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Tara Fremont
Tara Fremont (right) with Garganta (left) on the cover of Femforce #64 (1993)
Publication information
Publisher AC Comics
First appearance Tara on the Dark Continent (1974)
Created by Bill Black
In-story information
Team affiliations Femforce
Notable aliases Tara the Jungle Girl
Too Tall Tara

Size-changing ability

Tara Fremont (a.k.a. Tara the Jungle Girl and Too Tall Tara) is a fictional character appearing in the Femforce comic book, published by AC Comics.

She is an attractive young woman with long dark hair, who is usually drawn wearing either a combat uniform or a green camouflage swimsuit. One of AC's earliest original characters, Tara debuted in 1974 in Tara on the Dark Continent (published under the company's previous name, Paragon Publications). Originally a jungle adventurer, Tara joined the paranormal Femforce team in their very first issue. She is one many jungle girls inspired by Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Fictional character biography

For a long time, Tara was the only "normal" member of FemForce, but later acquired the ability to transform her size. The story appeared in Good Girl Art Quarterly #5, where Tara was invited to give a TV interview by the Span-XX corporation, which supplies the Femforce's costumes.

She was surreptitiously dosed with the "Garganta" formula (which originally turned Dr. Carol Heisler into the giantess Garganta). Though given a small amount, Tara grew right through the roof, thus demonstrating the remarkable stretching properties of her Span-XX bikini. While initially angry at the deception, Tara was pleased with her new super-power, and felt that she now fit-in with her paranormal colleagues. With the assistance of Garganta, Tara has grown to master her size-changing powers, although for unexplained reasons cannot be any shorter than eight feet tall (unlike Garganta, who can achieve normal size quite easily).

Tara's powers differ from Garganta's in that she can only maintain her giantess size for short periods of time but can be bigger. Although she is a full member of Femforce (with the rank of Lieutenant-Commander) Tara spends much of her time on Jungle Island, which is owned by her millionaire father T.C. Fremont. She has athletic-level strength and has often proven to be a powerful swimmer and diver, when working in the ocean.

Powers and abilities

Tara has the ability to increase her size to a couple of hundred feet. Originally she couldn't shrink past 8 feet but over time she has gotten past this disability. Tara's strength and stamina grow accordingly with her size even though she has exceptional agility. In Femforce #100 on a strange planet Tara's abilities were magnified to the point where she grow to several hundred with almost no effort. A side effect however was that she shrank down to a couple of inches later.