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Strictly for Cash
Author James Hadley Chase
Genre Thriller
Publication date 1951

Strictly for Cash is a 1951 thriller novel written by British author James Hadley Chase.


Small time ex boxer Johnny Farrar sets out towards Miami seeking his fortune, thinking the task is a cake walk and that he can become a millionaire, but soon walks into a puddle from which he has to fight to survive


Small time ex boxer Johnny Farrar sets out to sell his fortune towards Miami, and stops over at a cafe in Pelotta, Florida owned by Tom Roche, a recommended acquaintance. Fate such has it that Farrar gets into a muddle and injures a boxer in Roche's cafe, who is supposed to be fighting the weekend boxing match for the local dreaded don Peletti under bet. Soon Johnny is forced to take the boxer's place for the fixed match by Peletti under threat of death, with instructions to lose the match on purpose. The spur of the moment acquaintances and events soon prompt Johnny to disobey Peletti in spite of the latter's threat and win the match using his abilities, and soon Johnny is on the run for life, but is in for more accidents and surprises that twist the whole world around him, from which he must make his escape.