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The Divorce
Background information
Origin Seattle, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2002–2007
Labels Fugitive Records
Made In Mexico Records
Associated acts Acceptance
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
Wild Orchid Children
Members Shane Berry
Kyle Risan
Garrett Lunceford

The Divorce was a rock band from Seattle, Washington, originally composed of Shane Berry, lead vocals, keyboard, guitar and tambourine, (bass) and Kyle Risan, drums.

The band's first full-length release was There Will Be Blood Tonight on Fugitive Records in 2003. Prior to the release of its first album, the band released a self-titled EP featuring four songs, three of which were re-recorded for There Will Be Blood Tonight. The EP was also released in 2003 on Fugitive Records.

After the release of There Will Be Blood Tonight Fugitive Records went under and The Divorce was left without a record label. The band added Garrett Lunceford, formerly the drummer for Acceptance, on lead guitar. The Divorce continued to play shows around the Seattle area, and ventured on several small tours. During this time the band continued to write new songs and gain popularity among members of Seattle's music scene.

In early 2005 The Divorce signed with Made In Mexico Records, the record label of the band's friends The Catch and Dolour. In September of that same year the band released its second full-length album titled The Gifted Program.

The band recorded nine tracks for a planned third album, In Arms. Before releasing the album, however, the band broke up. The band later made the tracks available through SnoCap and on their MySpace page.

On June 30, 2007 The Divorce played its final show at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle.

Post breakup

Since the band's dissolution, Garrett Lunceford had returned to playing drums full-time. He has played for a number of Seattle-based bands, including Wild Orchid Children, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground (both of which feature members of Gatsbys American Dream and Forgive Durden), The Catch, The Raggedy Anns, and SHiPS. Garrett also toured with Alaska-based band Portugal. The Man, temporarily replacing drummer Jason Sechrist for summer and fall of 2008 as well as playing drums on their 2009 release, Satanic Satanists, recorded at Camp Street Studios in Boston, MA.

For a short time Garrett Lunceford and Shane Berry both played in SHiPS, a relatively new band in Seattle's music scene. SHiPS has not released a full-length album yet, but a 5-song EP is available for purchase on their MySpace page for $5. In addition to SHiPS, Shane currently does vocals, guitar, and keyboard for [SilverTeeth], along with Aaron Hilst and former Divorce drummer Kyle Risan.


  • Shane Berry – vocals, keyboard, guitar, tambourine
  • Jimmy Curran – bass
  • Garrett Lunceford – lead guitar
  • Kyle Risan – drums


  • The Divorce EP (2003, Fugitive Records)
  1. "Redcoats"
  2. "Samoa's Revenge"
  3. "Catch You Disappointed"
  4. "Cheetah"
  • There Will Be Blood Tonight (2003, Fugitive Records)
  • The Gifted Program (2005, Made In Mexico Records)
  • In Arms (incomplete) (2007, released for free on MySpace after the band dissolved)