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The Henry Stickmin Collection
Developer(s) PuffballsUnited
Publisher(s) Innersloth
Platform(s) Windows
Release August 7, 2020
Genre(s) Point-and-click
Mode(s) Single-player

The Henry Stickmin Collection is a 2020 interactive drama video game developed by PuffballsUnited and published by Innersloth. It was released on Steam on August 7, 2020.

The game is a compilation of all previous Henry Stickmin games (Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, and Fleeing the Complex, released from 2008 to 2015) which were remastered with Adobe Flash, and also includes the last installment of the series (Completing the Mission). Each game is a level of the collection, but they are called "episodes" by both the community and developers. The old episodes can be played separately on Newgrounds.

Set in a world inhabited by stick figures, each installment follows the titular antihero protagonist, Henry Stickmin, a thief who aims to become rich, but finds himself in bizarre situations, such as breaking out of prison, working with the government to bring down an international crime syndicate, or joining said syndicate. The series is notable for its humor, most of which derives from references to other video games.


The Henry Stickmin Collection is a point-and-click game that revolves around making choices to complete various goals. The player must pick one of multiple choices to progress to the next stage; however, not all choices are correct, and most will result in humorous fails.

From Escaping the Prison onwards, each episode has multiple possible endings. Completing the Mission is unique because the entire storyline differs depending on the endings attained in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex. With the former having four possible endings and the latter five, this totals 16 endings for the episode (as some endings in Fleeing the Complex are not compatible with certain endings from Infiltrating the Airship). The game also features numerous hidden achievements and character bios for the player to collect.


Breaking the Bank

In the middle of a desert, Henry arrives near a bank to steal from it. After tying himself up in a money bag, a truck picks him up and carries him inside, but Henry gets arrested soon after by accidentally triggering the alarm.

Escaping the Prison

Henry is put in prison for breaking into the bank and receives a mysterious package with several items to help him escape. Depending on the player's choices, Henry will escape in either a silent or aggresive manner, or will simply call his lawyer, who proves his innocence, allowing him to go free.

Stealing the Diamond

Once again having financial problems, Henry decides to steal the Tunisian Diamond, which is being kept at the museum, after learning of it from the news. He can either barge into the museum and attempt an aggresive robbery, stealthily sneak out with the diamond, or barely escape when his actions set off the Center of Chaos Containment. Either way, Henry is successful in his theft and buys a boat and a new house.

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry is arrested by the Government for his past actions while relaxing at home. The game begins with Henry awakening aboard a helicopter where Captain Hubert Galeforce informs him of the Toppat Clan, an international crime syndicate led by Reginald Copperbottom who operate from their airship. As the helicopter's pilot, Charles Calvin, brings them close to the Toppats' airship, Galeforce promises to have Henry pardoned of all his crimes if he helps gather evidence to incriminate the Toppat Clan. Henry infiltrates the airship and either sneaks around in search for incriminatory evidence while remotely asssisted by Charles, or fights his way through the airship to capture Reginald; in the latter scenario, Henry may choose to complete his mission and hand Reginald over to the government, or side with the Toppats after Reginald offers to step down as leader. After either acquiring the evidence to get most of the Toppat Clan, including Reginald and his Right Hand Man, arrested, or capturing Reginald, Henry is pardoned by the Government and returned home; otherwise, he tricks Captain Galeforce with dummies of himself and Reginald, and becomes the new Toppat Leader. Alternatively, Henry can abandon his mission and steal the Romanian Ruby from the Toppats, getting the airship crashed in the process; thus not siding with neither the Government, nor the Toppats.

Fleeing the Complex

Henry's past isn't forgiven when he is sent to a complex named "The Wall", led by the corrupt Dmitri Johannes Petrov and his associate Grigori Olyat. Potentially aided by a new friend named Ellie Rose, Henry escapes from his transfer room and either manages to flee the complex undetected if he is on his own, or he and Ellie escape after instigating a riot and beating Dmitri. Alternatively, Henry can attempt an aggresive escape, which ends with him faking his death after being caught by Dmitri, or call Charles or the Toppat Clan for assistance, resulting in either a successful escape alongside Charles, or Reginald usurping him and dropping him to his presumed death in the ocean.

Completing the Mission

The plot differs depending on the endings achieved in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex. However, no matter what storyline is selected, this episode axes on one theme: the Toppat Clan is planning to launch (or, in some storylines, has already launched) an orbital rocket into space, which has a teleporter that will help them carry out their criminal activities with ease. Depending on the plot, Henry will be on the Government's side and attempt to stop the Toppats, or be on the Toppat Clan's side (either as leader or because he is looking to join them for protection) and try to help them. Alternatively, he can be on neither's side and simply attempt to rob the rocket of all valuables, or exact revenge on Reginald for his betrayal. Henry might be aided by Ellie, Charles, or no one, and potentially be pursued by Dmitri and Grigori, who are looking to recapture him. The Toppat Leader will also be different depending on the storyline: Henry himself, Reginald, the Right Hand Man (who was rebuilt as a cyborg), or someone else.