. He was buried with full honors and rank of Private First Class in the Mobile Infantry.
In the film, Breckinridge came from one of the farm planets, and he called the Mobile Infantry "a pure picnic by comparison". Breckinridge is killed during a live-fire exercise under Rico's command: he states that his helmet is malfunctioning, and while Rico takes it off to inspect it, a fellow recruit accidentally shoots Breckinridge in the head. This led to Rico's receiving ten lashes and almost quitting the Mobile Infantry.

Theodore C. "Ted" Hendrick

Actor: Kazuyuki Sogabe (OVA, voice), Tami-Adrian George (as Djana'D)
The Mobile Infantry recruit who questioned the need to learn knife-throwing. Later court-martialed for disobeying orders and striking a superior officer (Sergeant Zim). Sentenced to ten lashes and a Bad Conduct Discharge, instead of letting him sign the form to leave the boot camp. He thereby loses his chance for the "franchise" (right to vote) and his intended career in politics.
In the OVA, instead of Breckinridge, Hendrick is the first cadet to try his abilities as a fighter against Sergeant Zim, who then breaks his arm. Later, he leaves boot camp after realizing he is not suitable for the Mobile Infantry.
In the film, the character is modified into Djana'D, who joins the service for the same reason with Ted Hendrick but leaves the camp after making a mistake as she accidentally kills Breckinridge during the live-fire exercise. Additionally, Ted's question regarding knife throwing is placed on Ace Levy.

N. L. Dillinger

Mobile Infantry recruit who deserts from Camp Currie. He is hanged for murdering a baby girl after kidnapping her for ransom. Though AWOL, his execution is handled by the Mobile Infantry rather than by the civil judiciary, since Dillinger was still considered an active-duty member of the MI. In the Terran Federation, troops are subject to military law even if convicted of civil crimes.

Officer Candidate School

Major Reid

Juan Rico's blind "History and Moral Philosophy" instructor at Officer Candidate School. The major is notorious for handing out homework assignments to his students worthy of a masters degree thesis if the student asks an interesting question or gives an interesting answer to one of his questions.

Hassan "the Assassin"

Juan Rico's fellow officer candidate. He was given his assignment the same day as Johnnie and Byrd. An experienced former sergeant, he had received a battlefield promotion to first lieutenant, but applied for OCS because he "did not have any education he had not picked up in the MI." To be promoted beyond captain, he knew he needed college courses and officer training in a variety of tough subjects, and OCS was where he could get them. A superb practical soldier, he is not academically brainy; following his commissioning as a third lieutenant, Birdie Byrd noted to Johnny Rico that the Assassin took textbooks for four of his classes with him when he shipped out. Johnny found it crazy that Hassan had given up his rank as a first lieutenant, to be temporarily commissioned as a third lieutenant, in order to become a second lieutenant.

"Birdie" Byrd

Actor: Ungela Brockman (1997 film)
Juan Rico's fellow Officer Candidate School cadet. Mathematically gifted, he was a faculty member at OCS four hours a day, teaching math to his fellow cadets; and in the evening, he tutored Johnny Rico in math. Given an assignment to the Moskva the same day Johnnie was assigned to the new Tours. He was killed in action, being posthumously decorated with a high medal for valor, the Order of the Wounded Lion.
In the film, the character is changed into a female corporal in Rasczak's Roughnecks. Unlike her novel counterpart, she seems to survive, even though lost an arm.

Characters in the OVA

Greg Paterson

Voice actor: Hirotaka Suzuoki
Rico's friend in the Mobile Infantry bootcamp. Rico thinks Greg is more suitable to be a platoon leader than him, while Greg considered himself too ordinary to become one. Later in an simulated war on Mars, he is killed by a Bug when he tries to save Rico. He can't be conferred posthumously because of his disobedience in order to save Rico.
He has a girlfriend named Laura in his hometown, however, she married someone else half year later after Greg's death.

Private 2nd Class T. Azuma

Voice actor: Shūichi Ikeda
A Kansai Japanese who receives Mobile Infantry basic training with Rico in the same unit and later a member of Rico's platoon.
He often puts the earphone on, listening to his portable CD player, even when wearing the Powered armor. Later, during the battle on Glendathu, Alien's home planet, he is caught in an explosion of an Alien fighter and killed.

S. Cherenkov

Voice actor: Masahiro Anzai
A tall, humble, beard soldier who later joins Rico's platoon.

Corporal Clea

Voice actor: Saeko Shimazu
A corporal who is in charge of Powered Suit garage. She knows Smith's father.

Sergeant Dunn

Voice actor: Shingo Hiromori
A sergeant who leads Rico's team to raid on Klendathu.

Characters in the film series

Starship Troopers

Private Ace Levy

Actor: Jake Busey (1997 film)
Ace Levy is Johnny Rico's friend from basic training. His ambition was to go career and become an officer, but he freezes up while taking command during the Klendathu invasion. When Rico offers him squad leader later, he refuses due to this. He survives the failed attack and is reassigned to the Roughnecks with Rico and Dizzy. He assists in capturing the Brain Bug, and is declared to be a hero in many propaganda films.
The character is a combination of Corporal Ace and Pat Leivy, with several aspect from Al Jenkins.

Katrina McIntire

Actor: Blake Lindsley
Member of Rico's training unit. She joins the Federal Service so she could get a license to have children. She is killed during the Klendathu invasion as she falls into a bug hole and is dragged away while fleeing the battle.

Zander Barcalow

Actor: Patrick Muldoon (1997 film), Nicholas Guest (Roughnecks, voice)
Carmen's immediate superior on the spaceship Rodger Young. He played "football" in high school, and he was a player on the opposing team in Rico's final game, where he met Carmen. After joining the Fleet, he makes sure that he becomes her superior, and he makes his romantic intentions known. At the end of the film, Carmen and Zander escape the destruction of the Rodger Young, but they land in a Bug cavern. Zander's brain is then sucked out by a "brain Bug".
In Roughnecks, his rank is Lieutenant/Major. A former football player in high school, Barcalow joined the SICON fleet as a pilot and was ranked Major at the start of the Pluto Campaign. He started off as Carmen's flight instructor in a drop ship. Other than transporting troops, Barcalow occasionally flies the air fighters to provide air support for the Mobile Infantry. His personality is pompous and arrogant, which may have led to his constant interchange between Major and Lieutenant ranks. During the Tesca Campaign, Barcalow started a relationship with Dizzy Flores, which lasted until the end of the Zephyr Campaign, during which he was captured by the Bugs and became infected with an unknown virus, which gave him a Jekyll and Hyde complex. Things went worse during the Klendathu Campaign when Barcalow mutated into a Bug and nearly crashed the Valley Forge into Klendathu. He later died a noble death saving the Roughnecks after Dizzy reminded him "to play on her team."

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Private Lei Sahara

Actor: Colleen Porch
A female soldier who has a been psychic but lost reliable control of her psychic abilities as puberty took place, which seems to be rather typical. Her ability is enhanced for a while due to the pregnancy. She is the only survivor of her squad.

Captain V.J. Dax

Actor: Richard Burgi
A veteran war hero with a fantastic combat record. He killed his commanding officer and was sealed in a furnace. He refuses to leave with Sahara as he knows he'll die either way as he will be executed for killing his CO. One year later, Dax is labeled as a Hero of the Federation, his death is shrouded in propaganda as the Federation uses his end as a means of recruitment.

Lieutenant Pavlov Dill

Actor: Lawrence Monoson
A psychic officer in Sahara's squad. He foresees the incoming menace. He sees Dax as a traitor to the Federation, while Dax sees him as an incompetent commander. However, the two later become reconciled. He was later killed by Billy, a bug-invaded soldier.

Sergeant Dede Rake

Actor: Brenda Strong
A female soldier in Sahara's squad. Later in the film, although she gets infected by the Bug, she manages to rescue Dax. She then killed herself before the bug can take control her body.
Dede is Captain Deladier's twin sister.

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

General Dix Hauser

Actor: Boris Kodjoe
A friend of Rico's. He was previously Rico's lieutenant. They served at Terran Command for a year. Dix marries Lola after Rico rescues her from OM-1. He also kills the Brain Bug captured at the end of the first movie and later becomes second in command to Admiral Phid when she becomes Sky Marshal.

Captain Lola Beck

Actor: Jolene Blalock
Love interest of Dix and a friend of Rico. She is the personal pilot of Sky Marshal Anoke. She marries Dix after she is rescued from OM-1.

Sky Marshal Omar Anoke

Actor: Stephen Hogan
Supreme Commander of the Federation Forces in Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. He converts to the Bugs' religion, and he is killed by the "Bug God" Behemecoatyl.

Admiral Enolo Phid

Actor: Amanda Donohoe
Director of Fleet Intelligence. She discovers that Sky Marshal Anoke converted to the Bugs' religion and suppresses a distress call sent by Captain Beck. General Hauser interprets this as a power grab but later learns the truth. After Anoke is reported to have died in a terrorist attack, Admiral Phid is appointed the new Sky Marshal.

Holly Little

Actor: Marnette Patterson
Flight attendant aboard Captain Beck's ship, the Geronimo. She is very religious, and she becomes a chaplain after being rescued from OM-1.

The Marauder Team

The squad consists of seven Mobile Infantrymen led by Rico. All of them had served under Rico's command.
  1. Sergeant J. Kirby (Nicole Salandra)
  2. Private "Slug" Skinner (Garth Breytenbach)
    Skinner is a trooper under Johnny Rico's command. He fights alongside Rico and Manion before Roku San is fallen. He is later picked by Rico as part of the Marauder Team.
  3. Sergeant A. Sunday (Tanya van Graan)
  4. Colonel John D."Johnny" Rico (Casper Van Dien)
  5. Lieutenant Link Manion (Cécile Breccia)
    Link Manion is a trooper in Mobile Infantry and Johnny Rico's lieutenant in Roku San. She was later picked by Rico as part of the Marauder Team.
  6. Lieutenant A. Danner (Graeme Richards)
  7. Sergeant M. Hightower (Antonio Summerton)

Elmo Goniff

Actor: Joe Vaz
Former Mobile Infantry soldier who becomes the leader of a peace movement. He is later executed with 51 of his closest friends.

Starship Troopers: Invasion

A-01 Team

Lieutenant Tony Daugherty

Voice actor: Sam Roman
Commander of A-01 team. He is killed due to the impact when John A. Warden crash-landing. His body is later used by Bugs to communicate with Hero, demanding on Carl's life.

Corporal Deborah "Ice Blonde" Ogden

Voice actor: Melissa Davis
A blonde female soldier from A-01 team. She is a widow and eager returning to Earth to reunite with her daughter.

Tia "Trig" Durer

Voice actor: Emily Neves
A female sniper from A-01 team. She swears to avenge her parents' death by using the rifile her father made. She counts every Bugs she killed. She is killed due to the overwhelming Warrior Bugs after failing to kill Queen.

Sergeant Mech

Voice actor: Jovan Jackson
The explosives specialist from A-1 team, who place the C4 charge on the engine of John A. Warden that destroys the Queen and her force along with the ship.


A pseudo-psychic from A-1 team. When escaping, he fell into the Warrior Bugs and got caught. He detonated a grenade to kill himself along with the Bugs.

Lance Corporal Chow

An Asian soldier and a martial artist. He is later killed by a Warrior Bug out of his surprise after defeating a Warrior Bug by martial art.

Shock Jock

The medic from A-01. He was caught in the explosion when the Alesia was destroyed.

K-12 Team

Major Henry "Hero" Varro

Voice actor: David Wald
Commander of K-12 team. Hero is highly respected by his fellow teammate. He was initially a prisoner because of disobeying Carl's order to catch the Queen. During the confront with the Queen, he decides to sacrifice himself after learning the importance of Carl and his research. After mortally wounded, he detonates a grenades and killed himself along with the Warrior Bugs around him. Rico refers him as a true hero.

Lieutenant Otis "Bugspray" Hacks

Voice actor: Andrew Love
Acting commander of K-12 team. He has a romantic relationship with Trig. After being mortally wounded, he stays by Trig's body, using her sniper rifle to continue fighting the Bugs, who eventually overrun his position and kill him.

Sergeant Guy "Ratzass" Cunningham

Voice actor: Leraldo Anzaldua
A K-12 team member, who challenges Chou and ends up with draw. He survives the Bug attack, and by the time of Traitor to Mars Ratzass has been promoted to Seargeant Major. He is killed when, while diving from an exploding landing ship, his helmet malfunctions and causes him to freeze to death.

Private "Holy Man"

Voice actor: Kalob Martinez
A religious soldier with various Talisman and amulet tattoos on his body. He sacrifices himself to save Ice Blonde.


A soldier from K-12 team. When heading to the airlock, he was mortally wounded by the Warrior Bug, thus he sacrificed himself to draw Bug's attention.

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Lost Patrol

Lieutenant Toshi Baba

Voice actor: Scott Gibbs

Corporal One-Oh-One

Voice actor: DeRay Davis

Tami Camacho

Voice actor: Juliet Simmons

Private 2nd Class Geo Malik

Voice actor: Greg Ayres

Martian National Guards

George Baba

Voice actor: John Swasey


Amy Snapp

Voice actor: Emily Neves

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

Alpha Team

Sergeant Francis Brutto

Voice actor: David DeLuise
A somewhat ruthless taskmaster, Brutto is very outspoken and aggressive. Originally something of an antagonist for the rest of the squad, he eventually becomes easier to get along with during the Hydora Campaign. His 17-year-old son, Max, is an All-Star Fullback. Brutto is crippled before the Klendathu Campaign, and afterwards his son (who apparently joined the Mobile Infantry in the aftermath of the Pluto Campaign) is assigned to the Roughnecks. Like all the Roughnecks, Brutto originally was distrustful of T'Phai, but eventually became one of his best friends, prompting Higgins to remark, "Are those two actually bonding?" This bond extends to the point that when his son joins the Roughnecks he wants T'Phai to look out for his son.

Corporal Richard "Doc" LaCroix

Voice actor: James Horan
The team's medical officer, Doc is laid-back and patient. He and Goss act as the comic relief of the show at times, playing off each other's jokes amidst a folly of Bug drones. Doc is the assigned pilot for the "King Kong" cargo Marauder exoskeleton.

Corporal Jeff "Goss" Gossard

Voice actor: Bill Fagerbakke
An ambitious Roughneck who wants a distinguished career. The elder of two siblings, Goss is a technological master, adept with any form of machinery. He invented the "TALC Box," which was intended to translate Bug shrieking into human language, but used to translate for Skinnies instead. Goss is the assigned pilot for the Long-Range aka "Duck" Marauder. He had a short relationship with Dizzy following the Pluto Campaign, but broke up with her because he knows that Dizzy still loves Rico.

Private "Colonel" T'Phai

Voice actor: Steve Staley
The former military leader of the Skinnies, T'Phai was an enemy for most of the Tophet Campaign under the influence of a Control Bug. He was indirectly responsible for Jenkins' extended medical leave, which didn't help matters when he was assigned to the Roughnecks during the Tesca Campaign. Not accepted initially, T'Phai receives the acceptance of all Roughnecks but Rico in the end of the first episode, not receiving Rico's approval until the end of the second episode. His rank is Private within the Mobile Infantry, but he is still referred to as Colonel (his Skinnie rank) by the Roughnecks. T'Phai is considered a father figure since he had a wife, who was also in the military, and two children. He believes in fighting a war so that his children would not have to share his fate.


Commander Marlow

Voice actor: Thomas Wagner
Commanding officer of the Valley Forge, the starship to which Alpha Squad is initially assigned. Old-school fleet officer who was looking forward to retirement before the Bug War began.

General Miriam Redwing

Voice actor: Irene Bedard
Former flame of Lt. Jean Razak, and friend of Sgt. Charlie Zim; now a General at SICON Headquarters. A compassionate yet stern career officer.

Sky Marshal Sanchez

Voice actor: R. Lee Ermey
Top military brass of the SICON Forces. Has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice civilian lives if he believes it will help achieve victory. Note that the Sky Marshal in the novel was female, unusual for a 1950s SF novel.

Lieutenant Earl Walker

Voice actor: Michael Harrington
Intelligence officer who has an uneasy relationship with Razak and the Roughnecks. Seems to value intelligence data more than the human beings under his command who have to collect it. At one point, Walker was willing to ensure that Razak's military career would end during General Miriam Redwing's supposed disappearance being unaware of Redwing and Razak's sting operation against a mole within the SICON ranks. During the Homefront campaign, Walker and Razak along with their squads managed to put aside their differences and befriended each other. Walker is not seen after Razak's death except for taking command of his squad fighting elsewhere during the conflict.

C.H.A.S. (Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System)

A prototype combat robot with state-of-the-art weaponry, armor and AI. CHAS joined the Roughnecks for a single mission during the Tophet Campaign, at the end of which he sacrificed himself to save Higgins and the rest of the squad. Audio commentary by the production crew has stated that the C.H.A.S. units cost a lot of production resources. Although they do appear later as bridge guards and combat but are easily dispatched by the Zander bug.