Tere Liye Bro
Genre Drama
Written by Akshay Choubey
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10
Executive producer(s) Vaibhav Modi
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) Victor Tango Entertainment
Original network Bindass
Original release 8 Dec 2017 - 9 Feb 2018

Tere liye bro is a series of 10 episodes which was telecasted on Bindass TV. The story is about three friends Vineet (Nikhil Khurana) Farhan (Pranay Pachauri) and Aniket (Prabal Punjabi).

Vineet and Farhan doesn't shows interest in Aniket's silly talks. But later when Aniket dies in an accident they felt guilt and decided to complete Aniket's bucket list with the help of her sister Anika (Malhaar Rathod).

Cast & Characters

  • Nikhil Khurana as "Vineet"
  • Pranay Pachauri as "Farhan"
  • Malhaar Rathod as "Anika"
  • Prabal Punjabi as "Aniket"


  • Episode 1 -"Meet The Bros" : The craziness begins. Meet ‘THE BROS’ – Aniket​, Vineet & Farhan, a legit bromance, some 67 missed calls, kuch weird-ass flashbacks & one very very unexpected twist!
  • Episode 2 - "Atrangi Aadmi , Atrangi List" :Aniket Dey​ ka funeral, NORMAL? No chance Bro! Is Atrangi bande ke Atrangi plans were left unfinished, itni jaldi Aniket humara peecha kaise choddh deta? You know what they say na, ‘picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!’
  • Episode 3 - "Bhai ko love you nahi bol sakti" :“Heroine hui toh kya hua?” Aniket was her biggest fan, matlab ki he loveeeed her! And Aniket in love is like CRAZY on CRAZY! Toh uski ye atrangi wish toh fulfill karna banta tha!
  • Episode 4 - "Left is right" :Left vs Right, Romance vs Bromance, Puraane Promises vs Nayi Guilt...with itna saara burden on Farhan's shoulders will he find the strength to fulfil Aniket Dey ka life ka sapna?
  • Episode 5 - "Beer Badshah" :Beer Baadshah ka naam suna hai? Wahi, jisne 16 beers ek jhatke me pi li? Aniket Dey​, The Man, his title is now at stake! Kya uske dost bacha payenge uska laaj?
  • Episode 6 - "Stay away from my sister" :Ayesha Khan - Check, Beer Baadshah - Check, Left is right? CHECK De! Aniket Dey ki bucketlist is on fire! Bro-Force hai strong but Anika bhi hai in demand, Will Farhan and Vineet end up breaking the bro-code?
  • Episode 7 - "Just good friends" : Saccha pyaar kya hota hai? Apne late best friend ki bucketlist fulfill karna ya phir uski only sister pe line marna? Farhan and Vineet have to answer to Aniket Dey! Are they 'just good friends' or is something more brewing?
  • Episode 8 - "That girl Ani was after" :10 lakh ladkiyon mein ek ladki ko dhundhna kitna mushkil hai?' Especially when you know nothing but her name! Will the trio be able to track Mehrunisa & convey Aniket Dey's unsaid feelings on his behalf?
  • Episode 9 - "I love you Man" :Remember that old tiff between Farhan and Vineet at the end of college? Over something really stupid? Well, that old grudge has now resurfaced! Will their shared love for Aniket Dey finally make way for #BharatMilaap? Or is this the end of an age-old friendship?
  • Episode 10 - "Bulandiyan" :Behind every determined guy is a bro whose got his back, Aniket's death was not just an accident, shayad uska plan tha, Vineeth aur Farhan ko paas lane ka, will this newfound #BharatMilaap reach bulandiyan? Or will this bromance lose steam and crumble? The curtains are raised and the stage is set!

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