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Surf's Up! At Banzai Pipeline
The Surfaris
Studio album by Various artists
Released 1963
Recorded at Stereo Masters,
Hollywood, California
Genre Surf
Label Northridge Records NM101
Producer Tony Hilder
Album chronology
Surf's Up! At Banzai Pipeline

Surf's Up! At Banzai Pipeline was a 1963 various artist record album compilation that featured recordings by The Surfaris, Dave Myers and The Surftones, The Soul Kings, Coast Continentals and Jim Waller & The Deltas. It has been re-released a couple of times since.


The record was originally released on the Northridge Records label in 1963. Later the same year Reprise Records released it in both mono and stereo format with a simpler title, Surf's Up!. The only real difference between the Northridge and Reprise release was a different cover. In April, 1995, the album was one of five re-released albums that appeared in a Sundazed ad in Billboard which also included the Hot Rod City various artist comp, and albums by Challengers, Revells and Jim Waller & the Deltas. In August that year, Billboard indicated that the re-release comp was near its completion.

In the book Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film, and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Boom by Brian Chidester and Domenic Priore, the two songs "Aqua Limbo" and "Laguna Limbo Luau" by Dave Myers were singled out as very interesting. The author remarked that Dave Meyers & the Surftones had suddenly become the ultimate exotica surf band. This was due the shakers, rattling and vocal sounds.

Track listing

Surf's Up! At Banzai Pipeline Northridge Records NM101
# Act Title Composer Time
A1 The Soul Kings "Delano Soul Beat" Al Garcia 2:17
A2 Dave Myers and The Surftones "Aqua Limbo" Robt J. Hafner 2:13
A3 The Surfaris "Moment Of Truth" Doug Wiseman, Larry Weed 2:28
A4 Neal Nissenson "Intoxica" Robt J. Hafner 2:07
A5 The Surfaris "Ghost Riders In The Sky" Stan Jones 3:19
A6 The Surfaris "Kalani Wipeout" Al Valdez, Larry Weed, Victor Regina 2:20
B1 Dave Myers And The Surftones "Laguna Limbo Luau" Bruce Morgan 2:00
B2 Jim Waller And The Deltas "Surfers Stomp" Joe Saraceno, M. Daughtry 3:04
B3 Doug Hume Surfin' Tragedy Robt J. Hafner, Anthony J. Hilder 2:18
B4 The Biscaynes Church Key Dan Darnold, Norman Knowles 1:51
B5 Bob Vaught And The Renegaids "San Onofre" Bob Vaught, Tom Jaques 2:00
B6 Bob Hafner "Surf Creature" Robt J. Hafner 2:23


Role Person
Booklet photographs Courtesy of Bob Dalley
Design Janet Atkins
Liner Notes Sam Riddle
Vic Anesini Mastering
Mastering Chris Herles
Mastering Bob Irwin
Producer Tony Hilder
Project Assistant Bex Brownell
Project Assistant Jeff Smith
Project Assistant Kip Smith
Special thanks John Blair
Special thanks Bob Dalley
Special thanks Tony Hilder

Release history

List of releases
Title Release info Year F
Surfs Up! At Banzai-Pipeline Northridge Records NM101 1963 LP
Surf's Up! Reprise R-6094 1963 LP
Surfs Up! At Banzai-Pipeline Sundazed Music SC 6080 1995 CD