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Terence the Tractor
Thomas & Friends character
First appearance Tank Engine Thomas Again
Created by Rev. W. Awdry
Voiced by Tom Stourton (UK/US)
Nationality British English

Terence the Tractor is a fictional anthropomorphic crawler tractor from the children's book series The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry, and the spin-off TV series Thomas and Friends.

Terence first appeared in the Railway Series story "Thomas, Terence and the Snow" from the book Tank Engine Thomas Again (1949). In this story, he is portrayed with a widow's peak – the guise that would be used as the basis for the TV series character.

Book character

Terence was teased about his caterpillar tracks by Thomas the Tank Engine when they both met each other for the first time. He laughs the joke off and gets back to business. He is slow but good enough – he can go anywhere, because of his caterpillar tracks. He becomes a good friend of Thomas after Terence helps Thomas out of a snow drift.

Terence's second appearance in The Railway Series comes in Christopher Awdry's book Toby, Trucks and Trouble. In the story "Toby Takes the Road", Terence had been brought in to help shunt trucks in Ffarquhar Yard while Percy was away dealing with the incident at the harbour involving Bulstrode. In the illustration showing Terence, Clive Spong depicted Terence with a rectangular face and no widow's peak. This detail was reproduced on all the illustrator's subsequent pictures of Terence in related publications. His major appearance in Thomas & Friends was in Series 21, where Thomas rescued him after nearly sinking into a icy pond with a big tree.

Terence is the only named character in The Railway Series to have caterpillar tracks, although a nameless orange crane with caterpillar tracks is seen in Christopher Awdry's "Washout".


Throughout his life/appearances on Sodor, Terence has:

  • Rescued Thomas from a snowdrift (TV and Railway Series)
  • Helped rescue Mrs. Kyndley from her snowed-in house (TV and a book by the Rev. W. Awdry that wasn't a Railway Series book)
  • Helped haul trees in the forest (TV)
  • Helped Bertie out of the mud (TV)
  • Helped a snowed-in village with Thomas, Percy and Harold (TV)
  • Helped Thomas out of a rockslide (TV)
  • Helped Elizabeth out of a snowdrift (TV)
  • Slipped down an embankment and into a pond (annuals)
  • Dug up a pot in his field (annuals)
  • Slipped and nearly sank in the cracked icy pond with a big tree until, Thomas rescued him (TV)