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Steppin' Razor
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Blade: The Vampire Hunter
#4 (October 1994)
Created by Ian Edginton (writer)
Douglas H. Wheatley (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Xedric Demacherlier

typical vampire powers

Steppin' Razor is a fictional vampire character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in the series, Blade: The Vampire Hunter #4 (October 1994) and was created by Ian Edginton and Douglas H. Wheatley.

Fictional character biography

Steppin' Razor, a vampire and an ex-crime lord of Jamaican descent, meets and recruits fellow vampire Carl Blake (also known as Night Terror) for a cause, the return of the vampire lord Varnae to the land of the living. Together with voodoo priestess Marie LaVeau, they lure Blade and his then mentor "Bible John" Carik to Los Angeles. Their plan is to capture Blade and use his body as the vessel for Varnae's spirit. The attempt fails and in the resulting fight, Night Terror's body becomes the vessel for Varnae instead. All three villains manage to escape in the chaos.

Appearances in other media


Steppin' Razor appeared in two episodes of Blade: The Series in 2006. He is the vampire leader of the Bad Bloods, the Detroit street gang the television version of Blade belonged to when he was younger. The character is played by Bokeem Woodbine and does not appear to be of Jamaican ancestry like his comic book predecessor. The episodes Steppin' Razor appears in are "Bloodlines" and "Sacrifice".

The episode "Bloodlines" begins with Blade being kidnapped by the Bad Bloods. Blade wakes up chained inside a warehouse, in front of him is a man named Father Carlyle. Carlyle reveals that he has hired four men from Blade's past to kidnap him in an effort to bring peace between Blade and the vampire houses. At this point Steppin' Razor and the other Bad Bloods reveal themselves as the kidnappers and kill Carlyle. Having him at his mercy, Steppin' Razor orders the torture of Blade. He reveals his plan to turn Blade over to the House of Cththon in exchange for membership in that house. This plan fails when a friend of Blade's finds and frees him. Blade then kills all of the Bad Bloods except Steppin' Razor who escapes.

Days later Steppin' Razor hunts down and kills a police officer name Flannigan and then nearly kills a nurse name Viola. Flashbacks reveal both people helped care for Blade when he was a boy. Steppin' Razor's next target is the man who raised Blade as a child, the man Blade identifies as his father.

Blade tracks Steppin' Razor to Blade's boyhood home, and finds Steppin' Razor holding Blade's father hostage. The resulting fight ends when Blade's father runs Blade's sword through Steppin' Razor, reducing him to ash.


  • Blade: The Vampire Hunter #4 (October 1994) published by Marvel Comics
  • Blade: The Vampire Hunter #5 (November 1994) published by Marvel Comics